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False accusation for hacking and a 360hr ban (I never hacked)

Discussion in 'ɥsılƃuǝ' started by Boorreeddomm, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Boorreeddomm
    Time Traveling

    Boorreeddomm Professional Mouse

    Hi, today (Aug 27) at about 5:25pm EST, in server EN2 (forgot which room, one of the lower rooms) this happened:

    "You have been banned for 360 hour for the following reason: Hack (last warning before account deletion)"

    I. was. not. hacking. I have never hacked once. This is a totally false accusation. Someone please help me? Point me in the right direction as to getting this ban removed and this "final warning" accusation resolved? Nobody can prove I was ever hacking, I am 100% sure of that because it is the truth. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but I have no idea where to report this issue (please point me in the right direction). Thanks in advance.

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  2. Minkee

    Minkee CUTEST Retired CFM Supermodღ

    I apologize but CFM can't help you appeal your ban.

    What I suggest you do is contact Sydoline through here:

    or message a moderator in game to ask who banned you so you can discuss it with them.

    Hopefully things will be sorted, good luck!
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