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Story Transformice: the Adventure Unfolds

Discussion in 'Fan Stories' started by Sonsikkim, Sep 21, 2012.

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    buhaha, noon's about to fuck up someone's day
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    If you'd like to you can make me a foreigner c: idunno that seems like it'd work best for the story but whatever you wanttt~
  3. Sonsikkim

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    Chapter 5: Part 1: The Anvil God Rises

    While the five of us are traveling in the forest, we saw a trace of footsteps of mice. It must've been the footsteps of Noon's hacker tribe member, probably it could lead to somewhere significant finding Noon and his minions to attack them for revenge. The footsteps we followed left a trace, a really long trace. Thirty minutes have passed and the trace still remained there.

    "Is that guy taking a hike or something? What's taking him so long?" Moot explained in a confused tone.
    "That dumb minion must've been lost or anything. Feels like we're going to circles." Anom answered. An unexpected rustling sound emanated around the group of trees. What was that sound rustling around the leaves of the trees, I tried to question myself. Suddenly, I found one anvil connected onto something exposed out of the leaves, and some mysterious creature pulled its tail out of its exposure.

    "Guys, did you see an anvil in those trees?" I told my friends.
    "An anvil? Is that a trick question?" Confusedone replied to my question, "anvils aren't supposed to be inhabited around here."
    "It'll be funny if that was an anvil god or something," Kat amused herself once more.
    "What if it IS an anvil god?" I asked.
    "I'd piss myself," Kat replied back. An another rustle emanated in the leaves again. It also made a metallic cry.
    "What was that?" Anom surprised.
    "Might be an anvil god," Confusedone replied.
    "An anvil god?" Kat amused her once again, "you're joking, pfft."

    Suddenly a huge clang of metal made a huge sound beneath the bushes right behind us. A giant anvil god, approximately 15 feet long in diameter, squirms around like an anaconda, but far more dangerous.

    "Be thankful I didn't pissed myself, you guys," Kat said, "let's finish him."
    "Not so fast," a voice came behind the anvil god. One of the strongest hacker members, Seth, ascended onto of the tamed anvil god, floating.
    "The name is Seth, you puny rodents. My little pet can give you a gift if you wish."
    "A gift? Why the hell would you call it a gift?" Confusedone suddenly got mad.
    "I would call it a little disciplinary action for stepping our plans, if you haven't noticed. You five deserve what's good for you."
    "Define 'good for you', Seth."
    "A little training of yours to make sure if you five can keep up, now, I will go up and see how you're doing. " Seth floated up using hacks.
    "WAIT! COME BACK, YOU DISGUSTING..." Confusedone didn't have any other words to describe.

    "Hey, Snakey, show me your moves." The tamed anvil god flew up into the sky, extended its cartillage bones, making an eclipse of the moon.
    "Holy crap, are you Batman?" Seth exclaimed. "I love that start."

    "Get ready for your attacks, my friends." I hoped eternally that we could defeat Seth's metallic creation.

    Life of Noon: Part 3: Where Wishes Come True

    Everything seemed quaint that was surrounding me. Currently 10 years old, and I wanted to go to the cemetery. I wanted to meet my mom again. When the wind was blowing ever so slightly, leaves blew away behind my back, chilling it, to make it distressful. It wasn't a really ostentatious sight to see my mother's grave where its given flowers got wilted, but at least she's still there, still as a mouse.

    "Don't worry, Mom. I'll strive myself to avoid being the feeble one in class." I hoped for a miracle, what my mother asked me when I was little. Well, little-er.

    My older brother suddenly got diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the cancer of the blood, during last week. I don't know what really caused him to get the severe symptoms that really made him feel hurt, but I felt a lot more distressed, concerning about my dying family. My friends, Sarah and Seth, along with my two new friends, Blackwire and Pomme, all started to form our rendezvous room, if we actually founded one. While searching for a great room for a daily routine meeting, an earthquake suddenly shook the outer crust of Rodentopia. We all stayed in a group and hugged each other to forget the bad experience of nature, and the quake diminished, fortunately.

