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Glitches Vs. Hacks

Discussion in 'ɥsılƃuǝ' started by Kazumamice, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Xiaojiemei

    Xiaojiemei ID/EN Mod, ID Helper Leader, Sentinel | EN Helper☃ CFM Moderator

    any online mods.
  2. Opeons

    Opeons Master of Cheese

  3. Cammyz

    Cammyz Sage Mouse

    I already know this stuff, but still; great thread.
  4. Ellenziinhah

    Ellenziinhah Prodigy Mouse

    Many hacks on BR, again o-o
  5. Sassysis

    Sassysis Master of Cheese

    I would prefer to glitch becuz I dont know how to hack :/ lol
  6. Delatex
    Om Nom Nom

    Delatex Prodigy Mouse

    Thank you for this guide. I kinda get it. Almost. But does those "hacks" do bad stuffs to your computer other than Keystroke loggers? (Feel free to answer it but I'm not forcing you to.) And I see people hacking on servers where there's no mods.
  7. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    well if you are hacking, I can't promise it doesn't do anything bad to your computer (cause it might)

    if someone else is hacking in game, it won't do you any harm, it won't affect you other than a "person is flying around stealing firsts"

    if it is hacking your account, yes it could depending on the method, most methods won't be that way though
  8. Sassysis

    Sassysis Master of Cheese

    I downloaded the fly hack on my computer but idk how to use it :(
  9. Assashin

    Assashin Prodigy Mouse

    Maybe if you don't use it you won't get banned? :)
  10. Pepperkake

    Pepperkake Prodigy Mouse

    If I see you use it, or other moderator you will get banned. So keep your paws from downloading hack to transformice.
  11. Sassysis

    Sassysis Master of Cheese

    ERRRR.....maybe I should just try it or test it on another account :p that way, my main stays safe and sound :D
  12. Pepperkake

    Pepperkake Prodigy Mouse

    You know that we can still find you even if you change another account, with ip - And your main will not be that safe that you think. Just giving you a warning to dont try it.
  13. Sassysis

    Sassysis Master of Cheese

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, okay............... T_T
  14. Xcristy

    Xcristy Professional Mouse

    Great guide, even if i already knew those things.
  15. Sonsikkim

    Sonsikkim Master of Cheese

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  16. Danphan

    Danphan Prodigy Mouse

    Nice thread, good to inform new mice about all this.
    Well, I'm fairly against glitches, not if they're unintended, of course. Hacking is pretty much selfish and ruins the whole concept for the game for other people. I think mice should take more action in votebanning hackers, because last time there was a mouse fly hacking, guess what. No one votebanned him. He never got banned.
    One mouse was all "OH NO I LOVE HACKERS <3333" and all.
    Sometimes the mods are too busy to know about hackers, but they should stay alert as well. So should the mice in votebanning. No one gave a firetruck that day when a mouse was hacking.
    k bye
  17. Thunderai

    Thunderai Time Lord

    I'm fairly certain all glitches are unintended to happen?
  18. Redditguy

    Redditguy Mouse Goddess

    Because vote banning is obviously the best thing to do when it's a hacker, give them a one hour ban. Call a mod, wait for them to ban them so it can be a permanent ban on the account and maybe on some idiot who has no idea how to use a proxy and an alt account.
    Xivyx likes this.
  19. Danphan

    Danphan Prodigy Mouse


    Yup, best choice, I guess.
  20. Starpassion

    Starpassion Sage Mouse

    Well...votebanning isn't the best thing to do when there's a hacker around. If you ban them, then the mods will not be able to give them a permaban or at least something more the just one hour, and also the hacker probably knows how to use a proxy. Whenever I'm in a room with a hacker, there are always idiots spamming "./ban hacker" and going "1/10" etc. Somebody needs to tell them it's not gonna help, unless it's an incompetent hacker...but then again they desevre permaban as well. asfglskhgl what to do
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