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The Helpers!

Discussion in 'ɥsılƃuǝ' started by Sabusha, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Jackassvader

    Jackassvader Professional Mouse

    2. 2 years in transformice
    3.Why do you want to become a Helper: İ want help the mices on transformice.
    4.Anything else you have to say?: no :D
  2. Ayvuh

    Ayvuh Cutest Retired Staff ♥

    Also, please note it says you have to 15 or older.
  3. Anonymouslul

    Anonymouslul Banned

    The game hasn't been out for 2 years. You're clearly lying, and the helpers don't want people who lie to get the position.
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  4. Leace

    Leace Cheese Enthusiast

    Name of helper: Nordichelper
    Age irl: 15
    How long ive played: 7 months
    Why i want to be a helper: I want to be a helper to help peeps so need too know how to play transformice and stuffs ^^:)
  5. Ayvuh

    Ayvuh Cutest Retired Staff ♥

    Yes, but 12 years old is TOO young. We mean exceptions by people who are turning 15 within a few months. ._. Or are extremely mature and knowledgeable, which is rare.
  6. Goldingirl

    Goldingirl Professional Mouse

    Name: Katherine/Goldingirl
    Age: 15
    How long have you been on Transformice: A year or so.Why do you want to become a Helper: Becoming a helper seems fun as I have some knowledge of Transformice. Being a helper for mods is nice because almost all the mods are 18+ and usually have jobs and don't have time for TFM.. I'd love to help to them.
    Anything else you have to say?: I'm free every day. 3 CMT to 5 CMT.
  7. Anonymouslul

    Anonymouslul Banned

    Honestly, I believe that under age people (13 and up) should be a helper IF they prove that they have as good maturity as a 15 year old would. That way, we don't have little 12-year-old kids trolling and abusing the help system. Personally, I believe underage helpers are ones the team should keep a close eye on more often, and possibly more stricter punishments. They should exhibit understanding of the game's concept, the concept of Helpers, and answer people's questions, no matter how dumb or how trollish it seems.

    Article I era language translation:
    Helpers mustn't respond with a falsehood. Helpers must possess a conception of Gameplay and Helpers. No Mouse shall be a Helper who shall not have attained to the Age of fifteen Years, and who shall not, when accepted, be a Troll.
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  8. Genepool

    Genepool Noobie Mouse

    People, I just thought that I should point out that a little more effort should be put into these "applications." Saying "I want to help because I like helping people" is sort of out there already. Take some time to wow Mink- it might help. ;)
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  9. Thelilmouse
    No Mood

    Thelilmouse Cheese Fueled Acrobatic Mouse

    1. Name: -
    2. Age: 13
    3. How long have you been on Transformice: since the day it was out in kong, 31-th july I reckon
    4. Why do you want to become a Helper: I do not have anything other to do. I am practically free on the weekdays because I do not touch my homework which I get from school and I have lots of free-time
    5. Anything else you have to say?: No
  10. Ayvuh

    Ayvuh Cutest Retired Staff ♥

    This is coming from the person who was harassing me on my helper account. And don't you pretend you weren't.
    I completely understand what you're saying, I even pretty much summarized it in my above post.
    Yes, I'm Gingerhelper.
  11. Anonymouslul

    Anonymouslul Banned

    Exactly. A huge motif when people apply for stuff.
    I apparently know an estimated 42,040 words. I'm an 8th grader and took the college word test at Word Dynamo.
    Omg I'm sorry Ayvuh D: Forgive me?
  12. Keithhh

    Keithhh Legendary Shaman

    Surprise surprise, never would have guessed that one. ^^
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  13. Anonymouslul

    Anonymouslul Banned

    My face when Bluehelper never gets on. So we have 1 more game piece from McDonald's to get before we win a Nissan Leaf. hurr
  14. Keithhh

    Keithhh Legendary Shaman

    Your face when How is Bluehelper, who I'm sure you know created the entire "helper" idea and convinced Sourdough to have it supported by Cfmbot.
    Yeah, he total doesn't pull his own weight and deserves to be removed.
  15. Anonymouslul

    Anonymouslul Banned

    I know How is Bluehelper. How does deserve some credit for coming up with the idea. Right now, his internet's out so it's gonna be a while if people are messaging him before they get a response.
  16. Gingerhelper

    Gingerhelper Cheese Enthusiast

    How was actually on about half an hour ago..but only for a few minutes.
  17. Anonymouslul

    Anonymouslul Banned

    Crap, missed him D: Well good night everyone.
    On my brother's LG.. 900G? Something like that. And the layout's crap.
  18. Leace

    Leace Cheese Enthusiast

    Gosh, This talk does me worried.
    Any answers ? ..
    Im waiting. ^^ :angelic:

    Gosh no one is online on cfm ?
    Thats -.-'':eek:
  19. Homegood

    Homegood Mouse Goddess

    1. As Ayvuh pointed out, you need to be 15 years old.
    2. Transformice doesn't even exist 2 years, so that's quite an accomplishment.
    3. mice*
    If you decide to lie about your time spent in tfm, why don't you lie about your age as well? Look like you didn't read the requirements for helpers, try doing so before deciding to volunteer.
  20. Pompomball

    Pompomball ex cfm hedgie admin ♥

    be patient, minkee has lots of applications to go through ._.
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