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Reset the password via Transformice

Discussion in 'ɥsılƃuǝ' started by Whereisbryan, May 5, 2011.

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  1. Whereisbryan

    Whereisbryan Noobie Mouse


    I have a problem... A few weeks ago, I registered on this forum (with my principal account, this one is just a clone).
    Today I wanted to login me to the forum, but... I've forgotten my password. Unfortunately, I can't reset it, because I didn't put my email address.

    So it would be great that we could reset the password via the game. Like during the registration, we would whisper something to the bot (to prove our identity), and then it would answer us a new random password. Then, we would just have to connect on the forum and change it!

    Thank you!

    PS: by the way, would it be possible to change the password manually? If yes, to who must I speak?
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  2. Loserbait

    Loserbait Sage Mouse

    I like this idea. I think it should be relatively easy to implement.

    If you want to reset your password, message me with the username.
  3. Rawrklol

    Rawrklol Cheese Enthusiast

    My username is Rawrklol now please get my password back
  4. Smartmousey
    No Mood

    Smartmousey Legendary Shaman

    your on your account how did you forget password if your on it? unless you logged on then forgot the password?
  5. Rawrklol

    Rawrklol Cheese Enthusiast

    I changed my password via email and then now i cant remember what i changed it to :/
  6. Simpleasthat
    No Mood

    Simpleasthat Retired Staff | Mouse Goddess

    First off, you should get this. /facepalm

    2) Next, a manager can manually change your password but only if you already knew it.
    3) LB.
    4) I think this is a plausible idea.
  7. *Cuppycakes

    *Cuppycakes Noobie Mouse

    My username is: Cuppycakes
    I got hacked by Ikbenemre she changed my password on my account. Can you help me as soon an possibe? Please? ): I was just about to buy the rainbow hair in the shop... ._. Thanks. ~Emme. (Cuppycakes)
  8. Thelilmouse
    No Mood

    Thelilmouse Cheese Fueled Acrobatic Mouse

    I just don't know why these idiots don't add an "I forgot my password" option, and an requirement to put your email for registering. Is it THAT hard.
  9. *Jabari

    *Jabari Noobie Mouse

    My name is jabari313 now please get my password back.
  10. Katburger

    Katburger EN Sentinel

    If your account is stolen, then someone would easily be able to steal your forum account also, by resetting your password for the forums. Then it would be a lot harder to prove the account is yours, or to message a supermod to get back your account.
  11. Benjyrob

    Benjyrob Prodigy Mouse

    Is it possible I could help by making a thread and asking an Admin to monitor it. And the thread could be for asking password help?
  12. Katburger

    Katburger EN Sentinel

    People can whisper a supermod / manager (not admin :p) in game, or send them a message on the forums if they have password troubles. No need to create a thread, since the supermod would have to talk to them privately anyway!
  13. Smoof

    Smoof Retired Staff

    lol i forgot my password once when i was using a different computer, and i didnt have an email regestered at the time either so i went on tfm and found pom who passed on the message to loser and sorted my problems ^-^
    Just make sure everyone that you register an email address if your as forgetful as me :O
  14. Barackattack

    Barackattack Noobie Mouse

  15. Djgal

    Djgal The Creative One

    I believe not
  16. Talibanrocks

    Talibanrocks Cheese Enthusiast

    my account got hacked few years ago you know... before you know it when i told a admin mod he never believe me than banned me for trying to hack someone else account :mad:

    P.S Take no notice of my Name rofl
    Long story really :sick:
  17. Aguskyoko

    Aguskyoko Agus la Anguila

    This thread is about CFM, not TFM accounts and recovering TFM passwords.
    Besides, sharing your bad experience doesn't seem to be good at least in this thread.
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  18. Shinymew
    No Mood

    Shinymew Mouse Goddess

    Hi...I have a problem in Transformice.

    My true account is Mimolio and i miss my password. Someone hack my account and change it. :(

    Please help me...
  19. Aguskyoko

    Aguskyoko Agus la Anguila

    You have to talk to a Manager/Super-Mod, from the game. Here we can't handle Transformice's problems, since we have no in-game powers.
    Try sending a PM to a Super-Mod in the official forums.
  20. Sirpedro

    Sirpedro Translator

    I think this is a great idea, not that I will loose my password, but for thoose who will.
    Thumb up +1

    For Tfm users forgetting their password:
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