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how I can create a bot?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Gatoespia, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

  2. Ptra

    Ptra Professional Mouse

    Not necessarily, but when making a bot, you must ask the mods if the purpose of your bot is reasonable, and won't affect gameplay.
  3. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

    how I can create one for my tribe?

  4. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    if you don't know how to make a bot, I wouldn't bother with it, there isn't much reason to.

    perhaps you should say why you want to make a bot?
  5. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

    I want it for my tribe [​IMG]

  6. Anxiousmouse

    Anxiousmouse Prodigy Mouse


    Remind you that you need to keep the computer day and night for it to keep running.
  7. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

    so no but i create a question (asshol*)

  8. Icewolfbob
    No Mood

    Icewolfbob EN Helper | EN Sentinel

    There are two types of bots.

    Type number 1:
    This bot runs the normal flash swf that we run but automatically controls it. Usually done by programs like Autohotkey. This is the simplest type to make.

    Type number 2:
    This bot is a completely custom client that talks with the servers via networking and pretends to bethe regular client. It needs to be programmed from the ground up and requires a lot more work than the previous type I explained.

    To make the first type search for "Autohotkey" and for the second you need to study and analyse the Transformice protocol. I suggest wireshack as a good place to start.
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  9. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    gato, I realize you want to make it for your tribe but what do you want it to do. thats what I was asking.
  10. Turnerj
    No Mood

    Turnerj Cheese Enthusiast

    I would suggest auto-hotkey type design because if you are asking how to create a bot, you will have no hope with direct client/server communication.

    And again, it would help for telling us what you want it to do.

    It would only be able to do what a normal user can do as well (unless you are a mod), so think about that.
  11. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

    to destroy transformice! (just kidding) but I just wondered what is difficult. I wanted to train the mice of the tribe, taking tests, not to do it myself
    http://translate.google.es/# [​IMG]

  12. Turnerj
    No Mood

    Turnerj Cheese Enthusiast

    Ok, the difficulty extends from what you know about computers, how they work and if you can do any computer programming. These are some terms you would need to know if you did direct communication:

    • TCP
    If you are doing the hot-key version, from what you actually want it to do, it doesn't sound easy either.

    If you mean training the mice by like, teaching them to wall jump, its probably easier going on youtube and looking at vids etc. I think there is even a simple help guide for shamaning and other techniques in the game somewhere (either on this forum or the tfmwiki).
  13. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    you want a trainer bot of some type, probably the easiest one would be one that only brings up certain maps.

    to be honest, if you want a bot like this, it might be better if you could get a mods help with it, there are several of them who deal with bots and know how to make one

    your bot doesn't sound like a bad idea, mice do need some form of training and this would help out a lot for them.
  14. Turnerj
    No Mood

    Turnerj Cheese Enthusiast

    The choosing of maps requires mod controls. So whatever account is logged into the bot needs to be a moderator so it sounds like what you want won't be possible.
  15. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

    brings many problems to make a bot?
    if so, I do not
  16. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

    please replenish
  17. Mapdesigns

    Mapdesigns Noobie Mouse

    You should consider learning a programming language, and learning to code well enough to create your own bot. There is no magic Transformice bot creator, you will need to learn, learn, learn, create. :)
  18. Gatoespia

    Gatoespia Cheese Enthusiast

    learn that?
  19. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    I believe map said
    learning a programming language, and learning to code
    generally thats C++ or java (there are others out there of course)

  20. Baffler

    Baffler Fatty | Retired Admin

    The answer is the same as the one for "How do I become a mod?".

    If you have to ask, then it's not going to happen.
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