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If you were stranded on an island, what three items would you take with you?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Gayali, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Gayali

    Gayali Mouse Goddess

    The title says it all, if you were stranded on an island, what three items would you take with you?
    I would take:

    1. My Family/pet
    2. Boat
    3. Clothes

    What would you take and why?
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  2. Xivyx

    Xivyx Master of Cheese

    I'd take Coco [my dog] so I'm not lonely and I would start acting like a mad bitch and go crazy. [scaring all of the other... "things" away.]
    I'd take Dora because she's my navigation system [Dora ftw.]
    I'd also like to take clothes. I think everyone knows why.
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  3. Zeldaswiss

    Zeldaswiss Master of Cheese

    Lol how would you get internet in the middle of nowhere with a laptop
    Anyways this is what I'd take:
    1. Food
    2. Clothes
    3. 3DS
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  4. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    <-- has no clue if we have one but knows we had it as a question in the livestream so can't remember if we had a thread on it

    1. sabusha- I need her okay!
    2. ducktape- as long as I have enough ducktape, i can get everything else
    3. water- it takes time to make things with ducktape. water is the most esscential thing
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  5. Topazz

    Topazz Professional Mouse

    1. my rubber duck (he makes bathtime so much fun...dont judge. - _ -")
    2. my sister's panda hat (awesomest thing ever ^o^)
    3. duck tape like kazu (you can make anything O-O!!!)

    water and food, rain and vegetation/fruit
  6. Sirpedro

    Sirpedro Translator

    1. Nekokairi, cuz I couldn't stand being without her
    2. Food, because I can get water by filtrating it
    3. Ducktape, cuz ducktape is the answer to life
  7. Minkee

    Minkee CUTEST Retired CFM Supermodღ

    Why would you guys choose to take the people you love to a deserted island to suffer too. ;o;

    I would take

    1) Fresh water to drink
    2) Blankets
    3) Supplies to make a huge fire to catch someone's attention.
  8. Sirpedro

    Sirpedro Translator

    So they don't have to live in pain the rest of their lives, knowing their love died on a Island. They could rather die together happily ^^

    Still thinking if I should take water of food though.
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  9. Minkee

    Minkee CUTEST Retired CFM Supermodღ

    Take something that'll be an SOS so someone will notice you and you won't be trapped there for forever. ;)
  10. Ghostifyxx

    Ghostifyxx Mouse Goddess

    1.Scissors - They can cut through the most rugged material, such as a tree to make a fortress.​
    2. Polygone - I need to talk to someone, and Obama is not good company.​
    3. Obama- Everyone will be looking for the president so, we will be found faster.​
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  11. Alliperson

    Alliperson Sage Mouse

    1. Unlimited Duct Tape - Duct Tape can fix anything.
    2. My best friend, Madi- She is a freaking Ninja.
    3. A ship - Even if its broke we can fix it with the duct tape and leave anytime we want.

    I wouldn't bring food (Friend would hunt) fresh water (Easy to boil water. Or we could make a filter out of branches, duct tape and leafs) or a lighter (Making a fire without matches or a lighter is easy if you know what you are doing.)
  12. Nellyfox

    Nellyfox Little Foxu ~♥ | Slayer of Anvil God

    Something to make my internet run.

    TFM and CFM on a stranded island forever.
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  13. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    who said it'd be suffering. I'd be in paradise ^.^
    >duck tape would make living comfertable (and can create the SOS sign) and I can use it for a number of things from hunting to collecting water to a shelter.
    having 2 people also makes less work for them and a higher chance of survival :D
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  14. Minkee

    Minkee CUTEST Retired CFM Supermodღ

    You'd be smelly!! D:

    Can duct tape fix that?! If so, I need some.
  15. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    duck tape can! it can create a tub for you to put clean water in :D
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  16. Sirpedro

    Sirpedro Translator

    It can also make you a boat to get away from the Island :3
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  17. Teamalaysia
    No Mood

    Teamalaysia Mouse Goddess

    3 items only ?? okay....

    1. Clothes
    2. Family
    3. Bag

    In my bag :
    Extra clothes
    Comic books
    Drawing books
    My house
    My pet ( fish )
    My favourite CD
    Extension cord
  18. Gayali

    Gayali Mouse Goddess

    thats one big bag
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  19. Teamalaysia
    No Mood

    Teamalaysia Mouse Goddess

    Yep, it is.
  20. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    thats 24 items ;D
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