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Suggestion Here's some suggestions for Transformice

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Sourpain, Nov 1, 2014.


Do you agree with the statements made in this post? If not, please share your opinion.

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  1. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    First of all, learn to read player feedback. With each update you only make the game worse. When players complain about it, you completely neglect their opinion.
    A perfect example of this is the survivor update done a few years ago. The one that introduced cannon hotkeys, meep and vampire maps. Survivor was one of the best minigames and people loved it just as it was. The update was completely redundant and turned survivor into shit. The reason people loved it is because you actually had to work on getting better. You had to work on your drag-spawn speed, on your accuracy and a milion other things. And the best part of it was that the one who survived last got to be shaman. Now, people don't even work on improving their abilities 'cause they don't have to. You can practically die every map and still become shaman. And once you're shaman, you can just spam 1,2 and 3 hotkeys and clear the map in 20 seconds. Sounds fun, right? Not to mention the "meep!" bullshit. "Hey let's add a really imbalanced ability where you can shoot players to their deaths! Oh and let's make it instant so they can't see it coming!! What could possibly go wrong? I mean.. It's only made to be used on huggers, so nobody would abuse it!" /facepalm. The vamp maps are a complete waste of time and overall cringe worthy, but that's just my personal opinion.
    Right after the update, a lot of good and devoted survivor players complained about it, and despite there being a poll with over 80% of people wanting the previous version of survivor back, nothing was done about it. This resulted in many good players to quit not only survivor, but the game as a whole. Because a lot of players, such as myself, only play this game BECAUSE of survivor. I'm not saying people shouldn't adapt to changes, but in this case, the changes ruined the minigame. Right now, survivor is completely taken over by people who have no idea what they're doing and they get away with it cause the game allows them to. I'm sure every old player would agree with me on 100%. Not that there's any old players left. Everyone who has at least a little respect for themselves has already quit. So if your goal is to get all of the devoted and good players to leave and have them replaced by 12 year old kids, you're doing a damn good job. That's the main problem with this game; Quantity over quality. It always has been like that. Zero respect for the comminuty. All the staff cares about is making more money off of kids who nag to their parents to buy them fraises and so that companies pay more money for advertisement on your websites cause you get more visitors.

    Second of all, moderation seriously needs to get their prorities straight. I find it really messed up that saying "f*g" once, in a completely non-homophobic manner and not directed at anyone in particular gets you a 360 hours ban, when there's so many more serious issues to be dealt with. Two years ago I had a friend who was being bullied in real life and resorted to self-harm. Transformice was her only escape from all her problems and people started bullying her on there too. They would spread lies about her and got most of her friends to hate her. They would get her 1 hour votebanned from the game as soon as she logged on. I tried contacting moderators about it but I didn't even get a response. Guess they were too busy banning hackers on guest accounts who would just change their IP 2 seconds later, but seemingly that's more important. At one point, those assholes found her on social medias and started telling her to kill herself and stuff like that. Still no response from moderators. I even gave her my main account which I had worked really hard on, hoping that they would leave her alone. But they somehow found out anyway. She eventually quit the game because it became unbearable to play. Absolutely no action was taken regarding any of this by the amazingly-useful staff.

    In conclusion, stop making suicide-inducing, redundant updates. The game is already easy enough to play. Stop making it easier or you'll be left with a community full of inbred, mentally challenged 12 year old kids. Also, like I said in the beginning, learn to read player feedback and most importantly, respect old and devoted players. 20 new players who will most likely quit in 2 days are not equal to one old player who has been around from the beginning and has supported you and your game for 5 years. The only thing that kept be logging on for so long were the amazing people I luckily got to meet within my 5 years of play time. If it weren't for them, I would have quit a long time ago ,because the game itself isn't worth my time in the slightest anymore. I hope you do something regarding most of these issues or your game will die very soon.
    Sorry for any typos I might have missed. Feel free to share your opinion about this topic.
  2. Keropearhart
    Fed Up

    Keropearhart Legendary Shaman

    I'm just going to temporarily agree unconditionally with whatever you posted because I'm both too tired from lack of sleep and too tired of repeating myself on some of the things you've posted.
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  3. Mootsoup

