Transformice resolution

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Hello mice, I came to give you a suggestion that can save everyone.
This suggestion involves the resolution of the transformice, for those who do not know the transformice has a very standard resolution, it is adapted for those who play on a small monitor, If you have a large monitor, you must suffer to see the mice 1 cm high on your screen for that I came to give an idea that can help the transformation a lot.
A resolution option, with that we can change how we want, to help us mere mortals to see the mouse on the screen.

This is an example edited by me.

Look how my screen looks when I play transformice 782

It is impossible, the game's full screen is bad, as it has maps that require you to see outside the full screen.
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I would post this over at the official Atelier801 forum. This section is meant solely for Cheeseformice related issues and suggestions as we are not directly affiliated with the company. This is a fansite.