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[Transformice] Color Codes! [not updated yet]

Discussion in 'ɥsılƃuǝ' started by Bethdacat, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Bethdacat

    Bethdacat Prodigy Mouse

    Hey pplz I will show you a list of color codes, thanks to this:

    Now on to the color codes.
    #CB546B - errors This tribe name is already taken. Please choose another. (example of a custom error: You don't have enough cheese in shop to create a tribe! :'( Please gather more cheese!)

    #6C77C1 - default info Bethdacat is now your shaman, follow her! (example custom: [user] is not following the rules. Please type in /ban [user].)

    #BABD2F - special info Bethdacat had just unlocked the <Tubby Mouse> title.

    #009D9D - names (in chat box) [Bethdacat] (example custom user: Mayhoesyou)

    #606090 - Offline friends Bethdacat - disconnected (no example, sorry.)

    #ED67EA - mod messages (in chat box) [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 minutes. (example of a mod using this: [Moderation] Tig has been married, let's celebrate in room marry please. (without the please.) Tig is there already!)

    #95D9D6 (thank you for telling me that the last shaman code was invalid) - Blue Shaman Bethdacat is now your shaman, follow her!

    #A4CF9E - tribe info Bethdacat just connected.


    #BD9067 1st
    #593618 2nd
    #8C887F 3rd
    #DED7CE 4th
    #4E443A 5th
    #E3C07E 6th

    #CDC6C2/#63431A 1st
    #CDC6C2/#391F0E 2nd
    #7C8788/#EFE7DA 3rd
    #EFEBE0/#342E22/#A47C4B 4th
    #7B5D3F/#6b4A2C 5th
    #262626/#989593 6th
    #BF7517/#DDD2C8/#332F29 7th
    #B44F0D/#3A1F11/#EFE7DA 8th
    #A29079/#303030/#E4D7C6 9th
    #99532B/#281F1A/#D0C4C4 10th
    #8E8273/#4C433E/#EFE5D5/#A48865 11th

    (Thanks whoever got the colors and furs)
    Other Random Text In Chat Box Codes
    #EFCE8F - sent whisper < [Bethdacat] Hai :3
    #F0A78E - recieved whisper > [Todovaski] Hello Beth ;3
    #ED67EA - moderator messages [~Moderator] *Souris_edf1 has been banned for 360 hours. Raison: Hack
    #30BA76/#92CF91 - tribe chat [Bethdacat] Hello.
    #95D9D6 (again thank you) - blue shaman [Shaman Bethdacat] Pink you ugly nub!

    #FEB1FC - pink shaman [Shaman Bethdacat] Blue why D:

    Other Random Colors (in gameplay)
    #78583A - mouse

    #E3C075 - skin
    #95D9D6 - blue shaman color (nub shaman)
    #FF99FF - pink shaman color (another shaman)
    #FADE55 - golden shaman color (hard-mode shaman)
    #6A7495 - default background
    #0E242D - forum background
    #1C3C41 - forum background 2
    #3C5064 - buttons

    (ADDED NEW SECTION!) Clothing items
    00CC00 (thank you artkaha) - Link's Tunic

    Colors Not In Gameplay but can be useful:
    FF5500 (again thank you artkaha) - Generic orange
    I'm so sorry I can't explain more... But I hope you enjoy this!

    ~Bethdacat <3
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2013
  2. Wierdomice

    Wierdomice Master of Cheese

    Thanks for this!
    It'll help me alot with making maps!
  3. Katsarekool

    Katsarekool Prodigy Mouse

    cool :mouse3:

    [Moderaition] No one word posts in the future, thank you.
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  4. Artakha

    Artakha L'amoureuse | Blue Skies

    i have one 00CC00 is the color of Link's tunic.
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  5. Laurbear

    Laurbear Challenge Accepted

    Ooh. o: Very nice. ^^
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  6. Artakha

    Artakha L'amoureuse | Blue Skies

    Thanks. I discovered this while looking at random legend of zelda vids, and there's a race of creatures in Twilight Princess called the Oocca. One of the names of these creatures is Ooccoo who acts like an item in dungeons and allow you to leave the dungeon. And if you put that into hexadecimal coloring (00CC00) you get the color of Link's tunic.

    also FF5500 is generic orange
  7. Curlyninjazz

    Curlyninjazz Cheese Enthusiast

    Do you know what the color code of grey skin is? :p
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  8. Nellyfox

    Nellyfox Little Foxu ~♥ | Slayer of Anvil God

    Adobe Photoshop says 8C887F, although mine is an old version so it may not be correct. xD
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  9. Atacn

    Atacn Master of Cheese

    Thank you really much, these colours are really kawaii ;3
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  10. Cadiekat

    Cadiekat Cheese Enthusiast

    #BABD2F ok cool?
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  11. Maiskittlez

    Maiskittlez Prodigy Mouse

    I know D5D5D5 is the color of the white fur >:3
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  12. Nennai

    Nennai Mouse Goddess

    This is kwel :)
    Thanks for this
    Maybe it could get stickied?
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  13. Guitarodri

    Guitarodri Cheese Enthusiast

    Thanks you :mhappy::troll:>:3:mgrin:
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  14. Transparkle

    Transparkle Sage Mouse

    Thanks it's very useful ^^
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  15. Todorovski

    Todorovski Professional Mouse

    Why did you use my name for the whisper color code? And why did you change it to Todovaski? D:<
  16. Dougebag

    Dougebag Prodigy Mouse

  17. Kakarotboy

    Kakarotboy Noobie Mouse

    what do i have 2 do like what do i type in the chat box is it /code or something:pokerface:
  18. Nijiboy

    Nijiboy Cheese Enthusiast

    Cheers, this really helps :mgrin:
  19. Bethdacat

    Bethdacat Prodigy Mouse

    Mwahahahaha you're now officially Todovaski :troll:
  20. Missingo

    Missingo Cheese Enthusiast

    good job.
    Try not to be discoraged by the haters.
    also, i hate you.>:3
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