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Again? Seriously?

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Ffastmouse, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. Ffastmouse

    Ffastmouse Cheese Enthusiast

    I want to begin with the fact that my English is very bad, i know that.
    I have this problem already by 3 times.
    I try to fill up the account TFM - with fraises.The terminal - 67 mdl = 274 fraises.
    In the sum there had to be already - 822 fraises.I forgot to tell, I try to fill up through SMS - service.
    I meet all conditions, the message - Fraises_274_Ffastmouse on number 9898.I correctly do everything, I check before sending.
    And instead of a code, I receive this message '' your message not in a right format or service is unavailable to Moldova ''.
    Are you fu***ng kidding me? 3 times in a row? Money was withdrawn of course from the account.
    I have correctly made everything because 3 times it is impossible to be mistaken it.
    And about inaccessibility - it is necessary to warn, or to remove from TFM (to Pay - Moldova (SMS)), a problem not for my part.
    Аnd all nothing, but I already so many time wrote to HELP, the answer still wasn't.
    Yes, total amount not such and big, but I am deceived, it is unpleasant to me, and it is the fact.
    I wait for help/return/replenishment - administration.
  2. Xiaojiemei

    Xiaojiemei ID/EN Mod, ID Helper Leader, Sentinel | EN Helper☃ CFM Moderator

    Hi there!

    First of all, we apologise for the late reply. We're sorry to hear that you lost your money and not getting your friases :c

    However, as Cheeseformice is a fansite, unfortunately we cannot do a lot to help you. All we can do is to refer you to the official thread of Fraises Problems in the official forum http://atelier801.com/topic?f=6&t=51440 and advise you to use the contact form http://atelier801.com/contact (please click the 'help' button there!) It can take about 2 weeks to get a reply from the admins, so please be patient. If there's still no reply after 2 weeks, you can send your form again.

    Thank you for your understanding and good luck!
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