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Transformice Bugs List [Read here before making a topic~]

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Haruhitastic, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Senseikensei

    Senseikensei Professional Mouse

    how long does it take a reported bug to make the list of things to be fixed?
  2. Nennai

    Nennai Mouse Goddess

    Whenever Haru has a moment and the bug is a definite bug (which hasn't been fixed by the time Haru goes to add it.)
  3. Suzziii

    Suzziii Prodigy Mouse

    Why can I server hop? I change rooms and I automatically switch to another server, but I can't read the chat of that server.
  4. Tyyphoon

    Tyyphoon EN & PH Helper | Photogenic! TFM Moderator

    What do you mean by this? Where were you before and which server did you "hop" to?
  5. Suzziii

    Suzziii Prodigy Mouse

  6. Lovaolle

    Lovaolle Noobie Mouse

    I think this is the place to but it, but on the Transformice forums it won't let me click anything at all, but I can scroll?? Anyone else having this problem too, or is it just me lol
  7. Toludud

    Toludud Prodigy Mouse

    One time when I entered the hole first instead of getting 16 points I died instead. Only has ever happened once to me however I think it should be brought to attention.
  8. Emmiki

    Emmiki Master of Cheese

    Unable to play movies in tribe house: If you enter your tribe house while someone is playing a Youtube movie the map won't show the current movie playing nor will it allow you to play any other videos. Can be fixed my resetting the round. (/np)

    Help me please! I'm not able to play movies in the tribe house. I tried /np, restarting the computer, restarting TFM, and more. I don't know why it won't work! Please help.. I'm so frustrated..
  9. Bakatora

    Bakatora Sage Mouse

    This happens to me at times as well but it's some videos do work.
    The actual tfm page transformice.com actually plays more videos than tig's standalone or steam one.
    You could try /module stop. That resets everything.
    Emmiki likes this.
  10. Emmiki

    Emmiki Master of Cheese

    Thank you, I will try this!

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