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  1. Ork

    What was the last thing you ate/drank?

    Fried Chicken!
  2. Ork

    Forums Do interviews in the CFM website

    In the old Cheese-For-Mice there was a page which some Staffs (Admins, Mods, Sentis and Mapcrews) and some famous players were interviewed, it was very fun. Could be a good option to the blog!
  3. Ork

    Denied Be able to submit your own avatar in the CFM Website

    Something like that:
  4. Ork

    Forums CFM website button

    Hey, I'd like to sugges to add a button in the top button bar to redirect to the CFM WebSite.
  5. Ork


    Hello, I'm Ork, I'm 19 years old and I'm brazilian.I don't like to speak about my personal life sorry :cfm_mousetongue: You can find me on Transformice doing funcorp at least twice a week or in A801 forums. I'm a BR Sentinel, if you need some help or informations, feel free to ask me!