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Cheeseformice Updating Your Tribe on CFM

Discussion in 'CFM and TFM News/Announcements' started by Sourdough, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Sourdough

    Sourdough Muffin Mule CFM Admin

    Since the tribe API hasn't been updating, we've added a way for you to force update your tribe. Log in to Transformice and type "/c Cfmbot tribe". Please note that if your tribe has special characters in its name, you will not be able to update at this time due to an encoding change that was made in the transition to the community platform. Also, the "tribe" and "shamlevel" commands are aliases and will update both so you only need to use one of them. Spread the word to everyone in your tribe so your member lists on CFM can be accurate!
  2. Aqvaswirle

    Aqvaswirle Prodigy Mouse

    Great news! Thanks!
  3. Lofthesaver

    Lofthesaver Sage Mouse

    Finally :D
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  4. Prozrockz

    Prozrockz Sage Mouse

    This is soooo gonna be helpful to us. Thanks Sour!
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  5. Gamegamerlol

    Gamegamerlol Master of Cheese

    Sour to the rescue, thanks Sour!
  6. Jacobbbbbbb
    No Mood

    Jacobbbbbbb Nurse Jacob TFM Map Crew

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  7. Inheriter
    Om Nom Nom

    Inheriter Sage Mouse

    Greatt hanks
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  8. Mesterveen

    Mesterveen Legendary Shaman

    This is great C:
  9. Nemohubbe
    No Mood

    Nemohubbe Retired BR Minimod

    Ow almost everyone was waiting for this. c':
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  10. Vividia
    No Mood

    Vividia HU Minimod & Helper Leader CFM Minimod

    Cool, thank you so much!
  11. Redballers

    Redballers Master of Cheese

    No need to panic, sour has saved our lives c:
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  12. Zhangster

    Zhangster Prodigy Mouse

  13. Pastalls

    Pastalls Birthday Mousie! :D

    Thanks Sourdough!(Are you a robot?)
  14. Prodizyan

    Prodizyan Retired TR Minimod

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  15. Dedavii

    Dedavii Master of Cheese

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  16. Whitehuntres

    Whitehuntres Legendary Shaman

    Thanks Sour!
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  17. Tymonmg

    Tymonmg Sage Mouse

    What if somebody left my tribe and dont play TFM anymore? Any way to "kick" him from my Tribe profile?
  18. Whitehuntres

    Whitehuntres Legendary Shaman

    No...I think...We'll just have to wait until the API for tribes is fixed. :\
  19. Lofthesaver

    Lofthesaver Sage Mouse

    If you want a complicated way you can make a new tribe, invite everybody else (except the 'somebody'), and update it again.
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  20. Sweeticee

    Sweeticee Tiny BG Helper | Translator

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