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Shaman Showdown - Get it Now!

Discussion in 'Transformice Chat' started by Cheezhunter, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Cheezhunter

    Cheezhunter Noobie Mouse

    Hi guys,
    Already posted this over at the Transformice forums but thought you might like to see it here. It's my tribute to Transformice, Shaman Showdown!
    [​IMG] http://www.mediafire.com/?18xmdw6g1u7c86h [​IMG]

    Click the link to download and join the battle!
    I've kept controls the same but there are a few changes so be sure to play the tutorial level. Walljumping should be a bit easier and there's a new Spirit Jump that lets you jump higher.
    So get playing already! I hope you like it, and first person to get a full set of medals wins! :D


  2. Simpleasthat
    No Mood

    Simpleasthat Retired Staff | Mouse Goddess

    Looks cool! Wow! ^_^ I'll be sure to download it later when I find the time.
    No viruses, no bad stuff, right? ;)
  3. Expboy

    Expboy Sage Mouse

    Looks AWESOME!
    So,u made it?
  4. Pompomball

    Pompomball ex cfm hedgie admin ♥

    wow, looks hecka cool! I might download it someday to check it out ^.^
    Repaerwolley likes this.
  5. Moneymich

    Moneymich Mouse Goddess

  6. Chesseo

    Chesseo Retired Staff

    Thats pretty epic might download later
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  7. Mimzehchu
    No Mood

    Mimzehchu Trick or Treat!

    Currently downloading.
  8. Chesseo

    Chesseo Retired Staff

    Maybe you can tell us all about it.
  9. Moneymich

    Moneymich Mouse Goddess

  10. Sabusha

    Sabusha Chinchillin' Retired CFM Admin | EN Sentinelle TFM Moderator

    It looks really cool...ill download it...hope no bad things here XD
    Nennaisharz likes this.
  11. Mimzehchu
    No Mood

    Mimzehchu Trick or Treat!

    Don't worry. No viruses everyone.

    [[be sure to read my critiqe.]]
  12. Moneymich

    Moneymich Mouse Goddess

  13. Chesseo

    Chesseo Retired Staff

    4.1 out of?
  14. Kazzel
    Om Nom Nom

    Kazzel Master of Cheese

    I cant beat Tigrounette [​IMG]
  15. Mimzehchu
    No Mood

    Mimzehchu Trick or Treat!

    4.1 out of invisible stars.
  16. Cookiekjr

    Cookiekjr Professional Mouse

    So... 4.1/0 :eek:
    EDIT: Thats a weird smilely.
  17. Thelilmouse
    No Mood

    Thelilmouse Cheese Fueled Acrobatic Mouse

    Realy nice game, but like ami (Mimzeh) said
    Edit : Anyway it's good, just make "Easy" a lil' bit easier.No seriously."Hard" was easier than That.

    My Vote is : 4,00 of 5 Stars.

    Second Edit: Would like the "Mute Button" mute the squeeks when you get hitted. So I can listen to "Eye Of The Tiger" . TROLLOLOL
    Mimzehchu likes this.
  18. Streamr
    Not Amused

    Streamr Professional Mouse

    Finally! I have beaten Tigrounette! =D

    OMG after Tigrounette it's... ANVIL GOD!!


    Hmm.. that doesn't look like the Anvil God. Nah gonna be easy! =D

    Too............ hard.. D=
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  19. Vtrirmaodocp

    Vtrirmaodocp Cheese Enthusiast

    Lool Deve ser legal... Mais primeiro terei que perguntar áh virus ? [​IMG]
  20. Zerca

    Zerca Sage Mouse

    This game is really fun
    Rosae likes this.

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