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Suggestion Post All Your New Title Ideas Here!

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Simpleasthat, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Specialkness

    Specialkness Prodigy Mouse

    I solemnly believe that personal gathered cheese should have titles, like the rest of the original stats on our profiles. From shaman saves, to gathering cheese and earn firsts with titles. Personal gathered cheese is like in the midst and should have some sort of memory or title, right? So I have a few title ideas to share and all can negotiate if they should belong in that category or not.

    «Cheese Wizard»
    «Last Cheese»
    «The Cheesiest!»
    «Cheese Supreme»
    «Bond, Cheese Bond»
    «On A Diet»
    «Gotta Catch 'em all!»
    «One More Cheese!»

    As for just shaman saves. [unsure which level to unlock!]
    «Cheese Agency»
    «Dept. of Cheese»
    «Busy Bee»
    «The Bee's Knee's»
    «Tribal Dancer»
    «The One & Only»
    «Lazy Shaman»
    «Simple As That»

    Titles Associated with Halloween.
    «Slimy» <<< Not in a perverted way either.
    «Fangtastic Shaman» << Earn this title by shamming on an event map? [Maybe]

    «Menacing Shaman» Or Just «Menacing»

    Titles Associated With Christmas.
    «Cinnamon Sticks»
    «Polar Express»

    Titles Associated With Easter.
    «Egg Dye» or «Colorful Eggs»
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  2. Wonderdashh

    Wonderdashh Mouse Goddess

    <<Dylan O'Brien>> <JB>>
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  3. Vanillaratxx

    Vanillaratxx Sage Mouse

    Respect for <<JB>> title.
  4. Specialkness

    Specialkness Prodigy Mouse

    There should be a <<Shazam>> title for one of the Shaman modes.
  5. Plutoninja

    Plutoninja Cheese Enthusiast

    Troll title promotes having bad conduct in TFM so it wouldn't be accepted
  6. Herbiratri

    Herbiratri ℋєrmσsα ID Helper ☆

    Copying and want to add more + some edit.

    Total Cheese Gathered.
    «Ate» Gather 100,000 cheese

    «All Mine» Gather 120,000 cheese

    «Pule» Gather 150,000 cheese (It's the most expensive Cheese ya kno)

    Cheese Gathered First.
    «Big Bang» Gather 55,000 cheese first

    «Superluminal» Gather 80,000 cheese first (Superluminal also known as FT or faster-than-light)

    Completed Bootcamps.
    «Unbelievable» Complete 5,000 Bootcamp maps.

    «Impossible» Complete 10,000 Bootcamp maps.

    «No Mercy» Complete 20,000 Bootcamp maps.

    «Speechless» Complete 40,000 Bootcamp maps.

    Shaman Saves + Thing.
    «Last Shaman» Save 200,000 mice as shaman

    «God's Hand» Save 300,000 mice as shaman

    «Shaman's Spell» Save at least 50,000 mice in all modes (50k Normal, 50k Hard, 50k Divine)

    «Balance» Save at least 100,000 mice in all modes (100k Normal, 100k Hard, 100k Divine)

    «Reborn» Revive 9001 mice.
  7. Trocaddero

    Trocaddero Prodigy Mouse


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