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The Transformice Tribes Guide [For all Tribe Questions!]

Discussion in 'Tribes' started by Truelink, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. Truelink

    Truelink Professional Mouse


    Note: Throughout this guide there are images of the explained steps in spoilers above each section.
    General Information and Purpose

    Tribes are the clan/guild system recently implemented into Transformice. You may only be in one tribe at a time. In their current state they serve two functions:

    1. 1. They work as a shared friends list for the people within the tribe.
      2. They add an extra group chat for the tribe.
    The shared friend list consists of all of the members of the tribe. While any member is online, all the other members will be able to see them in the tribe menu (a special menu for managing a tribe) and what room they are in. They can also click on icons within the tribe menu to follow a person or whisper them, just like in the friends list.

    Tribe chat:
    The group chat is a special chat where any messages sent in it go to all members of the tribe. Any messages sent in the tribe chat will appear as green text in the normal chat window for all members of the tribe, but no one outside of the tribe; this is like a special whisper to the whole tribe. Tribe chat also shows the speakers name. The chat can be accessed by either typing "/t" while in the normal chat bar or by pressing the letter 'T' while outside of the chat bar. [NOTE: Commands represent the English keyboard layout.]

    There may be times when you do not want the tribe chat. This is particularly a problem if you are in a particularly large tribe, and you may find the need to mute the tribe chat from time to time. To do this enter the command "/mt"

    Keep in mind that while these are the current functions, new one may be added in the near future. This could give tribes even more purpose.

    Joining a Tribe

    Now that you know about tribes, you may want to join one. To join a tribe you must be invited into the tribe by an existing member. However, it is important to understand that not all members of the tribe have the ability to invite someone. (More on that will be covered in the next section.)

    If you are looking for a tribe to join, my first recommendation would be to figure out what tribes your friends are in. Checking the in-game profile of any of your friends will reveal their tribe right under their title. To check their profile, click on their name within chat or the scoreboard and choose "Profile". After you find out what tribe they are in, see if they will invite you or get someone who can to do it. If you don't have any friends, you can always post a request HERE.

    Receiving an invitation:
    When you are invited into a tribe, a large box labeled "Invitation" appears in the center of your screen. The box will tell you who invited you into which tribe and give you three options: Yes, No, and Don't show anymore. Yes joins the tribe, no rejects the invite, and Don't show anymore makes it so you will no longer receive invites.

    Within a Tribe

    Accessing the Tribe Menu

    Selecting the tribe menu:
    Once you are within a tribe you will be able to access their tribe menu. You get to the tribe menu by clicking on your Menu button and selecting Tribe. From there you will be able to see the whole menu. At the top is the name of the tribe. To the left is a scrollable list of all of the online member's cards. To the right is your tribe's greeting message.

    Tribe menu for a user:
    Each player's member card contains the following items:
    1. • Their avatar
      • Their name
      • their title
      • Their rank within the tribe
      • Their current room number
      • Buttons to follow or whisper this player
    Tribe Ranks

    Within every tribe are the following ten ranks:
    1. 1. Spiritual Chief
      2. Tribe's Shaman
      3. Shaman Apprentice
      4. Initiated
      5. Hunteress
      6. Recruiter
      7. Treasurer
      8. Soldier
      9. Cooker
      10. Stooge
    Currently, each of these ranks can be assigned any assortment of the following rights:
    1. • Can change the greeting message.
      • Can change the member's permissions.
      • Can invite new members.
      • Can exclude members.
    Which rights each rank has is not predetermined and must be set by the tribe leader or someone with the right to change member permissions. However, it should be noted that Stooges and the Spiritual Chief cannot have their rights changed. (A stooge will never have rights, and the Spiritual Chief will always have them all.) It's also important to know that ranks could have other unofficial functions given by the tribe's leader. These will be unique to each tribe and cannot be listed here.

