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Fraises Transaction Error

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Starriemouse, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Starriemouse

    Starriemouse Professional Mouse

    I've been trying to buy fraises for like, the past ten minutes.
    The first few times it did work and it would let me go to paypal to go and purchase it
    but when I'd press purchase
    and I'd go on the tfm page and press confirm to confirm my payment
    It says there was a transaction error. And the fraises aren't there? I'm not sure if it's taking money out of my paypal account or what.
    Then, I kept trying. And now when I press Buy Fraises > 1100 Fraises for $10
    A blank box just appears and a new tab doesn't open up to pay and stuff.
    this is really frustrating.
    can someone tell me what the problem is l0l
  2. Partyfool

    Partyfool Sage Mouse

    Hello! There is always some type of issue that comes up to many mice with buying fraises, not just you, so don't worry. My suggestion would be check your Paypal account and see if it took any money. Most likely it didn't if a transaction error popped up when you confirmed it back on Transformice as that is when they officially take your money/charge you. Continuing when you kept trying, it came up blank probably because it's just having some issues at the moment. I think you should just wait and give it some hours, days, and maybe even a week or two, everyone's payment issues are all different. I have had this issue multiple times and have had to wait multiple different times. You should be able to buy some fraises soon, just be patient.

    Hope this helped you. If you have anymore questions or feel like I forgotten anything or maybe I even didn't get your situation right at all, check here: http://atelier801.com/topic?f=6&t=51440&p=1
  3. Starriemouse

    Starriemouse Professional Mouse

    Thank you! This helped a lot. I tried again today and it did the same thing, but maybe I should just give it a few more days.

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