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TFM: Commands list

Discussion in 'Transformice Bugs & Suggestions' started by Jjygs, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Jjygs

    Jjygs Mouse Goddess

    hiya guys.
    i was thinking it would be good if where the menu,tribe,map editor etc is there would be an extra one that says commands.

    simple really, when you click on it it would show a list of the commands you can use in the game and tribes and tells you what they do ie
    *clicks on command list*
    in-game commands:
    /room num- lets you change room
    /room survivor- minigame room
    /mute- allows you to mute chat
    tribe commands:
    /t- allows you to tribe chat

    forgot most of tribe ones DX

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  2. Asylums

    Asylums Sage Mouse

    It already says half of these in help.
  3. Jjygs

    Jjygs Mouse Goddess

    what about the youtube one?
    and the voteban one?
    and the one that makes snowballs in tribe?
  4. Asylums

    Asylums Sage Mouse

    I said half.
  5. Jjygs

    Jjygs Mouse Goddess

    oh yeah you did, opps ^-^"

    i was thinkin it would be good for new players and for people who just generally forget stuff alot (like me)

    they should put all.......as in the half not there visble
  6. Asylums

    Asylums Sage Mouse

    It's a suggestion. It doesn't need to be posted in transformice chat.
  7. Shinymew
    No Mood

    Shinymew Mouse Goddess

    Sorry, didn't read everything, i thinked it was a list of commands
  8. Zeldaswiss

    Zeldaswiss Master of Cheese

    This would be helpful to the new players...because a lot of people don't know about the /tk one. I love the snow one lol
    I think a bigger list of commands should be added in-game.
  9. Anomunus

    Anomunus egg

    /bun <- throw a bun at someone
    /wj <- activate secret wj script
    /hax <- activate hax
    /qq <- closes program after sending lines of caps lock gibberish in the chat
    /room gofuckyourself <- SALA THEJKB E ARCHIVES
    /hue <- auto-send msgs consisting of "HUEHUEUHEUEUHEUHUEHUHEUHEUHUEHEHU" to the room

    Jokes aside, here's several commands that haven't been mentioned that are real commands though:

    /music <- use in the event that someone plays music (whether normal room or tribe house). Music will stop playing (if a YouTube video is playing, you must pause it manually using the video screen). Any further music played will not be heard until you re-type the command to re-activate music.
    /silence putareasonhereifyouwish <- use to block whispers from ppl who aren't friends
    /silence* putareasonhereifyouwish <- use to block whispers from everyone
    (to un-silence you can just type /silence again. Unlike mute, silence can be undone without relogging)
    /filtre <- this command is used to remove the profanity filter that was recently put in place. So stop fuggin complaining that they censored the game and start swearin your bum off.

    Also, TFM Wiki has a good list of the commands.

    You can thank me later haha.
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  10. Kaylanguyen

    Kaylanguyen Professional Mouse

    I Dont See The One Thats Reaallly Hidden!

    /watch -person name-

    Im sorry ^^''
  11. Jjygs

    Jjygs Mouse Goddess


    never knew /watch was anythin

    and ive just recently found out room ffa is back too! coolz
  12. Starpassion

    Starpassion Sage Mouse

    Uh, snowballs in tribe house? Teach me pls. XD
  13. Xiaojiemei

    Xiaojiemei ID/EN Mod, ID Helper Leader, Sentinel | EN Helper☃ CFM Moderator

    type /neige ^^ but you need to have a map-playing rights to be able to do it.
  14. Anomunus

    Anomunus egg

    please guys, refer to the TFM wiki link in my post above, it has most of the commands (if not all)

    also xiao i liek ur sig's gif c:

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