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Suggestion Post Your shop ideas here

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Jjaakkee, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Micehateme
    Time Traveling

    Micehateme Prodigy Mouse

    Disco ball earrings!!! That would be an awesome item. :3 And don't forget the matching disco ball tail accessory! And a disco ball shaman item... And maybe a mouth item, too (probably not but maybe)?
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2015
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  2. Suzziii

    Suzziii Prodigy Mouse


    I will buy fraises for this shet.
  3. Micehateme
    Time Traveling

    Micehateme Prodigy Mouse

  4. Killercrap

    Killercrap Professional Mouse

    You know the bombs that show up often in vanilla and normal mode well... There should be a shaman item that makes them *Wait for it* BANANAS they should be peels now these odds are unlikely but it would very comical if added to the game tbh it would make one oF people buy frasies :) just an idea though :p [​IMG]
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  5. Wangan

    Wangan King CN Helper

    We need Splatoon costumes! I would love to have a hairstyle of an Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl!
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  6. Wonderdashh

    Wonderdashh Mouse Goddess

    Dylan O'Brien fur
  7. Artakha

    Artakha L'amoureuse | Blue Skies

    as cool as that would be, it wouldn't happen. meli said that there would be no more items based on other video game properties. Doesn't explain the fact that there's a Tails fur right now but...
  8. Flamilicious

    Flamilicious Prodigy Mouse

    i would love new realistic plain furs (like the ones that first came out) and maybe more hair
  9. Ihsanll

    Ihsanll Mouse Goddess

    how about a Phone XD at the moust mouth XD
  10. Wonderdashh

    Wonderdashh Mouse Goddess

    or maybe a Dylan O'Brien fur
  11. Artakha

    Artakha L'amoureuse | Blue Skies

    i don't think a full fur of dylan o'brien would work. Perhaps some hair style but not a full on fur.
  12. Frogz

    Frogz EN Sentinel

    pizza for a mouth piece..
  13. Cutezoe

    Cutezoe Professional Mouse

    I THINK Some Noodles For The Mouth Is Good
  14. Specialkness

    Specialkness Prodigy Mouse

    I would expect a greater flaw to have this new fur to be separate and have it's own category. Reasons:

    I would also like to point out a mouth item that an represent what some people can do and some people that can't. Bubblegum is a popular thing these days and there's many flavors, colors and brands....so I had an idea that could have another mouth item for the game.
    I can't believe this was a thing, but something that our mouse has it this shape and stays in that form. OR it could pop with the surround motion of a pop (like the spark from an Spirit makes as a shaman item) and then the mouse chews it again and makes another bubble.
    But of course this doesn't make a bubble appear in the room, that's just weird as it's not a consumable but a mouth item.

    It should, in my opinion, be one color and not customizable either. The common bubblegum flavor/color is pink, usually light or dark pink.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2015
  15. Jjaakkee

    Jjaakkee Sage Mouse

    I am concerned about the lack of "Hairstyles" because that section was introduced with few options, but didn't see much progression on it afterwards. Many of the head items would count as hair already, so with the lack of content in the hairstyles section, it makes it seem pointless. Besides more layering of course.
  16. Xieatyewx

    Xieatyewx Master of Cheese

    you kno for the halloween event when we had wands
    they should make that in the shop
    that would be amazing
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  17. Wonderdashh

    Wonderdashh Mouse Goddess

    Justin Bieber shirt

    I agree
  18. Micehateme
    Time Traveling

    Micehateme Prodigy Mouse

    Eyelashes like the ones we have, but instead of just having the 2 eyelashes stick out it's more like one solid thing. I don't know if I explained this good enough.
  19. Pacelt

    Pacelt Cheese Enthusiast

    Well, I have a dream about: blue color, colorful glasses, pink & white dress, insect (like a fly) - earring and big white angel wings :mlove:
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  20. Specialkness

    Specialkness Prodigy Mouse

    Please make this happen. Robin Hood's hat needs to be in the head item!
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