    "Guys, let's go to Noon's backyard and discuss." Seth happily scampered into my backyard. Seth suddenly yelled in apprehension, and we wanted to know what happened. We all ran to him.
    "What is it?" I asked."There's a giant blue cave in your backyard!" Seth exclaimed. I was stunned to see that sight, too. The five of us carefully went inside to the cave, and it was a beautiful area: blue glimmering diamond ores reflecting like glass, and it was bright enough to clear one square inch of darkness. This could make our great rendezvous area, so we can all have enough space to sit.
    "I feel tired, guys, I'm going to sleep." Sarah felt drowsy all of a sudden. Even Blackwire fell asleep, one by one of my friends fell asleep, too. I was the last one to close my eyes to dreamland.

    We all went out of the cave, nearly awake, and we all wondered why we all felt weary as we all went inside of the cave. I thought it was some trick of the bullies, so I lost control when my jealousy was accumulating into its peak. The bullies are the only thing that make me mad. I punched the tree to relieve stress, and the tree collapsed onto the sidewalk, with its roots exposed out of the dirt.

    Did I finally obtained the power I needed? What other mysteries are contained inside that cave?
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    and other questions like how did that cave come to your backyard(earthquake yes but thats not what i meant)
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  6. Sonsikkim

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    Chapter 5: Part 2: Anvils, You're Free

    Seth suddenly disappeared into the clouds at sunset. I couldn't comprehend why he left the view between his tamed anvil snake and the five of us fighting its attacks. It could be possible that Seth might have to go through a quick errands for his master or he has to go do something significant. I guess he has his reasons that doesn't have be asked necessarily.

    "Sonsi, what are we going to do?" Moot asked me to command. She wasn't even afraid at all.
    "Anchor that son of a bitch on its vulnerable spot, guys. I'll attack his face first." I asked. While I was cannoning his metallic eyes, it shrieked in pain. While it was writhing due to the stinging spikes of cannons being thrown into its face, the rest of my group anchored on the red spot connected in midair, allowing the snake not to move every single anvil constructed into its existance.
    "Good job, guys. Now he won't move much longer." Confusedone complimented on our works.

    Seth came back into midair yards above the ground, and looked at the snake anchored, possibly deceased with a physical disability. The snake unable to move reminded me of the times I was in the hospital to recover after the hemivertebrectomic operation, and the view alleviated the bad memories I had in real life. I could feel that the snake was not deceased yet, but it was still struggling. There was no one way to fix this.

    "Really? Why the hell would you anchor my pet?" Seth frustrates.
    "Your pet could've killed us," Anom replied to him.
    "Pfft, not my biggest concern. That's more intolerable than getting your head being decapitated."
    "Would you leave us alone?" Kat exclaimed to the dark floating mouse.
    "Eh, I could spawn a few more of my pets. How many gifts do you guys want?"
    "The smallest you could afford," I replied.
    "Wow, fine," Seth couldn't reply any longer. "Let me just spawn a few more to get your incompetent butt." 3 more snakes got summoned.

    "I'll handle one snake by myself. You four, divide into two groups." Confusedone commanded. It was pretty simple for the captain to take care of more snakes than just one. But of course, we didn't want to let him go through most battles by himself. Like expected, Confusedone defeated one snake he claimed. Me and Kat finished off a giant one, while Anom and Moot also eliminated the other one. I guess Kat stepped on my foot on accident, before I completely forgot why my foot felt hurt after that battle.

    "OK, OK, FINE. JEEZ. I'll let your asses go to the next stage." Seth tried to control this anger, but didn't. Looks like he goes crazy easily. While he left, four carcasses of anvil snakes lined up in the forest trail. Kat almost regurgitated from the grotesque sight of dead snakes. Surprisingly, four souls popped out of the snake corpses, and they wanted to ask us a few words.