    Mootsoup Legendary Shaman

    heres my suggestion: make a tldr of this damn thread
  4. Keropearhart
    Fed Up

    Keropearhart Legendary Shaman

    • Survivor is still taken too seriously
    • devs care more about money than opinions
    • devs care more about appeasing mod tribes and kissasses than the overall community
    • older players keep being driven away for underage brats
    • mods are too ban-happy towards petty things older players hardly get offended by
    • mods are still irritatingly selective when dealing with reports - if reports are even being read
    • old /v/ wasn't responsible for rampant voteban abuse but old /v/ still gets scapegoated just because
    • me telling a shitspamming brazilian to suicide off a map is permaban-worthy while brats telling someone to actually kill themselves garners no responses
    • updates are still finding ways to get worse every time
    • and older players are being driven away because people like me are poor and can't just pester their parents for money like underage brats can
    Hope that helps.
  5. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    That pretty much sums it up. Thank you for bringing up the topic about the spamming Brazilians. I forgot to mention that, but it's definitely something worth saying. I understand that EN is an international server, and people are allowed to talk in whatever language they want, but I don't think "KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK LIXO FDP -'- GO PVP VS??!?!" is considered a language. They spam the chat like crazy. Despite having their own server, they choose to come to ours and annoy us. And of course, that goes unnoticed by moderation, just like every other serious issue. I have yet to discover ONE useful moderator who is reasonable and doesn't just go around mindlessly banning people while neglecting the ones who are actually being a nuisence and are doing far more harm to others than saying "f*g shaman".
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  6. Mootsoup

    Mootsoup Legendary Shaman

    good shit 100% true
  7. Keropearhart
    Fed Up

    Keropearhart Legendary Shaman

    To a point I actually forgot to put how some of the Brazilians branch out on the servers just to spam it up and be annoying in general.

    There's also no real consistent way to deal with it, either - personally I hate when I'm given the empty-headed suggestion to just /ignore someone, because more often than not lobby spam is only half of the problem. Then throw in the ramifications of mods often showing up after you manage to get a room to votekick someone, and, well, why bother going outside a tribehouse at all?
  8. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    Haha, you have no idea how bad it is with me. Brazilians and I date waaaay back. Nowadays, as soon as I log on Tfm they start spamming my whispers and stalk my room (somehow) and try to vote ban me, whilst spamming the room chat in the process. They hate me so much 'cause back when survivor wasn't as shitty as it is now, Brazilians used to come to EN and start insulting us and saying how they are way better and basically how all EN players suck. They used to favo eachother and kill everyone who isn't Brazilian. So I got involved and pretty much destroyed them. Since they couldn't beat me in fair play, they started to voteban abuse me. Of course, this should go without saying by now, but moderation took no actions regarding that. It's like whenever Brazilians do something which breaks the rules, it goes completely unnoticed by mods. They practically get away with everything. It's probably due to the fact that Brazilians make up like 3/5 of Transformice and that's why the staff sucks up to them so much. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I'm not saying all Brazilians are like that, I even have a few friends who speak fluent English and are really decent people, but the majority of them are a nuisence. It's pretty unfair that they're allowed to do whatever they want 'cause the staff is scared that if some of them quit, the game would die or whatever. The fucking game is already long dead, by their own doing. PS. I'm actually surprised moderation hasn't closed this thread yet for speaking the truth LMAO.
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  9. Xyumnax
    No Mood

    Xyumnax Master of Cheese

  10. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    Thank you for your support! :) Hopefully if enough people see this, something will be done concerning these issues.. LOL JK this is Tfm. I don't expect anything to change towards better the slightest.
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  11. Keropearhart
    Fed Up

    Keropearhart Legendary Shaman

    The problem here is that the people that actually have some damn sway with the devs are the same people that are already maintaining status quo.

    Nothing changes because the only change that's desired is exchanging users who are too smart to fall for the bullshit that goes on for users that are mindless sheeple that will eat up anything that's fed to them.

