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Cheeseformice Cheeseformice APIs

Discussion in 'CFM and TFM News/Announcements' started by Sourdough, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Sourdough

    Sourdough Muffin Mule CFM Admin

    For any developers, Cheeseformice provides a few JSON APIs to pull raw data from the site. The old XML APIs will not be removed, but any future changes will not be applied to them.

    Mouse APIs
    Overall Rank
    Returns the overall rank for the specified mouse​
    Required parameters: n (mouse username)​

    All Ranks
    Returns all rank data for the specified mouse​
    Required parameters: n (mouse username)​

    Returns stat data, overall rank, current title and tribe for the specified mouse​
    Required parameters: n (mouse username)​
    Optional parameters: l (langauage: localizes the title [allowed values: en, br, fr, ru, tr, es])​

    Tribe APIs
    Tribe stats, ranks
    Returns the stats and ranks for the specified tribe​
    Required parameters: t (tribe name: base64 encoded)​

    Tribe stats, ranks, members
    Returns the stats, ranks, and a list of members for the specified tribe​
    Required parameters: t (tribe name: base64 encoded)​

    Map APIs
    Status List
    Returns a list of map ids with the specified status​
    Required parameters: s (map status [allowed values: p1, p2, p3])​
  2. Relhotel

    Relhotel Retired BR Minimod &Translator

    Thanks, I'll start using in my website :]
    Homegood likes this.
  3. Turkishguy

    Turkishguy Noobie Mouse

    is there an api for the stats of bootcamp+ maps for a particular mouse? ^^
  4. Devinaperry

    Devinaperry Perry ID helper | Translator | Ratu Populer ☆

    wut is this??i dont get it..but i know html
  5. Relhotel

    Relhotel Retired BR Minimod &Translator

    Could you add P13? pls
  6. Superjd

    Superjd Cheese Enthusiast

    So cool <3 I love it!

    Sorry for the firm :$

    No exists a api for see the online user with the room and server (excluding from users like thejkb or archives)
  7. Excasr

    Excasr CFM Smod ♓ BR Helper Leader ★ BR Sentinel CFM Super Mod

    You can see if the person is online or not, and the sever he/she are unless your settings regarding Private are "don't show" or something like that.
  8. Redditguy

    Redditguy Mouse Goddess

    Thankfully there isn't. You creepy fanboys and girls would annoy the hell out of everyone.

    Also, good work Sour. This could be fairly useful.
  9. Sonicherois

    Sonicherois Master of Cheese

    I kinda didnt understand the point of those Api sites, They show you stats and so on, but why the current new api still broken? I though melly said it was fixed
  10. Gazakid

    Gazakid Master of Cheese

    Finally now all tig has to do is implement these into the database.
  11. Superjd

    Superjd Cheese Enthusiast

    I think a api for the location of the users can be a great idea, or ask for what users want to be included in the api
  12. Redditguy

    Redditguy Mouse Goddess

    Only if people would like to be included, but then again it would be very intensive constantly checking peoples locations. something like that would almost need at the very least it's own vps server.
  13. Tartines

    Tartines Cheese Enthusiast

    What is the licence for this api?
  14. Superjd

    Superjd Cheese Enthusiast

    I'll buy a vps in 1-2 months :p I can help in it? xD

    I think it's GNU or GPL
  15. Sonicherois

    Sonicherois Master of Cheese

    not working again :cc
  16. Jordynl

    Jordynl NL/EN Minimod, Helper and Sentinel CFM Minimod

    I am using these APIs in my IRC bot i host for the offical Transformice IRC room. :)
    Drgenius likes this.
  17. Karinkarinka

    Karinkarinka Cheese Enthusiast

    When the updated statistics? :moops:
    Safwanrockz likes this.
  18. Safwanrockz
    Fed Up

    Safwanrockz EN Helper/AR Helper Leader/Translator/Shaman Poet♥

    Once Tig get some time to fix it. :>
  19. Pompomball

    Pompomball ex cfm hedgie admin ♥

    just a note, this has nothing to do with the api that the leaderboard is run off of. that api is run by tig and transformice, and when it breaks, we must wait for tig to fix it

    this thread is about the api that cfm puts out, which gives data regarding stuff like ranks and other things found on the user's leaderboard page. basically, its how userbars can output people's ranks and such
  20. Opticuchiha

    Opticuchiha Professional Mouse

    Whats the link

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