    "Sorry for interrupting you, but are you the ones who defeated us four?"
    "Um, yes, we are the ones who killed you guys. Sorry if that made you felt uncomfortable."
    "Oh, no, no. There's no need to apologize. We wanted to be in this form for a whole time."
    "But why?"
    "Seth and his buddies were treating us like hell. But we didn't do anything wrong, but they always assume every accident was our fault. As you can see here so far, eliminiation of mice servers isn't the ONLY thing Noon and his friends are doing. He was also abusing the creations like us for a whole time. He thinks we're the interference of his plans. He thinks we creations don't belong in this world."
    "So that's why you guys didn't attacked us much than the other anvil snakes normally."
    "It was our opportuinty. We've decided our final choice that was unanimous to me and my friends, which is death. Now we can go free in our afterlife, I want to thank you guys for separating us from them."
    "Not a problem."

    I still just can't find Noon's actions comprehensive. I guess creations can be a part of the unification we've been trying to establish.
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    Go to TFM Heaven~

    (or be the clouds of the sky)
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    whoa interesting twist with the anvil gods
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    Chapter 5: Part 3: Foreign Hospitality

    After the successful dislocation between the anvil god bodies and their suffer-free souls, our goal to unification was onto a satisfying start. The five of us for going deeper in the forest; cobwebs and dead leaves were surrounding our bodies, making the environment looked like it got diagnosed with paranoia. Our journey became more strenuous, due to the lack of consumptions (which half are stolen by Pomme's sneaking attacks) and our stamina grew weak.

    I suddenly thought this experience was like a sequence of a story. I believed that story was abundant in anthropomorphism.
    "Sonsi, how much longer are we gonna walk through this forest trail?" Anom looked a bit gaunt from traveling.
    I answered, but not in a correct solution, "we might be close. I don't know about it." I wanted to take a rest for a short time, but the sky unexpectedly grew dark all of a sudden, and we worried that predators might attack us during our sleep.
    "Shh," Confusedone shushed. "Do you hear something?"
    "Um, no, I hear nothing," Moot replied.
    "It'd be better if you stay quiet for a short moment there," Kat also replied. We all stayed quiet, and stayed attentive for noise.

    "Oh, look what we have here, five young mice are stuck in a forest?" A mysterious mouse with goggles suddenly asked.
    "Please answer, are you good, or bad?" Moot wanted safety from the mouse with goggles.
    "Pfft, I can't be bad if I'm a citizen in this island," he answered. "Call me Greatpudding."
    "Sorry, to interrupt, Pudding, but, do you a place for us to stay?" I asked.
    "Sure, sure, we have a colony in a big town. It's pretty nearer than you expected."
    "I'd be honored to stay there for a while."

    It only took us a few minutes to get into the town. There were a lot of citizens there, people whose great in strength, and they looked quite educated. Mother mice were hanging their family's equipment on the wooden house walls. Juvenile mice are kicking ball. And obviously, men are training in the training sessions, like jumping in midair and wall jumping.

    "Welcome to the island of Mus, you guys," the reply must've came from Fleur, the pinkish-white mouse who advised us before the first travel.
    "It's a pleasure to meet you guys," we all asked.
    "You look all famished. Follow me to my place," Greatpudding followed us.
    "I'm so glad this place is hospitalized," Anom sighed in relief, thought it was an enemy base.

    The five of us also sighed in relief, assuming we were all safe. It was a lucky experience.

    Life of Noon: Part 4: When My Heart Snapped

    I was at the picnic table once again to celebrate my 13th birthday. Sadly, my brother was still in the hospital, suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Only the five of us are celebrating. Everybody else didn't even want to see me. My sad life is about to get better. With the ability me and my friends got in the diamond cave we slept on earlier, my life was starting to get better. Unfortunately, I didn't want to use it out on public.