    Leaving a Tribe

    Choosing to leave a tribe:
    Some day you may decide that you want to leave your current tribe. This may be because you don't want to be in a tribe anymore, or it could be because you want to join or start a different tribe. (You can only be in one tribe at a time.) To leave a tribe you have to go to the tribe menu. Then, find your member card. In the top right hand corner of your member card, there will be a tiny 'X'. When you click this 'X' a menu will appear asking you to confirm that you want to leave the tribe. Choose "Leave the tribe" and you will be out of that tribe. [NOTE: When you leave a tribe, a special message will appear to everyone online to let them know that you are no longer a member.]

    You should also know that it is possible to be forcibly removed from a tribe. Anyone with the right to exclude members of the tribe may kick you out against your will. It is advised that you mind any rules set by your tribes leaders.

    Starting a Tribe

    Starting a tribe menu:
    After you have been in one for a while, you may want to start a tribe. First you must gather at least 500 cheese to spend. This is the cost of starting a tribe and it is non-refundable. If you are in a tribe, you must leave it; this is because you can only be in one tribe at a time. Next select 'Menu' and choose 'Tribe.' You will now be asked to name your tribe. This cannot be changed, so make sure you know what you want to call it. Click 'Submit' and your tribe will be formed. [NOTE: Do not pick any offensive tribe names. If you are not sure if it is offensive, then it probably is; don't use it.]

    Managing a Tribe


    If you are running a tribe, then it is all the more important that keep keep a good, secure password. Make sure it has at least eight characters and DO NOT give it to anyone. Ever! Many tribes have been destroyed from the inside out because a leader gave out their password to someone. If you need a stronger password, please contact your server manager.

    Management user menu:
    Whether you create your own tribe or are given a rank that has rights within someone else's tribe, you may find yourself managing one. The role of management can operations of your own creation (like creating a website or deciding on ranks) as well as functions built into the game. The built in functions reflect the four rights a rank can have:
    1. • Inviting new members.
      • Excluding members.
      • Changing the greeting message.
      • Changing the members' permissions.
    Inviting New Members

    Inviting a new member:
    Inviting members is the simplest and most basic part of running a tribe. It also happens to be the most important because a tribe is useless if you are alone. To invite a new member, you have to be able to click on their name in the game. This can be either in the chat window or the scoreboard. [TIP: If you want to invite someone who is not in the same room as you, either whisper them first or use the "/rt Playername" command.] After you click on their name, a menu will appear giving you various options. Under the Tribe subsection of the menu, click "Recruit". An invitation will immediately be sent to them. [NOTE: An invitation cannot be sent if they are in another tribe.]

    Excluding Members

    Sometimes you will recruit someone into your tribe who turns out to not be the kind of person you thought they were. In this case, you may have to 'kick' them from your tribe. To remove a member from your tribe, find their member card in the tribe menu. When you have the right to exclude members, all members will have an 'X' in the top right hand corner of the tribe menu. (This is just like the one to quit a tribe.) Simply click on the 'X' of the member you want to remove and confirm that you want them gone. [NOTE: After removing a member, it is possible to invite them back into the tribe.]

    Currently, the only way to exclude or kick an offline member of your tribe is to enlist the aide of moderator that is server manager rank or higher. This may change in the future.

    Changing the Greeting Message

    The greeting message can be either a way to make your tribe more fun or an easy way to convey important information to the whole tribe. Whatever the greeting message is set to will appear in the chat window for all your members when they log into Transformice. It will also appear within their tribe menus.

    The greeting message button:

    Changing the greeting:
    To change the greeting message, first you must go into the tribe menu. Underneath the current greeting message will be a button labeled "Change the greeting message". Click this button. A box appear around your current message; this shows that it is ready to be edited. Type in your new message, then hit the "Validate the greeting message" button below. The message will appear as tribe under the user "[^_^]". If the message appears as you want it to, then you are all set. [TIP: Unlike normal chat, you can add line breaks into the greeting message to make it easier to read.]

