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Originally from Kiss My Geek. Slightly abridged from original interview for clarifications.

Hello Melibellule and Tigrounette and welcome to Kiss My Geek’s mayhem. Before we talk about your amazing game Transformice, let’s talk about the amazing developers behind it. Can you tell us who you are, and how you met?
It’ll remain a mystery! Mwahaha! We met at work, and since we always take our breaks together, we said “hey, why don’t we make a small game ?” ^^

How did you get the idea to work together?
Before Transformice, I had already made some multiplayer games, but they were really ugly! I've always wanted to make a game with nice graphics, and since we get along well, I couldn't miss this opportunity. :p

What did you have in mind when you began working on Transformice?
It’s true that at the beginning, we really had no big ambitions. We were just curious about what we could do, and we never really strained our heads over it. I wouldn't say it was done completely free-style, but something close ^^

What were the differents steps in making Transformice?
The main idea was to launch something as soon as possible, no matter what. I personally think that when making a game, the most important thing is to have something playable as soon as possible. All the "cool" stuff and features may look good on paper, but they can be very time/motivation-consuming to put in place. And as Meli said, when we saw that the players enjoyed the game so much, it motivated us to improve it quickly!

How would you explain your game’s concept to a new player?
Yeah, as simple as that! Although there are many subtleties that make it addictive. :p

Is Transformice the game you wanted it to be at the start?
At the beginning, we just wanted to make a game that people would love playing, so I’m very satisfied with what Transformice became! And that's for one simple reason : Transformice is a multiplayer game, so the more players you get, the better! And in this area, we can say we are very content ^^

What is the most amusing part of your game?
Well first of all, what I love is making multiplayers mini-games. Seeing all these people interacting with each other and having fun together, it’s really magical. But what I like the most which is new for me with Transformice, is working with someone else, and it’s clearly a lot more fun and motivating than working all alone in a corner. Even if it’s not always easy to coordinate. ^^

What's in Transformice’s future?
We don't plan to make any "radical" changes in the near future. Just continuing to make the game better, little by little !

If you had to sum up Transformice in a few numbers, what would they be?
It’s 140 million cheese gathered, more than 750 years of playing time, and more than 100,000 maps created with the map editor!

For a lot of people, you are the perfect representation of the indie game developer’s dream, created by two people and now played by thousands. What advice would you give to those who would like to make an indie game?
Well first of all, Transformice is not an indie game, but an amateur game. It was never thought up to be lucrative. As Meli said, we really weren’t expecting such a success, and it was a good surprise :p As for advice, I’d say that you shouldn’t make a game with someone you don’t really trust, and avoid gathering too many people at the start. Our biggest strength is that we get along very well, and we’re very complementary to each other. ^^

What’s your greatest wish for Transformice?
I love improving Transformice, we always get more and more feedback from our growing community! Even if sometimes they like to complain a lot too. :p

Do you think there is some kind of limit in Transformice’s growth that shouldn't be exceeded, or is this something you haven't thought about yet?
I admit that I never thought about that! For me, the only limit is the servers’ capacity. ^^

Does your success scare you? How far would you like to go with it?
Ah, I’m not afraid! I think it’s just great, it opens so many doors at the same time ^^ Of course, decision making becomes more difficult! :p

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of working with someone else?
I don’t really see any disadvantages of working with another person. It can only be a problem if the other person is not competent, which is something that really didn’t happen to me ^^ (Melibellule is the stubborn one!)

What are the main criticisms you hear?
I have to say, there are very few "real" criticisms about how we manage the game. We keep on improving it without asking anything in return, and I think that appeals to many players.

And the most beautiful compliments?
Hehe, my favorite comment at the moment is: "Transformice is a game about human condition"

What are your short and long term projects? Personal and professional, of course!
Conquer the wooooorld!

Are you going to make changes to Transformice? What kinds?
Well, we’ll continue to update the game, adding new things little by little: the official forum (which is now alive and kicking !, a clan system for making up teams, new outfits, new concepts, and new surprises!

Is there a question people never ask you that you’d like to answer here?
Eeeh… I must say, I don’t really like being asked questions *crawls away*

Comments (410)