    After the birthday candles lit, Pomme asked me the same question like always.
    "What's your wish?"
    I made a same answer, like an annual speech. "I wish bullying never occurred to me."
    I guess everyone around me understands why I'm saying it everytime.

    It was an another day of school. None ever cared about me turning into an adolescent. Like always, bigger kids grabbed me like a doll and threw me to the lockers. Pain never emanated around my body, because every single area was bruised and turned numb.
    "Hey, doll, what do you want to suffer this time?" One bully stood up to me.
    "As much as you want. I don't care." The bully threw me onto the ground and sat on me. I spat blood from all that unexplainable weight.
    "I hope you like it, shrimp," the bully laughed with his friends and dispelled away from my space.

    School was over and I got a holographic message with a special note written on it.
    I've got some bad news, Noon, this is your brother's doctor speaking. Your brother has suffered from leukemia for a long time now and I guess it's his time to leave in his world. Please come to his room immediately before it is too late.
    I knew this was going to happen. I ran to the hospital and went inside of my brother's hospitalized room.
    "Noon... you really did came," my brother was close to afterlife.
    "Of course, I would. I don't want to see you die without myself."
    "I'm glad to be your brother, Noon... you are so supporting."
    "I'll stay like that always for you, brother," I tried not to cry."
    "Good... I'm sorry that I'm suffering like this..."
    "It's okay, big bro. I'll always be there with you."
    "Thank you... lil bro... stay strong... stay strong... stay strong..."
    "I will," I replied during the last second of his life.

    Many days after the funeral, my friends were closer to my feelings, but now it's full with sorrow and apprehension. I can't concentrate on education, on my hobbies, nothing. I always thought of my brother, that he's right next to me. I couldn't hold the accumulating sorrow much longer, and my heart snapped.
    "They did it. The bullies did it," my tone became aggressive, "IT'S YOUR FAULT, STUPID BULLIES. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"

    My anger reached its peak, and my powers got finally exposed out of my body.
    My house exploded from all the power I've saved. I wanted to avenge those bullies. Avenge them to death.
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    Chapter 5: Part 4: Training with Immigrants

    Hospitality was outstanding in the island of Mus. Even though the surroundings may look slightly exotic, but it felt like home for ourselves. Many immigrants are probably trapped in his island, due to isloation. That worries me.
    "So, where you guys come?" Greatpudding wanted to start a conversation.
    "We're from Micetown." Confusedone felt enthusiastic to answer all of Puddings interrogations. The rest of us were a bit shy.
    "Have you guys been attacked by those members of the Hacker group?" Pudding said.
    "A lot of times now. I was hoping it'd take less occasions." I finally answered.
    "Those damn Hackers... I don't know what they really want from us."
    "Could be just us, like maybe trying to control us?"
    "That could be possible. I just can't seem to find his motivation why he's doing all of this."
    "I guess we could find it if we defeat him first," Anom sounded confident.
    "Sadly, I don't think Noon has any weaknesses at all, according to our databanks. He could have something that can affect him."
    "Despite trying to find his weakness, what do you guys thinks about his early life?" Moot said.
    "His early life?" Fleur wondered.
    "I know it sounds weird, but what if he isn't bad at all?" Moot's questions actually advanced our thoughts.

    The conversation ended quickly, and we were concerning about our health. We totally forgotten that we were hungry all this time.
    "Oh, I forgot, you guys are famished to death." Fleur said.
    "Please, my stomach is eating itself," Kat joked. For an experienced cooker, Fleur's meal looked delicate. We sat down on the table chairs; Kat sat down first and grabbed her first portion of bread. We looked like bears out of hibernation. I suddenly forgot about table manners, while we were concerning on consumptions.
    "Pardon," I said awkwardly.