    Changing the Members' Permissions

    There are two parts to changing member permissions:
    1. • Changing what rights each rank has
      • Changing the ranks of your members
    The members' rights button:

    The rank permissions list:
    To change the rights of each rank, start by going into your tribe menu. Below the greeting message button is another button labeled "Modify the members' rights.". Click this button to bring up a list of all of the ranks with check-boxes for each right. Simply go though the list and choose which rights you want each rank to have. Remember, you cannot change the rights of Stooges or the Spiritual Chief.

    [CAUTION: Tribe owners, be very careful as to who else you give the right to change member rights.]

    Choosing a new rank:
    To change the ranks of one of your members, find their member card. On this card will be a dot just left of their current rank. Click this dot. A list of all of the ranks will appear. Simply choose the rank you want that person to be. A message will appear in the tribe chat alerting everyone of the change. [NOTE: Choosing Spiritual Chief requires an extra conformation.]

    [CAUTION: People in a Spiritual Chief positions cannot be removed from it unless they demote themselves. Furthermore, non-spiritual chiefs cannot promote themselves to that position. As such, it is highly recommended that you do not make other people spiritual chief. Rather, make them Tribe Shaman and give that position all powers if you must.]

    Going Above and Beyond

    Whether you own a tribe of your own or you are a member of another, you may want to consider things beyond the tools given to you in the game. The following is a list of things you can do to help improve your tribe experience:
    1. • Set up a page in the Tribe section of this forum
      • Set up a website for your tribe
      • Set up rules for your tribe
      • Assign people extra authority, like being able to moderate the tribe chat
      • Come up with a system for allowing more people into your tribe
      • Design a tribe logo
      • Set dates, times, and places for your tribe to meet
      • Create a tournament with other tribes
      • Keep a list of all of the members in your tribe
    Tribe battles
    One fun thing you can do with tribes is hold contests against each other. While this hasn't been officially implemented into the game yet, you can still hold one yourself by creating a set of rules, gathering people from each participating tribe, and making sure everyone knows the rules.

    The following are a set of rules that work fairly well. You can tweak them as needed, just make sure everyone competing knows the rules.
    1. Those competing gather in a private room
      During each round, whoever gets first earns one (1) point for their tribe
      If the top three people are from the same tribe, you have a sweep! That tribe gets two (2) points!
      The first tribe to get ten (10) points wins
      Map selection is random
      User maps are valid
      Dark maps are invalid
      Collision maps are invalid
    I hope this guide was helpful and informative to you. If you have any questions, ask them in the Q & A section of the forum or you can PM me, Truelink. Have fun, and thank you for playing!
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    Ehm, I changed the title so it's obvious it's also for all other tribe related questions. You can obviously change it again if you don't like it this way, but try to include the Q /A or FAQ part. :p
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    I also think you could type /rt (name). I remember it as recruit a tribe member. Though this has to be double checked.

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    This is a Great Guide. Thanks Truelink.
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    I suggest you put some more tips to making a tribe like "Have a members list!' or "Say what your tribe is about." or something like that. I noticed some tribes don't even have members list and it aggravates me.

    Other then that this is a perfect guide, I thank you very much.
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    If your the only person in the tribe because the leader and everyone else left and your a soldier can you somehow say a command to make you the Spiritual Chief
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    Hi to all mices! [​IMG]

    I have a problem, or to be honest, my girlfriend have one.

    She created a tribe and every time she recreuit a new member or she choose a rank the chat box gonna block and she must restart the game.

    I think it's not normal so I wanna know what she must do for prevent this "bug".

    Thank you all for your answers [​IMG]
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    This is the BEST guide made for all ages alike! [​IMG]
    At first, I thought Tribes are useless. Instead, they seem like a team/clan!
    Thanks for the help!
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    Does tribe owner can change names of ranks? (If no, it will be nice to get that feature)
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    If I make a tribe but I end up not liking the name, can I change it somehow?
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    Not sure, but it would be AMAZINGLY useful :D

    Mmm, they should have a 'You can't abandon your Tribe, make someone else Chief first' feature or something :p

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    Nice guide, very informative, I learned a couple of things. This would be very beneficiary to mice who need help starting a new tribe or need tribe management tribe. [​IMG]
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