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Version 1.78

Discussion in 'Transformice News' started by Sydoline, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Sydoline

    Sydoline Retired Transformice Community Manager

    Due to the continuous and massive flood of BR / TR / ES / RU players on the EN1 community, we’ve decided to add new languages filters. Now players from BR / TR / ES / RU communities won’t be able to speak on the official public rooms in the EN1 community.

    The new module system will no longer be tested in rooms containing the word "debuglua" anymore. Testers will now load their scripts in the rooms containing the "#" sign.
    Suite au flood continu et massif des joueurs BR / TR / ES / RU sur la communauté EN1, il a été ajouté de nouveaux filtres de langues. Désormais les joueurs des communautés BR / TR / ES / RU n’auront plus le droit de parler sur les salons publics officiels de la communauté EN1.

    Le nouveau système de module ne sera plus testé sur les salons contenant les mots « debuglua » mais sur les salons contenant le signe « # ». .
    Yoğun flood sebebiyle, BR / TR / ES / RU topluluklarına mensup oyuncular, oyuna yeni lisan filtrelerin eklenmesiyle, bundan böyle EN1 topluluğunun resmi odalarında sohbet edemeyeceklerdir.

    Yeni modül sistemi bundan böyle "debuglua" odalarında değil "#" işaretli odalarda test edilecektir.
    Debido al spam masivo y repetido de los jugadores BR / TR / ES / RU en la comunidad EN1, tuvimos que agregar nuevos filtros de idiomas. Desde entonces, los jugadores BR / TR / ES / RU ya no podrán hablar en las salas públicas oficiales de la comunidad EN1.

    El nuevo sistema de módulo ya no se probará en las salas llamadas “debuglua” sino en las salas con un “#”.
    Após o flood contínuo e maciço dos jogadores BR / TR / ES / RU na comunidade EN1, decidimos adicionar um novo filtro de línguas. Agora os jogadores destas comunidades acima citadas, não terão mais o direito de falar nos salões públicos e oficiais da comunidade EN1.

    O novo sistema de módulo não será mais testado nos salões que contêm a palavra "debuglua", e sim nos salões quem contêm o sinal
    В связи с продолжающимся массовым флудом BR / TR / ES / RU игроков на сервере EN1, мы решили добавить новые фильтры на языки. Теперь игроки из BR / TR / ES / RU сообществ не смогут говорить в официальных паблик комнатах сервера EN1.

    Новый API больше не будет тестироваться в комнатах, содержащих слово "debuglua". Тестеры теперь будут загружать свои скрипты в комнатах, содержащих знак "#".
    Z powodu powtarzającego się ogromnego floodu graczy społeczności BR / TR / ES / RU na serwerze EN1, zdecydowaliśmy dodać nowe filtry językowe. Teraz gracze z wyżej wymienionych społeczności nie będą mogli pisać w oficjalnych, publicznych pokojach na serwerze EN1.

    Nowy system modułów nie będzie więcej testowany w pokojach zawierających słowo "debuglua". Testerzy będą od teraz wczytywać ich skrypty w pokojach zawierających znak "#".
  2. Baffler

    Baffler Fatty | Retired Admin

  3. Peakot

    Peakot Master of Cheese

    Finally, no more spamming from those communities at the official public rooms \o/
  4. Xiaojiemei

    Xiaojiemei ID/EN Mod, ID Helper Leader, Sentinel | EN Helper☃ CFM Moderator

  5. Masterclawer

    Masterclawer Mouse Goddess

  6. Marunyan

    Marunyan Mouse Goddess

    Oh :(
    I just liked the Debuglua update.
  7. Felliiii

    Felliiii Retired EN Minimod | Little Sloth

    However there still were/are Russian players spamming in the room I'm playing in.
    I don't mind simply ignoring them and what not.
    But seems like the filters aren't that solid yet?

    // hue ok pardon me, I shall patiently wait
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  8. Marunyan

    Marunyan Mouse Goddess

    No, it's not working yet. I know because I still can speak on EN1.
  9. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    there might also be a limit for the filters, so that it's only newer accounts and not the older ones (so if you have so much cheese you will be able to talk)

    but yes! I know en1 is considered the international server but it's never fun when the users who are in the room are talking a language that can be talked within another community
  10. Marunyan

    Marunyan Mouse Goddess

    No, I created an account now and I can speak there. And talking about filters, even with my number of cheese I can't speak on EN2, RU, TR, ES, ID and all the other servers >':

    I know it's not fair to speak the language you want on EN1 server (specially because the name of the server is EN), but now I was wondering what's the EN2 community about? I thought they created it because EN1 was considered an universal community (although it's not) and they didn't have their space to speak in english >:
  11. Kazumamice

    Kazumamice Retired Troll Killer

    I know it's like that in some servers :p that's why I mentioned it \o

    and I find en2 souly for English, I find en1 for English and those that don't have their own community yet, not for those that already have communities
  12. Orima
    Om Nom Nom

    Orima Sage Mouse

    Lol, no more of me hating on them now he he he. ¬w¬!
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  13. Kinhusxd
    No Mood

    Kinhusxd BR Sentinel TFM Map Crew

    I hate this new update.
    My community has its own server, but I really enjoy playing and talking to people in EN1.
    Actually, 90% of my friend list are people who I met in EN1.

    I've been studying English for such a good time and I think it's unfair to add these filters when all I need is improve my English vocabulary. :(
  14. Ahmetlanxp
    No Mood

    Ahmetlanxp Master of Cheese

    good for flood but bad for innocent mice :eek:
  15. Kirillyan

    Kirillyan Cheese Enthusiast

    Easter event is over!?!?
  16. Itsflamedude

    Itsflamedude Sage Mouse

    Finally, I always wanted this, sometimes BR,TR,ES and RU mice can get annoying (No offense to the BR,TR,ES and RU players) when they start raging.
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  17. Someinsect

    Someinsect Master of Cheese

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  18. Laurbear

    Laurbear Challenge Accepted

    But anyways, if they're blocking due to IP, I think it's a bit fucked up.. I have some friends that are in Spain, Russia, etc. that go on the EN server and actually are able to speak fluid English. But since it's "their fault" that they don't live in the country, they're going to be blocked? Uh.. I feel like you're better off changing the EN flag to the American one then.. This update is great, but I actually am feeling sympathy for the non-annoying people on this game, who can actually speak english, and are unable to show it in the EN server..
  19. Micenasty

    Micenasty Master of Cheese

    now I won't be able to speak on english server. thx ._.
  20. Zarastroika
    Fed Up

    Zarastroika Professional Mouse

    Absurd· -_- I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese, now, even speaking a good English, I can't normally talk with my friends in EN1· ¡Damnit IPs! :mad:
    But I understand, when I played there, especially BRs speak only in Portuguese, and most would not understand anything, was inconvenient· :msad:
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