    We wanted to stay in this village for a while. While we were outside of Pudding's straw home, we saw a couple of gallantic-looking mice training fiercely in the training fields.
    "Can we join," Confusedone asked.
    "Sure," one of the trainers asked. It was like a triathalon, because the training isle looked like it could take away a single mouse's stamina in a minute. We didn't wanted to look feeble in front of Noon and his minions, so we had to give it a try.

    The first course was the running field. A few of us started on a slow pace to gradually speed up as we go, but Confusedone and Kat were sprinting in a psychopathic acceleration rate.
    "You two, slow down!" Anom laughed when he looked like the two.
    "Pfft, it looks like a missile is coming behind them," Moot also laughed. We were unable to follow the two who (probably) suffered themselves in the training isle. Greatpudding also ran past in front of us.
    "It's a good day for a quick exercise, don't you think?" Greatpudding was also sprinting too, and disappeared already. The three of us cavorted leisurely, but in a normal jogging pace. About a minute past and we went through the first subdivision, the jogging course.

    Next, there was a deep pool, full of fresh sea water. Chlorine wasn't good for our mice bodies, so we had a salty pool to swim through. We took a huge dive and suddenly sinked into the bottom already.
    "I suppose this is the second subdivision of the triathalon, I guess." Anom spoke before his mouth touched the water.

    After finishing crossing the water course, we were near the trampoline course.
    "Wee, this looks fun," Moot sprinted until a ground of trampoline got landed by Moot's feet. We jumped really rapidly, after the first few touches of trampoline. I luckily cornerjumped onto the small trampoline platform connected on top of the main platform, so I went through the trampoline course like a bullet. I think I passed Confusedone and Kat also. Because of the really rapid speed I'm going, I suddenly went in midair in a long amount of time. I couldn't control myself, so I ended up falling down in the abyss. I died, and teleported to the nearest platform, right next to Pudding. I was covered in bubbles.

    "Make sure you don't go TOO fast," Pudding adviced.
    "Could've told me sooner," I asked. The bubbles made a slight irritation on my eyes.
    I think I should go train more.

    End of Chapter 5.
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    i know what filthy frank can say about this chapter name
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    Chapter 6: Part 1: Noon's Ambush

    The village of Mus is a better place. Much better than we ever expected. Me and my friends were not hoping for any interference that can affect our journey. Our biggest concern so far is to meet civilians of the village, to introduce ourselves to look like we're foreigners to them, like they are foreigners to us. It is a pretty small village, and there's probably enough people to introduce for the rest of the day. We stepped near the first house to see. The house is generally pink, and we all assumed it was a girl's house. We locked the door and waited.

    "Oooooh, visitors!" I heard a cheerful door through the front door.
    I knocked the door one more time to make sure. "Can we introduce ourselves? We're new here." The front door opened by the hands of a pink, intelligent-looking mouse. She grinned like it was a party or something.
    "Why, hello there!" The mouse with glasses greeted with glee.
    "Hello, I'm Sonsi. I just want to introduce ourselves so we could stay here often."
    "The name is... GUESS MY NAME!" Her smile grew bigger.
    "Um, Pinkie, I presume?"
    She gasped. "How did you figured it out so quickly? You must be a smart guy~" I knew it was her name, she's really pinkish.
    "Why, thank you." Anom tapped on my shoulder. "I believe my friend wants to tell you a question."
    "Are you familiar with this person named 'Noon'?" Anom asked Pinkie.
    "Noon? Well, he's like an infiltrator to our island. He's the one who trapped us here."
    "Is that the reason why the isolation is occurring in this landmass?" Confusedone replied.
    "Unfortunately, yes." Her smile disappeared few a while and grew back. "Sonsi, your back looks a bit slanted."
    "Oh, my back? Yeah, I know, it's a bit weird."
    "You must be contracted with scoliosis! What happened to it?" I think she knows more than me. I gave it a try to explain.
    "Well, um, I was born with it. There's a possibility that my spine could be inherited..."
    "Aw, don't worry. Scoliosis is hereditory."