    Though personally I'd have to commend you for still finding the willpower to put up with the nonsense. I honestly don't even have the will to log on at all nowadays.
    Sometimes it tries really hard to be, but this isn't the OF. I don't think any of the moderators here would be petty enough to torch your thread just because its a dissenting opinion you're presenting.
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  12. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    Haha, so true. I actually log on because of 2-3 people I enjoy playing/chatting with. If it weren't for them, I would not bother with this game AT ALL. Well, actually I got 360 hour banned a few days ago. The reason? I was in a vanilla room and all of a sudden all these event-farming dipshits started coming to the room and spammed the chat with "SELLING (insert random useless crap here) FOR 25 CANDIES. WHISPER ME" and they flooded the chat in like 2 seconds. I told them "Shut up you stupid f*gs. Type /join trade and spam your shit there." and of course a mod saw that and banned me for "homophobic slurs". I changed to VPN and logged on an alt, went to that room and people were STILL spamming the chat. Nobody else got muted or banned. Need I say more?
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  13. Specialkness

    Specialkness Prodigy Mouse

    I agree with what everyone has suggested and their opinions matter. Which the mods should look upon the community and work together to create a better atmosphere. However, nothing really aims that direction and suck up to those for just money nowadays, since the economy has drained, it's really all about money and screwing the rest of us over. of course there are many other places and games that take action for harrassment and bullying and of course I rarely see any of that resolved here, other than those who report; nothing happens to make it any better. Those who block users; they still say stuff in chat and are appealing to their peers and supporting their BS every second they get. I have ben harassed to the point of blocking users as much as I could, that never stops them though. Online games can be of the worst when communicating with another stranger who you have no definition about, despite their behavior and game-play.

    I'm very glad you have brought this up for others to review and study about how the game and forums are played out. Not only are some of the mods not caring too highly about making this game a better place, but they also try their best. mainly because there's at least one-three mods for each server of a country to maintain, but yet some just don't like us regular users who log on everyday to play or complain.
  14. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    I agree. What really bothers me, though, is that the moderation priorities are all screwed up. Going around banning hackers on guest accounts instead of replying to users who are asking for help regarding much more serious issues is fucking stupid. Also, banning someone for 360 hours for cussing, when people who legit harass others get away with a warning or even a mute is complete bullshit. There's a fucking language-filter for a reason. Can't handle bad words? Enable it and you don't have to worry about that anymore.
    I think Transformice developers should pick their staff more carefully. Most of the mods nowadays can be replaced by bots, seriously. All they do is ban hackers, spammers or people who cuss. All of those issues can be resolved with programs instead of people. Moderation should take more serious issues at hand. Like tracking down people who legit bully others and make the game unplayable for many people. Take reported player in consideration and keep an eye on them so they can catch them on the move instead of giving shit replies like "Oh someone was bullying your friend? Sorry, I have to witness that to take action" Yet they never seem to reply when it's happening. There's just so much wrong with how things are handled on this game, I can go on for days.
  15. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    You know, a lot of people used to only play Transformice because of survivor. It was at first just one room with a bot which played maps. This game was Holz's idea. A former staff member. With the success of the minigame, developers made it into a module (When you type in "survivor" in your room name, the room becomes a survivor room) much like bootcamp. At that point I was actually happy with what they did, as before, when the server would crash, we had to wait for Holz to log on the bot account so the room would work again. Survivor wasn't a game for everyone. It required a lot of practice and time to get good at it. With the remake of survivor, a lot of new people were introduced to it. People who are impatient and aren't willing to spend time to become better at it. So they started suggesting bullshit like cannon hotkeys and other stuff which made the game easier. Eventually some jackass' suggestions got taken into consideration and they made the update which introduced cannon hotkeys, meep, vamp maps and the new score system (Used to be so the last one alive got to be shaman next round). Now, you can practically die every map and still get to be shaman. And when you're shaman, you can just use the cannon hotkeys and the so called "skills" and clear maps in seconds. It's ridiculous how much they fucked up the whole minigame. Nobody even tries to improve, because they aren't required to. I'd like to see 95% of regular survivor players nowadays try the old version of survivor. None of them would survive and they would never come close to being shaman.
    I hope that now you see why I am properly upset with what they did. They had no business messing with the survivor minigame. It used to have an amazing community and people respected the good players. Nowadays, it's complete shit. There's no good players anymore, just kids who think of themselves as gods and show no respect for anyone else. What pisses me off the most, is that despite all the people who complained about it, they weren't willing to change it back. Transformice developers don't give a flying fuck about their players' opinions and needs. All they care about is making more money off of kids who aren't bothered by their bullshit ways and/or are too young to understand what's going on. Either them or the suck ups who are too scared to speak their minds. The people who have realized that, and most importantly, the people who CARE about that, have all quit this game.
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  16. Nennai

