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Suggestion Maps in Tribe House

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Safwanrockz, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Safwanrockz
    Fed Up

    Safwanrockz EN Helper/AR Helper Leader/Translator/Shaman Poet♥

    There are two main suggestions in this thread, one of making Tribe's Houses as a Vanilla map (with a Shaman), and one for loading current event's map in tribe's house (without any event gifts).

    So let's get started.

    ~~Vanilla Maps Tribe's Houses~~

    For putting a Vanilla map as Tribe's house we can go to 'Define the code of your tribe's house' in the Tribe's options, and add a vanilla map number, just like that :
    [​IMG] Or [​IMG]

    P.S : This suggestion includes infinity time and a Shaman.

    And for changing the shaman we can use the following command :

    So it'll be like that in the following image :

    [​IMG]With an infinity time's symbol '''' in the 'Time left'.

    Finished first suggestion. Let's move to the second one. c:

    ~~Loading Event Maps in Tribe's House~~

    With this feature you can load Event Maps in Tribe's house by typing the following command :
    As you can see in the following pictures, this should appear :

    But there are some conditions with loading Event maps in Tribe's house :

    1) You can only load the current event's map (like if Transformice were having Christmas event, you can't load Halloween's event map), and if there wasn't any event in the game, the following message will appear :
    2) If you load any event map, you won't win any item or a title or a special gift that's used in the current event.

    3) You can't put any event map as a Tribe's house.

    So, those are my suggestions. I hope you like them. c:
  2. Lalajb
    Not Amused

    Lalajb Queen AR Helper Subleader♥

    I like that idea actually. :rainbowomg:
  3. Dleedirector

    Dleedirector Prodigy Mouse

    Wow, I really like these ideas. :mgrin: This seems like it could be a cool and fun in-game addition.
    One of the more interesting suggestions that have appeared in the forums lately.
  4. Vannese

    Vannese Master of Cheese

    +1 Support.
    I would like to see that c:
  5. Carlycheesy

    Carlycheesy Cheese Enthusiast

    1+ I'd like that :3
  6. Redditmaster

    Redditmaster Prodigy Mouse

    -1 No support If the reasoning is for shamaning there is no shaman when you have a map as tribe house there's only a shaman with the /np [mapcode] command which you can use vanilla maps on so i don't see a point for this
  7. Tailtong

    Tailtong Master of Cheese

    me lieks.
  8. Densgirl

    Densgirl Master of Cheese

    1+ Should be added :3
  9. Redditmaster

    Redditmaster Prodigy Mouse

    Also if the reasoning is to learn how to shaman them vanilla maps were made to be fairly easy to sham even for newer players and if you want because you want to know something cool you might be able to do if you are in a vanilla room for like a day you will have seen most maps more than once so you could easily figure them out
  10. Everloved

    Everloved Sage Mouse

    1+ supporter
    I like this idea .-.
    No other comment
  11. Kamelotepica

    Kamelotepica AR Sentinel | AR Helper

    +1 Support. This idea is amazing.
    Bigdane likes this.
  12. Safwanrockz
    Fed Up

    Safwanrockz EN Helper/AR Helper Leader/Translator/Shaman Poet♥

    Wow guys, thank you all so much.
    Special thanks to that^:)

    I made this suggestion only for shaman not just for 2 minutes, you can shaman for how much time you want, and that's the special about this suggestion :confused:
  13. Garybro

    Garybro Sage Mouse

    o.o You're that bad at shamming? It takes you more then 2 minutes to sham a vanilla map?
    -1. Also I notice most of the +1 don't give any reason why they like it..
    And it's not hard to /np then the vanilla number... it really isn't.
    And this is more of a personal opinion, but I like most of the event maps.. but playing them more then once is enough for me.
  14. Sitkarose

    Sitkarose Sage Mouse

    I like the idea. c: +1. It's really not that bad of an idea, I'd like to have this feature in the game. Easy to understand as well, it really looks like you put some effort into making this thread.
    He never implied that he was "bad" at shamming nor did he say it takes him more than 2 minutes to sham a map. It's just a little special thing about it, not everyone in the world will be perfect at shamming, sorry. : P I don't mean to offend you either, but I don't think it's fair you have to say that type of stuff. <.<
    And yes, it's true that it's not that hard to /np the vanilla number either. Still, either way, I don't see how it makes a difference.
    Garybro likes this.
  15. Garybro

    Garybro Sage Mouse

    I did not say this to be mean. So sorry if someone did come across like that.
  16. Alanthekid

    Alanthekid Sage Mouse

    i support
  17. Safwanrockz
    Fed Up

    Safwanrockz EN Helper/AR Helper Leader/Translator/Shaman Poet♥

    Your point of you makes sense, but let me tell you why I've putted the -Vanilla maps Tribe's house- suggestion.
    Have you seen some pro-map-makers making vanilla maps? they made that just for (Practicing) on them, regardless of shamming in the vanilla maps, they can use it for the racing vanilla maps. But I've made shamming because there is somethings' not like (building) or (shamming) in a vanilla map, those things are practicing on something's certain, for example: the cannon or spirit jump, or the spirit box and anvil.
    So, that's why I've made this thread.
  18. Larisuk

    Larisuk Prodigy Mouse

    @ Map 0-Next time you can use Photoscape (Eactly the CloneStamp) to delete the time,then draw your symbol.Just my oppinion.
  19. Safwanrockz
    Fed Up

    Safwanrockz EN Helper/AR Helper Leader/Translator/Shaman Poet♥

    pffft, Imma newb at those image things. ;;
  20. Loganperry

    Loganperry Noobie Mouse

    umm thnaks for the advice:trollestia::mtongue::rolleyes::ninja::love:

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