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Transformice Fullscreen & Standalones

Discussion in 'Transformice Chat' started by Drgenius, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Drgenius

    Drgenius Sage Mouse

    Transformice Fullscreen & Standalones

    What is Fullscreen?

    For Transformice, the term "fullscreen" is used to describe the ability to see beyond the normal boundaries of the game. The official game that is played in your browser normally, has a width of 800px and height of 600px. If the game is ran in a different way, that allows the view to expand beyond the boundaries, then any objects (including mice) can be seen beyond the normal boundaries as well.

    Fullscreen is not supported officially, therefore, any maps that require the player to have fullscreen will always be deleted when found. Also, because it's not supported officially, you'll have to do a little bit of work to get fullscreen.

    Your options are below. You only need to choose one option that suits your needs. You can either play in your browser or play with a standalone.

    Browser Plug-ins for Fullscreen
    Mozilla Firefox addon
    Google Chrome extension

    Website that should work on most browsers
    No addon or extension required.
    Loads the game as fullscreen: http://cheese.formice.com/leaderboard/fullscreen

    A "standalone" simply means a program that stands alone... which means it runs without the need of a browser. This doesn't mean that it can alter the game in any way. It also doesn't mean it bypasses flash to run the game. It's actually running the flash player within the program, and it still loads the Transformice game from the website itself. This means if the website ever goes down, the standalone won't be able to load it (like a normal browser would). There's usually a lot more configuration and features to a standalone

    Official standalone created by Tigrounette (with Fullscreen):

    Baffler's Standalone (with Fullscreen, Windows only):
    You can get the latest version here:


    - Normal, no toolbar, and borderless modes: http://imgur.com/TiEuO.png
    - Expanded to fit entire desktop: http://imgur.com/KpclY.png

    Holypoop's Standalone (with Fullscreen, Windows only):
    • Download v3.1: http://www.reddit.com/r/transformice...tandalone_v31/
    • Update (June 30th) - Added ES server.
    • Server selector, tabs, screenshots that auto-save, lots of configuration, updated regularly.
    • Changeable alignment/quick-align, auto-join room, customizable menus
    • Requires .NET framework
    • Only runs on Windows
    - Screenshot: http://www.virtual-toast.com/transfo...reenshot30.png

    Rafaelfsilva's Standalone (with Fullscreen, Windows only):

    • Download:
    • Standalone v1.0.4 (With all tools)
    • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27639612/Standalone.zip
    • For players that just want the tools:
    • MiceStats v1.0.1 (Only MiceStats)
    • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27639612/MiceStats.zip
    • Map Explorer v1.0 (Only Map Explorer)
    • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27639612/MapExplorer.zip
    • Latest update:
    • v1.0.3:
    • Favorite room list; (Avaliable in the right-click menu).
    • MiceStats Tool; (Shows mice info like cheese gathered, shaman saves, ratio, etc).
    • "Mice die line" feature now shows lines on sides and top, not only in bottom die place;
    • Features:
    • HomePage with option to remeber last server or connect always to the same server.
    • Custom right-click menu to access all functions with few clicks.
    • Alignment and scrolling the game (you can set a higher or lower maximum size).
    • Screenshots with option to only capture the game screen.
    • Hotkeys.
    • Translation Portuguese/English.
    • Note:
    • This only runs on windows.
    If you've never used flash in Internet Explorer, just reinstalled windows, or got a new computer then you will definitely need to install Flash ActiveX version. Download here:

    Note: I have permission from Baffler to copy this.
  2. Coyb

    Coyb Master of Cheese

    I need to know the best, personalyy from Tig's standalone and CFM's fullscreen I've played, CFM's fullscreen is my favourite.
    I'd like to hear from regular Baff and Holy users
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  3. Drgenius

    Drgenius Sage Mouse

    I'm a regular Baff user, and I LOVE his standalone.
  4. Drgenius

    Drgenius Sage Mouse

    Thanks, added! ^^
  5. Lemodile

    Lemodile EN Helper | EN Modsent TFM Moderator

    I used to use bafflers a lot. I changed when something (still haven't figured out what) made it start up really slowly. Now I use holypoops. Both support tabs which is great. I like Holy's standalone slightly better because of a few small things. It's easier to find the refresh button for any tab and it doesn't want me to confirm my choice to refresh(bafflers gives me a "are you sure you want to refresh?" error first which is annoying; of course I am sure, I know what I'm doing baff >_> ). Also I find holy's menu's a bit easier to understand but perhaps that's just me.

    Performance wise: Holys > Bafflers (equal to holys but starts up slower for me)> Rafael > nonstandalone fs
  6. Thelilmouse
    No Mood

    Thelilmouse Cheese Fueled Acrobatic Mouse

    I used Bafflers standalone
    Its only advantage is the hotkey that spirits hearts (if it is an advantage)

    Rafaels didn't even start.

    I currently use Tigrounette's standalone, but I heard some good things about holypoop's and maybe these days I'll download it.
  7. Joaoprooo

    Joaoprooo Master of Cheese

    Google Chrome FTW
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  8. Darklantern

    Darklantern Maus Genious

    anyone interested in porting tigs standalone (or any of the others) to linux? >_>
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  9. Joaoprooo

    Joaoprooo Master of Cheese

    Im in ;D
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  10. Drgenius

    Drgenius Sage Mouse

  11. Joaoprooo

    Joaoprooo Master of Cheese

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  12. Darklantern

    Darklantern Maus Genious

    :D thank you so much Dr.
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  13. Simpleasthat
    No Mood

    Simpleasthat Retired Staff | Mouse Goddess

    Screw Tig's standalone.
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  14. Joaoprooo

    Joaoprooo Master of Cheese

    umad? o.o
    Tig's standalone is gud just crash sometimes..
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  15. Simpleasthat
    No Mood

    Simpleasthat Retired Staff | Mouse Goddess


    It's one of the worse standalones. Problem?
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  16. Joaoprooo

    Joaoprooo Master of Cheese

    no =/
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  17. Darklantern

    Darklantern Maus Genious

    i believe you can change the alignment in options to fix that
  18. Kazzel
    Om Nom Nom

    Kazzel Master of Cheese

    First I use Tig's, but now I use Holypoop Standalone, my computer performance is better
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  19. Puffymice

    Puffymice Prodigy Mouse

    I'm using Tig's standalone for now.
    Might try Holypoop's standalone, as Kazzel said, it might make my computer performance better.
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  20. Finnys

    Finnys Plantation Painter

    Dualmouse made a client now ^_^
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