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titles in transformice(wich are they and how to get them

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Wondrer, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Titles or ranks are fancy unlockables that mice can choose, one at a time, to display above their head underneath their username. Titles can be unlocked in three different ways: by collecting cheese, returning with cheese first and saving mice as the shaman. Use the command /title <number> to choose any title you have previously unlocked. Typing just /title will show you all the titles currently available to you. Unlocked titles can also be viewed in the user's profile.

    * 1 Cheese Recovered
    * 2 Cheese Gathered First
    * 3 Shaman
    * 4 Other Titles
    * 5 Additional Notes

    Cheese Recovered

    Cheese Recovered Titles # Title Titre Achievement
    0 Little Mouse Souris Grise Starting title.
    5 Greedy Mouse Souris Gourmande Gather 5 cheese.
    6 Here ! Cheese ! Là ! Fromage ! Gather 20 cheese.
    7 Yeeeeah Cheese ^^ Owi Fromage ^^ Gather 100 cheese.
    8 Cheeeeeese *-* Fromaaaage *-* Gather 200 cheese.
    35 Activist Mouse Souris Militante Gather 300 cheese.
    36 Unionized Mouse Souris Syndiquée Gather 400 cheese.
    37 Mouse on Strike Souris en Grève Gather 500 cheese.
    26 Glutton Mouse Souris Gloutonne Gather 600 cheese.
    27 Gleany Grapilleuse Gather 700 cheese.
    28 Plumpy Mouse Souris Dodue Gather 800 cheese.
    29 Paunchy Mouse Souris Ventrue Gather 900 cheese.
    30 Chubby Mouse Souris Joufflue Gather 1000 cheese.
    31 Fluffy Mouse Bouboule Gather 1100 cheese.
    32 Tubby Mouse Patapouffe Gather 1200 cheese.
    33 The Chubby La Rondouillarde Gather 1300 cheese.
    34 The Puffy La Boursoufflée Gather 1400 cheese.
    38 The Cheese Initiated Initiée du Fromage Gather 1500 cheese.
    39 The Cheese Adept Adepte du Fromage Gather 1600 cheese.
    40 The Cheese Priest Prêtresse du Fromage Gather 1700 cheese.
    41 The Reaper La Moissonneuse Gather 1800 cheese.

    Cheese Gathered First
    Cheese First Gathered Titles # Title Titre Achievement
    9 Fast Mouse Souris Rapide Gather 1 cheese first total.
    10 Agile Mouse Souris Agile Gather 10 cheese first total.
    11 Pirate Mouse Souris Pirate Gather 100 cheese first total.
    12 Ninja Mouse Souris Ninja Gather 200 cheese first total.
    42 Rogue Mouse Souris Fripponne Gather 300 cheese first total.
    43 Looter Pilleuse Gather 400 cheese first total.
    44 Stalker Traqueuse Gather 500 cheese first total.
    45 Frothy Mouse Ecumeuse Gather 600 cheese first total.
    46 The Silent La Silencieuse Gather 700 cheese first total.
    47 Hawk Mouse Souris Faucon Gather 800 cheese first total.
    48 Cobra Mouse Souris Cobra Gather 900 cheese first total.
    49 Spidermouse Spidersouris Gather 1000 cheese first total.
    50 Quick Silver Vif Argent Gather 1100 cheese first total.

    Shaman Titles # Title Titre Achievement
    1 Shaman Disciple Disciple Chamane Save 10 mice.
    2 Accomplished Shaman Chamane Accomplie Save 100 mice.
    3 Shaman Chamane Save 1000 mice.
    4 Shaman Master Maîtresse Chamane Save 2000 mice.
    13 Inspired Shaman Chamane Inspiré Save 3000 mice.
    14 Shaman Champion Championne Chamane Save 4000 mice.
    15 Glorious Shaman Chamane Glorieuse Save 5000 mice.
    16 Shaman Duchess Duchesse Chamane Save 6000 mice.
    17 Shaman Princess Princesse Chamane Save 7000 mice.
    18 Shaman Empress Impératrice Chamane Save 8000 mice.
    19 Legendary Shaman Chamane Légendaire Save 9000 mice.
    20 Immortal Shaman Chamane Immortelle Save 10,000 mice.
    21 The Chosen Shaman Chamane Élue Save 11,000 mice.
    22 Holy Shaman Chamane Sacrée Save 12,000 mice.
    23 Shaman Oracle Oracle Chamane Save 13,000 mice.
    24 Shaman Prophet Prophète Chamane Save 14,000 mice.
    25 Shamarvelous Chamagnifique Save 15,000 mice.

    Other Titles

    Ranking Titles # Title Titre Achievement
    100 Shaman Goddess Déesse Chamane Rank 1st for most saved mice as shaman.
    101 The Cheese Guardian Gardienne des Fromages Rank 1st for most cheese captured overall.
    102 The Wind Master Arrivés Première Rank 1st for most cheese captured first.

    Admin Titles # Title Achievement
    440 Fromadmin Administrator special rank.
    444 Kikoo Admin Administrator special rank.
    ??? La Belette Administrator special rank.
    Additional Notes

    * Title 0, Little Mouse, on French servers is Souris Grise, which translates to "gray mouse". The mice in Transformice are all brown.
    * Title number 27, Gleany, has caused great confusion as to its intended meaning. The original French title, Grapilleuse, refers to a grape picker. The meaning of the word "glean" is "to gather slowly, bit by bit".
    * Titles 16 (Shaman Duchess), 17 (Shaman Princess), 18 (Shaman Empress), and 100 (Goddess Shaman) are the only titles in English to refer to a female category, but quite a few more titles than that use the feminine in the original French.
    * Title 102, Wind Master, has a French equivalent title of Arrivés Première, which simply means "arrived first".

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