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Items suddenly gone.

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Marike, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Marike

    Marike Mouse Goddess

    Hello. So I decided to come back after a while and noticed that most of my items were gone (especially those which I wore the most) including the cat hat, skeleton fur, schoolgirl fur and cat fur. I managed to get a screenshot of my mouse wearing the skeleton fur, while i don't have it. I tried to take the cat hat off and there it went.
  2. Thhoomy

    Thhoomy Cheese Enthusiast

    Wow i see such thing first time lol
  3. Trocaddero

    Trocaddero Prodigy Mouse

    Do you have your lost items from a friend (donation system)? If yes, you have lost your items because the friend who has donated you the itmes has used a Steam glitch for these :(
  4. Xiaojiemei

    Xiaojiemei ID/EN Mod, ID Helper Leader, Sentinel | EN Helper☃ CFM Moderator

    If this is truly the case, there will be a message explaining that the items were removed because of that.
  5. Trocaddero

    Trocaddero Prodigy Mouse

    It happened for other users too, and they didn't got any warning
  6. Hjhyhfj

    Hjhyhfj Sage Mouse

    I hate it when it happens.;)

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