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Transformice bots

Discussion in 'ɥsılƃuǝ' started by Imameep, Jun 20, 2011.


Should there be more Transformice bots? Make a post describing why you picked your choice.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

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  1. Imameep

    Imameep Noobie Mouse

    Many of you are wondering how you can make Transformice bots. If you go into random Transformice rooms on EN1 you'll probably spot me. Within a few months I'll add more features. Keep in mind, though, that XML can be pretty difficult. I am working on a script so that way, the room the bot is in is private. The bot will remain in that room until I get permission from a mod to release the bot. I will certainly not release the source code, because you can just look at Club Penguin. There used to be bots everywhere, annoying the crap out of people circa 2009, when leeches were using PCL to make the bots follow people around. Transformice uses XML, and I believe Club Penguin still uses PHP for scripting. Example: Mascots. But sometimes those mascots are controlled by a moderator. It's not like a user friendly interface like the Sims 2 where you click on the Sims so they can do something; you script the stuff manually.
  2. Blueyness

    Blueyness Master of Cheese

    Sounds kewl ._.
    I'd like to help, i'm just starting in programming though, so i won't be able to do much anyways. :p
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  3. Smartmousey
    No Mood

    Smartmousey Legendary Shaman

    Hmm so your making bots? I'm not much into making bots but prob could make a simple bot that follows you around easily could you describe what your making more throughally all I know is that your making a program that helps make bots easily and your currently making a bot that you will release when you get permission from a mod but you need ideas so how about a bot that plays maps that you choose you give the name of the creator then it searches through the maps then plays it or hoe about a simple music bot or hide n seek bot (lilmouse suggested this idea a long time ago) but it's nice your making a program on how to make bots maybe you can send me a message on how to make a bot ;) it would be greatly appreciated
  4. Dangereach

    Dangereach Sage Mouse

    Not sure if we need more bots but the old bots really need some more new features. ;)
  5. Crazysuyash

    Crazysuyash Master of Cheese

    there is this cool bot named Tennerbot who can say stuff when u say: ,say hi or ,say Crazysuyash is awesome.
    Also another new bot who is made for a specific tribe(forgot the name) and you whisper him a username tht is online right now and he can tell u what room he is in which is kinda dumb cuz u can just go menu, tribe. Lots of new bots r coming.
  6. Simpleasthat
    No Mood

    Simpleasthat Retired Staff | Mouse Goddess

    The stalker command was written by Sourdough. Cfmbot ring a bell?

    And bots, meh.
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  7. Tehdragon

    Tehdragon Mouse Goddess

    I can't believe Elimination is still up. I've haven't played since last year XD
    E: I personally think theres enough bots now...
  8. Superfreexa

    Superfreexa Master of Cheese

    Its not "tennerbot", it's tenbot C:
    My bot :p
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  9. Crazysuyash

    Crazysuyash Master of Cheese

    yea woops xD

    oh i didnt check tht. thnx.
  10. Arfigus

    Arfigus Professional Mouse

    Is it possible to make a bot for vanilla1 that records the firsts on every vanilla map. then you can type .map and stuff and see who has the most firsts on that map and who has the most firsts on vanilla maps. but just for vanilla1
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  11. Smartmousey
    No Mood

    Smartmousey Legendary Shaman

    it is possible you should prob ask holz or maq or baff to make a bot like that
  12. Superfreexa

    Superfreexa Master of Cheese

    possible, but you'd need a lot of skill - i assume you mean something like holz did for bootcamp?
  13. Camsam

    Camsam Sage Mouse

    I would love a bot but A.) Im way too lazy to do all the programming and B.) I wouldn't have the slightest *Beep* to know how to make one so yeah :)
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  14. Crazysuyash

    Crazysuyash Master of Cheese

    it wud be cool for a vanilla1 bot!
  15. Willrocks

    Willrocks Mouse Goddess

    hide n seek bot all the way
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  16. Superfreexa

    Superfreexa Master of Cheese

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  17. Willrocks

    Willrocks Mouse Goddess

    i dunno, i just want 1 XD
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  18. Superfreexa

    Superfreexa Master of Cheese

    what would you want it to do? like, how would "hide n seek" be played?
  19. Steelyglint

    Steelyglint Sage Mouse

    Wot's a bot?
  20. Chibas

    Chibas Gifted Maus

    A bot is a mouse with XML commands, which allow it to do certain commands. It can stalk a mouse, like Cfmbot, it can say a message when you enter a room, like Holzinatortwo and it can play maps, like Geebot.

    A bot takes coding, which (I'm guessing) takes hundred or thousands of lines, and there are many structures as well as ules to follow in coding.
    But this allows a mouse to do anything the master wants it to. I saw a bot write "P***S" in spirit, then make 2 anvil snakes when it was shaman.
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