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Transformice Fullscreen & Standalones (Updated)

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Baffler, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Baffler

    Baffler Fatty | Retired Admin

    What is Fullscreen?
    For Transformice, the term "fullscreen" is used to describe the ability to see beyond the normal boundaries of the game. The official game that is played in your browser normally, has a width of 800px and height of 600px. If the game is ran in a different way, that allows the view to expand beyond the boundaries, then any objects (including mice) can be seen beyond the normal boundaries as well.

    Fullscreen is not supported officially, therefore, any maps that require the player to have fullscreen will always be deleted when found. Also, because it's not supported officially, you'll have to do a little bit of work to get fullscreen.

    Your options are below. You only need to choose one option that suits your needs. You can either play in your browser, use the flash projector, or play with a standalone.

    Browser Plug-ins for Fullscreen
    Mozilla Firefox addon
    Google Chrome extension

    Website that should work on most browsers
    No addon or extension required.
    Loads the game as fullscreen: http://cheese.formice.com/leaderboard/fullscreen

    Flash Projector
    The Flash Projector works well because it's available on many OS's. It's similar to using a standalone client, except it's not as customizable, and lacks many features that standalones offer.
    A "standalone" simply means a program that stands alone... which means it runs without the need of a browser. This doesn't mean that it can alter the game in any way. It also doesn't mean it bypasses flash to run the game. It's actually running the flash player within the program, and it still loads the Transformice game from the website itself. This means if the website ever goes down, the standalone won't be able to load it (like a normal browser would). There's usually a lot more configuration and features to a standalone

    Official standalone created by Tigrounette (with Fullscreen)
    • Download: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=6187
    • Runs on Windows or Mac
    • Server select screen with twitter feeds
    • Side-bar with links to forums and such
    Baffler's Standalone (with Fullscreen, Windows only)
    - Normal, no toolbar, and borderless modes: http://imgur.com/TiEuO.png
    - Expanded to fit entire desktop: http://imgur.com/KpclY.png

    Holypoop's Standalone (with Fullscreen, Windows only)
    • Download v2.1: http://www.reddit.com/r/transformice/comments/fgv5g
    • Update (Feb 7th) - Added BR3 and TR servers.
    • Server selector, tabs, screenshots that auto-save, lots of configuration, updated regularly.
    • Changeable alignment/quick-align, auto-join room, customizable menus
    • Requires .NET framework
    • Only runs on Windows
    - Screenshot: http://www.virtual-toast.com/transformice/screenshot20.png
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  2. Baffler

    Baffler Fatty | Retired Admin

    It seems stalled...
    "Loading" message or blue screen that seems stalled... it's most likely a slow response from the website. Wait at least 5 minutes to see if it will load. If it doesn't, refresh the program and try waiting again. It can help to also try the website (make sure you're trying the correct website of the server, if you're trying to get on en1 for example, try loading http://en.transformice.com and see if loads in your browser).

    If it's TIg's standalone that isn't loading, try going to http://exe.transformice.com/VersionEXE.swf and see if it loads.

    The program itself won't load or some weird error
    Make sure you have .NET installed. You can get version 3.5 here:
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/d ... laylang=en

    You will probably also need the ActiveX version of the flash player. This is the version Internet Explorer uses... so if you have a working version on Firefox/Opera/Chrome... you will still need to get this version because it's different from those. You can get the latest version here:

    http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/fl ... tive_x.exe

    Some strange error popped up or it crashed
    Make sure you take a screenshot or copy the text. You can post it on here or send a PM to Baffler (or Holypoop, depending on which standalone you're using).
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  3. Whoever

    Whoever Guest

    Good job. :)
  4. Zubki

    Zubki Professional Mouse

    Tyvm baffler, using ur client for a long time [​IMG]
  5. Tinysocks

    Tinysocks Professional Mouse

    Would be cool with pictures of the standalones. I'm using Baffler's but I want to see what Holypoop's is like.
  6. Vulli

    Vulli hi im | EN Sentinel | EN Helper

    Hmmm now I'm curious as to which standalone is the best to use haha
  7. Kenoriga

    Kenoriga Professional Mouse

  8. Manco
    No Mood

    Manco Master of Cheese

  9. Locoziktiq

    Locoziktiq Cheese Enthusiast

  10. Izstas

    Izstas Professional Mouse

    Oh, I think the best standalone would be the one that doesn't uses Flash... But we have no ones.
  11. Charcoalpl

    Charcoalpl Guest

    How is a standalone version better than a flash projector?
  12. Baffler

    Baffler Fatty | Retired Admin

    That was last updated in August, I found another one that was updated not too long ago, but there was a thread discussion on the page saying it didn't work. If anyone can provide a link to one that works for sure, as of right now, then I'll add it.

    Speaking for mine... The big thing that sets it apart for me is, the fact that it will automatically load the server of your choosing when it starts up, being able to take screenshots with a press of a key, and the ability to align the game to the bottom instead of having it centered on the screen. There's also the server switcher and all the other configuration you can do with it.

  13. Mireru

    Mireru Guest

    Is there any way that you can resize the standalone window BEHIND YOUR SCREENSIZE ? like you would be able to scroll to see even further (how the zooming method used to work).
  14. Riceeee

    Riceeee Guest

    Well you can use my addon at
    It allows you to scroll and see further

  15. Wuttermelon

    Wuttermelon Guest

    Is there any reason why the standalone client would just stop working? I was playing it yesterday morning and went to smoke so I closed the program and when I came back and opened it I can't even get the loading screen. I even tried reinstalling it with no luck. Firefox browser full screen works fine but I really prefer Baffler's program.
  16. Secuoya

    Secuoya Cheese Enthusiast

    The chrome addon doesnt let me use Kong server but all the other servers, I am doing something wrong or works this way? [​IMG]
  17. Baffler

    Baffler Fatty | Retired Admin

    Reinstalling will almost never fix the problem. If it doesn't load, it usually has to do with the website not working. It's possible that the website was slow when you were trying to load it, then it became responsive after you loaded it in firefox. It's also possible http://en.transformice.com was down, and http://www.transformice.com/en/ was up, which is what is loaded when you go to the website. Sometimes one of those are down and the other is up. I'm still not sure why it switches, or why there's 2 websites for the same server, but it's possible to edit the url now. If it ever stops loading, you can go to options and click severs and for english1 (if that's the server you're on) you can change it from


    I realize this might be a little annoying... so maybe I'll make it simplified in the future.

    Also, I think I'm going to have to make something that checks the status of each server, to let you know if it's actually up or not, because there's not much feedback when it goes down (the "Loading..." message isn't helpful at all really).

  18. Badgeyboy

    Badgeyboy Cheese Enthusiast

    Is there any possibility of a Mac compatible standalone client with the features that come with Baffler's and Holypoop's Windows only clients?
  19. Wuttermelon

    Wuttermelon Guest

    Thanks for your help, Baffler. I got it working again thankfully. I hate playing in a browser and I've loved your program ever since I found it on Reddit, its genius. Thanks again.
  20. Lordtaurus

    Lordtaurus Noobie Mouse

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