    Nennai Mouse Goddess

    Hands down, I'm sorry, but survivor was ruined before I could even better myself at it. I scarcely even go there now, since it's ridiculously easy to kill everyone. And that gets abused ridiculously.

    I don't see much moderation going on to make a better judgement of it, but if they are banning one timers, without taking into consideration of the context of the situation at hand, then I can't play this game anymore. To be banned for saying the f word or b word once at somebody who's been insulting me, after reporting? Or to a trolling shaman/mouse, who's persistently trolling everybody in the room, and I'm attempted to have them kicked, again after reporting? Not everybody who swears in game is some mindless kid raging at everybody, or some egotistical moron who thinks they are above everybody and the rules. Yes there are minors playing, but there or elder veterans here too. I don't see why legit people who might bend a rule here and there get punished the first time, but the one's causing trouble manage to evade trouble and the innocent suffer. Ban happy anyone?

    Updates. What are updates? I can't stand when events are on. Everybody floods into the vanilla rooms. If it's not already, make events run in normal rooms and announce this! The fishing event was very tedious, to the point where I stopped bothering to even log in. 100 things to collect in the summer? I'm not sitting at a laptop all day, everyday! And that's just examples from one aspects of updates that made the game/minigame redundant, or was frowned upon. I feel that the community don't get enough input in updates. Begging for months and years on end might get us somewhere. At least if something's not a surprise then involve players more in the decision making - e.g. events So stuff doesn't end being re-used over and over and over again. Otherwise, there may be some really good input that will never be seen/heard since the players trying to make the game better have had enough.

    [E] I miss that Sourpain. It was the fact that I sucked that I kept going back. The survivor change, in my opinion, was the worst update. </3
    [E2] Oh yes I almost forgot about the title update. Having too change my title back because people are to lazy to change their title to a new one?!? -.-
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
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  17. Sourpain

    Sourpain Professional Mouse

    Thank you! I needed to hear that from someone else. Now, regarding updates, I don't think all of them are cringeworthy bad. For example, I like the skills they added. You can tell they put a lot of work into them and in all honesty, I had a very similar idea about this myself. I even made a picture of it a few years ago. I'm not sure, but I feel like they saw my picture and kind of stole the idea. Judge for yourself. Anyway, I don't mind some updates, but having them active in survivor? Now that's just plain stupid. Here's a scenario for you: Shaman puts apple at mice, goes somewhere offscreen using wings and starts teleporting players to their deaths using the "Teleporter" skill. How does that require you to be good? There's no way to avoid it other than pure luck (If someone else gets teleported instead of you). That's what I'm trying to say here; No skills required to play this game anymore.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. This just proves my point that in spite of people's complaints, Transformice developers aren't willing to chage their bullshit ways. Thank you for showing support nevertheless :)
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 10, 2014
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  18. Whitehuntres

    Whitehuntres Legendary Shaman

    I agree with all of this!
    I think Transformice should hire some more mods.
  19. Haruhitastic

    Haruhitastic Legendary Shaman

    They just recently did.
  20. Akoolchicano

    Akoolchicano Sage Mouse

    4 years later... I am still here.

    Tbh, as a whole, I barely played the old survivor, but I thought it was a cool minigame. The new version is okay, not good, not bad. If I was a survivor regular back then, then I could have hated it. This survivor madness does not really affect me, but I am siding with the older people. :3

    I don't know if you have noticed, but the community does listen to us. Only a little bit though. Those updates from last year were suggestions from us. Somehow, they stopped though. They need to hear more from us. I have a few ideas myself, but I am too lazy to suggest it lol.

    I do hate these little spoiled teenagers though. I am a senior at high school. I already have to deal with them at school and I also have to deal with them on Transformice. Society is just getting worse every year, people.

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