    After a long talk with a nerdy mouse, the sky suddenly grew darker.
    "Why is the sky black all of a sudden? It's 4 in the evening; the autumn equinox hasn't past yet-"

    A large explosion rang onto our eardrums.
    "Oh no, it's Noon." Pinkie gasped, this time in terror.
    "Do the strange clouds form when Noon is around here?" I asked.
    "Remember: Noon can also control weather for himself." Pinkie answered. "Come on, stay in my house!"
    We went into the house to avoid Noon's sinister plot. Lightning got spawned by his trustful builder, Seth, who is next to Noon. Pomme, on the other side next to the Noon, is controlling the wind. All three were floating, like obvious-looking hackers.
    "WHERE IS THIS SONSI I'M LOOKING FOR? ANSWER ME, CITIZENS OF MUS." Noon's voice was loud enough to break the windows.
    There was no answer. Everyone is in their homes, hiding in a dreadful sensation.
    "SHOW ME YOUR FACE, SONSI. I'LL WRECK THIS PLACE UP IF YOU DON'T." Noon's anger started to build itself.
    "Guys, I think I have no choice," I whispered to my friends. I wanted to look gallantic to my nemesis, so I opened the door fiercely.

    The wind grew stronger.
    "Here I am, Noon. I'm right here."
    "There you are, yellow mouse. I was looking for you." Noon descended to their feet on the ground.
    "Shall I attract leaves on his face, your evilness?" Pomme asked Noon.
    "No, thanks, Pomme. I don't think that'll be necessary."
    "Noon, you've gone too far. Why are you doing this to everyone? They did nothing." I tried to make him understand.
    "That information is classified, stupid. Why do you want to know?"
    "I want to know why you are causing all of this trouble you're making."
    "I believe the people isn't the reason why I'm doing this."
    "Give me a hint." I wanted answers.
    "A hint, you say? I'll tell you only one word."
    "Sure, spill it out." I got eager for his motivation.
    Noon said the word carefully by each syllable. "Fa-mi-ly."
    Family? What is that supposed to represent? Am I assuming that his family got attacked? Or they're ill? Maybe deceased?

    "There, yellow mouse. I gave you a hint. But that hint won't last long in your soul, fella."
    "What do you mean?" I couldn't comprehend his respond.
    "I have to kill you so I can continue to avenge."
    "I've done nothing to you. You really should understand."
    "Understand what?"
    "You should understand why you're doing all this. It could more than just your family."
    "Like I told you, it's classified."
    "If you want to keep it by yourself, leave me and my friends alone."
    "Fine, then. But this is the final chance of living I can give you. Just- stay out of my way." Noon didn't want me and my goal.

    Noon could not hold on to his secret much longer. I wondered why he wanted to keep it private. After he ascended towards the clouds, my friends came by to see. We felt okay in relief that I didn't died.

    "Sonsi, are you okay?" Moot asked.
    "I'm okay, thanks."

    I believe there's something wrong with Noon's early life.
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    postin just cuz I can c:
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    I'd like my character back in the story but I have also brought 2 more characters.

    Name: Katy
    Gender: Female
    Role: Good
    Clothes (Optional): Bat Hat, Vampire Fangs, Glasses, Halloween Scarf, Spider Earring, Yellow Hair, And Tail Jewelry
    Personality: Biting and Drinking Blood from hackers >:]
    Extra (Optional): Can turn into a vampire but can also help Sonsi.

    Name: Gargamel
    Gender: Male
    Role: Hacker/Evil
    Clothes (Optional): Bloody Knife, Spider Earring, Lined Sunglasses, Pumpkin Basket, Halloween Scarf
    Personality: Floating, Hitting, Bullying.
    Extra (Optional): Has always wanted to team up with Noon and wants to kill Sonsi and his friends. Oh, by the way, that name was from the Smurfs. :/
  16. Sonsikkim

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    Please change the name. I do not accept names that are copyrighted from any movie, story, etc.

