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Story Pokemice

Discussion in 'Fan Stories' started by Thekaliema, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Thekaliema

    Thekaliema Sage Mouse

    Based one the show/game Pokemon. I didn't create pokemon.
    You have a choice of three Pokemice. Shammy, the Shaman pokemouse, Mousy, the regular mouse pokemouse, or Moddy, the moderator pokemouse. Which will you choose? You can keep them as pets, or you can go and battle to try and be the best pokemouse trainer. You will also get a badge case. Everytime you defeat a gym leader, you will get a badge. You will get 6 pokeballs, so you can catch more pokemice. Good luck on your journey!

    Character List
    Main Character: Kali (me) Has a Shammy
    Friend: Adiline, Has a Mousy
    Friend2: n/a
    Evil team: 2 spots let
    Rivals: 3 spots left
    Gym Leaders: 6 spots left
    Please send more ideas!
    Shammy, shaman pokemouse
    Mousy, regular mouse pokemouse
    Moddy, moderator pokemouse
  2. Adiline

    Adiline Sage Mouse

    I'll be the first friend : D
    And I'll have a Mousy
  3. Confusedone

    Confusedone Mouse Goddess

    hmm have bout explain what is special about shammy , Mousey, and Moddy pokemice
    like what is different from each other
  4. Sugarnutz

    Sugarnutz Sage Mouse

    Can I be Friend 2?
    And I'll have Moddy if not taken :D
  5. Meirmice

    Meirmice Professional Mouse

    Can I be a Rival? Ill have a Mousy
  6. Mousegerda

    Mousegerda Professional Mouse

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