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Suggestion Reduce/Remove the cost of name-changing.

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Imonhd, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Imonhd

    Imonhd Sage Mouse

    Ok, I have quit Transformice for quite a while now. I occasionally log in, although not too much.
    When the name-change feature was released, I had mixed feelings about it.
    I mean, it was great! You could change your name, which is a thing that everyone wanted for such a long time, but then I saw.
    "Changing your name requires 1500 fraises"
    So you're telling me that I must pay 15 USD to change my name, in a mouse game? That barely anyone plays anymore? Sorry, but this is absolute nonsense.
    I understand, I understand. "But the TFM group needs some money". Yes, I know that. But my point remains, to change your name in almost any other multiplayer game, that has about 10 times or higher the fanbase than that of Transformice, there is a name change feature, and it is for free.
    H*ck, changing your name even costs more than buying 1 or 2 new furs! I don't know. I'm just saying, reduce or even remove the cost of name changing. Make it something that doesn't require real-life money. Because honestly, I don't feel like people will change their names for 15 dollars in a mouse game. This is NOT helping.
    Maybe make it require cheese or one of these new coins. Or maybe make it free.
    Those were my 2 cents about this new system.

    Also, sorry for the weird font size. There's no font size that resembles the original one.
  2. Suzziii

    Suzziii Prodigy Mouse

    I second this. At least a Christmas sale, or something. $15 USD is too much.
  3. Cwjxuoc

    Cwjxuoc Prodigy Mouse

    too many people have already spent their money for a name change
    changing the price is unfair to anyone who's gone through with it already
    just make a new account :)

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