    And don't worry, most of the characters will come back in later chapters.
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    post on request
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    Chapter 6: Part 2: Answers We Need

    Noon disappeared after the argument was over. After he left the island of Mus, the village was already damaged, but not severely.
    "Well, time to clean up the mess. Again." Pinkie went out of the house with a broom.
    "I'm sorry that you guys have to do all this. I think I lured him here." I felt a lot of regretfullness.
    "Aw, it's okay, Sonsi. This happens weekly. NOODLES, COME HERE AND HELP US." Pinkie called someone in a very loud tone.
    A small mouse with a headband and choppy-yellowed hair came towards us. Her name is Noodle, what Pinkie said.
    "Pinkie? Who are these five?" Noodle indicated her finger to me and my friends.
    "This is Sonsi and his friends. They came to stop Noon and his evil plot."
    "Nice to meet you, Noodle." I said.
    "OOOOOHHHH, MY HEROES-" Looks like Noodle was suffering by Noon.
    "Now, now, Noodle. Don't try to stand on your knees and kiss their feets. We have cleaning to finish!" Pinkie smiled.
    "I can help you guys clean this place up for you," Anom asked.
    "Sure, I'll get you brooms." Pinkie zoomed into her house.

    While the cleaning plan for today was established, I headed into the tents that are holded by the wind Pomme was controlling earlier. I set up all the tents in a short amount of time, and I saw a piece of paper that is badly written. It was very sloppy, and it looks like heiroglyphics. I had to ask Pinkie to read this peace of paper for me. I guess she knows how to read most handwiritings.
    "Pinkie, I found this piece of paper in one of those tents. Can you read it?" I aksed nicely.
    "Sure," she grabbed the paper, "let me see." She read carefully to make it sound more comprehensive.

    The paper was written like this:
    Property by Noon: do not read or you will die
    now i have so many plans to accomplish as i go forward to my goal
    let me just list it in this stupid piece of paper
    one: lets try to kill sonsi before the volcano in my island erupts
    two: make an alliance with innocent civilians so i can get a better group ahahaha
    three: when i finish making an alliance im going to kill all the bullies i see you tortured me when i was young
    four: take over the worldddddd ahahahahahahahahahaha

    "That sloppy piece of junk," Pinkie raged. "What does he want from us?"
    Moot interrupted with her question. "Wait, what does it mean that he's going to kill the bullies?"
    I somehow though of it. "Maybe he was bullied when he was little? Maybe that's why all the adrenaline boosted to him?"
    "What about his family?" Confusedone asked. "Do you think the bullies affected his parents too?"
    "I don't know," Kat joined, "but it could be useless to memorize that. But I guess he has his own reasons."
    "I don't really care how inefficient this piece of information is. I just need to know his motivation why he's doing this." I said.
    "I just wish he doesn't kill us all first," Moot whimpered.
    "He won't. We can take care of them." I replied.
    "Funny if Noon dropped all of this plans by accident around here," Kat replied. We all had an idea to find what's important for us.
    "Let's do that tomorrow, early in the morning. It's night all of a sudden." Pinkie's watch said it's 9:30 at night.
    "Stay with us at night, if you want. I got a lot of rooms that are vacant." Pudding came by after he heard us.
    "Sure," I replied the last time of the conversation.

    I found one room that's vacant. Fortunately, a bed is lying there. I leaped onto the pallets of the matress. I went to sleep really quick.

