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Discussion in 'ɥsılƃuǝ' started by Candehh, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Candehh

    Candehh get out

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if most of you noticed the new game Tig is working on. (he was testing it on transformice)
    Unfortunately it's gone now.
    But yeah, you're a human, there are two teams. (blue and red) Your mission is to kill people from the other team, you have 12 lives and mostly 8 shoots. You shoot with your mouse/trackpad or whatever you're using and conjure by holding space.
    I'm just really curious whoever played it, what do you think about it? You can all discuss about it in here.
    Imo, this was the best thing I've ever tested. I played it for hours, I was really addicted to it, haha.

    Now it's updated!
    And I think it's official? I'm not really sure since me and my friend played it in room made by us, and it actually worked. So, there are two teams (red and blue) and two rounds.
    In one of the rounds, you have only 1 life (when you get killed you can't spawn again) aka theres only 1 winning team.
    On the second one you have to capture the target
    and then one more on the other side which takes time since the other team can kill the person who's trying to do that. And all your team mates have to protect you meanwhile you're trying to take it since there's a counter from 1 to 20. In the end if you actually capture the target, your team wins.

    e// And it's down again.
  2. Iamazing

    Iamazing Prodigy Mouse

  3. Lillyla

    Lillyla Phantasmal Artist

    is the graphics quality that bad in-game?
    really wanna try this out though
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  4. Candehh

    Candehh get out

    it's actually like that because you can soot the ground too, square by square, people make nice hiding place by doing that
    i think
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  5. Lillyla

    Lillyla Phantasmal Artist

    still sounds confusing to me because i haven't tried it out haha
  6. Sabusha

    Sabusha Chinchillin' Retired CFM Admin | EN Sentinelle TFM Moderator

    Hmm, looks like an interesting game. Shall try it once he makes the game.
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  7. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    you get 3 shots ever few seconds if there are less then 8 shots :p

    it was fun but he stopped it :(
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  8. Candehh

    Candehh get out

    i know right, forteresse was about to become my main room
    and when i found out its gone i almost cried, ok kidding, but still i really liked that room, haha
  9. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    I was in the room when it ended with a couple other players

    we all came back into the room and just did :( over and over again xD

    building in it was a little weird though
  10. Candehh

    Candehh get out

    yeah that's true, its like u could build longer and sometimes u just fail spawning the conjure
    but i didn't mind it since i got so addicted that i couldn't notice the bugs
  11. Gayali

    Gayali Mouse Goddess

    This was so fun. I hope he brings it back in a while for more testing. *~*

    I loved the grass map, I always went down the side and into the "cave". I used to shoot up and make a massive hole in the ground and break the bridge, everyone used to fall down. I wasn't too fond of the blue map though.

    I really want to play it again. ;;
    e// Server restart. I hope he brings it back now o:
  12. Candehh

    Candehh get out

    loooooooooool same
    but honestly i want in the top most of the time trolling from the above~
    and oh god same
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  13. Jacobbbbbbb

    Jacobbbbbbb Nurse Jacob TFM Map Crew

    Good game, easy to rage quit which just makes it more enjoyable
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  14. Wierdomice

    Wierdomice Master of Cheese

    I wish I didn't miss it ;;
    But the graphics are uh. Bad.
    The people look really strange to me.
    But it looks and seems fun. :3
  15. Mapmakes

    Mapmakes Mouse Goddess

    Not a bad game, but needs improvement on the graphics. I was a GIRL in the game Q~Q Wrong genders too.
    There really wasn't a point though. Once you kill they respawn after a few seconds, so its kinda impossible to kill a whole team. Very fun and addicting however :)
  16. Lillyla

    Lillyla Phantasmal Artist

    well of course the graphics are going to be bad, it was a test room after all
    i don't really see a big deal with the genders though, just different human graphics and that's about it
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  17. Candehh

    Candehh get out

    ahh im really excited forteresse is back with more updates
  18. Katehh

    Katehh Mouse Goddess

    that game is my shit I'll probably leave tfm for it
  19. Candehh

    Candehh get out

    oh by the way guys, i updated the OP to make it more clear for the others
  20. Echofalls

    Echofalls Retired EN Moderator ♥

    Pretty fun, Thanks Cand ^^
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