    "This could be a dream," I thought to myself. Everything all around me was black and very void, like I'm trapped inside a cellar.
    "Please... help me..." A strange voice emanated around somewhere.
    "Who is it?" I replied.
    "There's no need to know what my name is. All I'm concerned about is I'm looking for assistance."
    "Assistance for what?"
    "There are bullies, like dozens, all surrounding me in a circle! I can't do anything that can benefit myself to get out of this place..."
    "Why don't you confess that you're suffering by them?"
    "Nothing really works to let these guys go away. I've been bullied ever since the first year of my educational career, and I really want your help."
    "Please, tell me, what's your name?"
    "I... my name is Noon."
    "How old are you, to be exact?"
    "I'm only 15 years old, and I can't live longer like this." Noon was probably shaking in fear. But he appears to be older during the last time I met him after the ambush.
    "I had so many dreams about that yellow mouse with a paintbrush... is that you? I'm just wondering."
    "Um, yes. I guess that's me."

    There was no answer.
    "Noon? Can you hear me? NOON!" I tried to make him respond. There was no answer, still. I suddenly woke up, at midnight, and I just realized that Noon I talked to in my dreams is probably the same one who's a nemesis of mine.

    I think I know what happened to him.
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    Chapter 6: Part 3: Departure to Advancement

    "Guys, I think I saw Noon in my dream," I asked my friends, who are currently eating breakfast.
    "Tell us what you saw," Kat replied.
    "I dreamt where everything was all pitch black; it was so dark around me, I couldn't see myself. Then I just heard a young voice and it was Noon, who was crying for help. I guess he asked me to help me because I think there were bullies right next to him or something."
    "Did the bullies they anything to you?" Confusedone asked.
    "All they did was just making physical contact with Noon. I heard a few punches, and that's it."
    "What did Noon say?" Moot interrogated.
    "He said, 'There are bullies, like dozens of them, all surrounding me' or something."
    "Do you think he had a hard time back then when he was young?" Anom thought. That could be the real answer, but we don't know what caused him to get bullied like that. I replied once more, "I guess so."
    "It could be. Did you saw that note Noon just dropped earlier? He wants to kill those bullies." I finally knew what was gonna happen.

    I finally wanted to leave the island for more information. But I guess I find that pretty unfortunate for the civilians who are actually stuck there. I suddenly realized Fleur's word before we went into the forest few days ago. I thought of her words, "You have to defeat Sarah and her minions". I guess that could be a remedy to the isolation of this island. I wanted to give it a try to battle her, but I need to lure her to the village of Mus. No, not the village, it could leave damages there. I needed to find a safer spot.

    A few minutes has passed.
    "I'm sorry that we have to leave you guys, but this is important."
    "Where are you going?" Greatpudding was suddenly in melancholy.
    "To the safe place of this island. We're going to defeat Sarah and her minions."
    "You're going to defeat her?" Noodle got stunned.
    "It's the best we can do to make an equalization of your island. You can't stay here forever."
    "I guess you're right. I want to follow you, too." Noodle's enthusiasm got builded itself.
    "Join me, too!" Pinkie looked really excited.
    "I guess I have no choice but to follow you guys," Greatpudding said. "I want to travel somewhere else where I've never visited before."
    "That's the spirit, you guys." Confusedone felt proud.
    "Pinkie, do you know somewhere safe in this island?" I wanted to ask that earlier.
    "There's a giant hill right outside of the forest. I have to go through the forest, though." Pinkie answered.
    "Beats me." I didn't felt precarious for this moment.

    The eight of us left the village. Confusedone, Kat, Moot, Anom, Pudding, Pinkie, Fleur, and myself, have decided to go to the top of the hill, which it's the location where the isolation finally ends to advance our journey.

    At the same time, a mysterious cloud activity above our heads were not noticed. Inside that cloud is one of the members of the Hackers, with a giant, purple top hat with a bow tie. Inside with her is a strange machine she had invented previously, few days ago.
    "How's the Precipitator-3000 working for you, Cathy?" Pomme was also with her in the cloud.
    "It's in really good condition, Pomme. Now, press that purple button for me," Cathy commanded.

    Pomme pushed the button.
    Rain was falling above our heads, and the precipitation got unexpectedly powerful in strength.
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