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    [19:53] [Rambololol][Pyrokinesis] then maybe ppl will '^' to your comments and you'll feel youre actually being funny
    [19:53] [Rambololol] LOL
    [19:53] [Rambololol] people will '^'
    [19:53] [Pyrokinesis] want a translation to pt bro
    [19:53] [Honglaaaa] 2 so many people
    [19:54] [Sketchh] added to the archives
    [19:54] [Isachan] what is '^'
    [19:54] [Evalolol] '^'
    [19:54] [Pinpenski] '^'
    [19:54] [Isachan] is it like shuting the fuck up
    [19:54] [Honglaaaa] hi friends
    [19:54] [Pyrokinesis] took you 10 minutes to understand the sentence
    [19:54] [Rambololol] '^'
    [19:54] [Pinpenski] LOL
    Thanks to Isachan, we gathered 12 cheese!
    You're the shaman! Help your disciples to get the cheese!
    [19:54] [Evalolol] ^
    [19:54] [Evalolol] '^' os mitos
    Honglaaaa has disconnected.
    [19:54] [Vadexeleven] ^ this
    [19:54] [Evalolol] '-'
    [19:54] [Pyrokinesis] ILL LOSE
    Jettofake has disconnected.
    [19:54] [Pyrokinesis] I WON
    [19:54] [Vadexeleven] ^
    [19:54] [Rambololol] ofcourse it took me a while

    Submitted by Pinpenski - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 0

    Yannywolf i like the leqim guy lets date
    38 minutes ago
    Leqim we are dating now
    34 minutes ago
    Jordynl Congratulations!
    33 minutes ago

    Submitted by Yannywolf - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 1

    • Video "FitnessGram 20-Meter PACER Test OFFICIAL AUDIO (Part 1)", submitted by Cheesepoot
    [Kineticstars] PLEASE
    [Lycheetea] SOTP
    [Arrenjay] this is death waiting to happen -_-
    [Lycheetea] SDKADJLKAJDKAD
    [Kineticstars] STOP THIS
    [Arrenjay] wtf is this shit?
    [Majam15] im done
    [Ilikequeefs] i did this in pe
    [Ytstarrocker] LOL
    [Majam15] esey
    [Blewproyoshi] you realize i dont do sham for a reason
    [Arrenjay] i did too
    [Kineticstars] one
    [Blewproyoshi] are you kidding me
    [Cheesepoot] two
    [Kineticstars] two
    [Blewproyoshi] this is elementary school p e
    [Cheesepoot] three
    [Whirlwind789] three
    [Kineticstars] three
    [Whirlwind789] four
    [Cheesepoot] four
    [Blewproyoshi] four
    [Ytstarrocker] four
    [Kineticstars] four
    [Serkangg] for
    [Whirlwind789] fivr
    [Cheesepoot] five
    [Kineticstars] five
    [Serkangg] five
    [Lycheetea] five
    [Arrenjay] how long is this?!
    [Whirlwind789] six
    [Cheesepoot] six
    [Blewproyoshi] six
    [Kineticstars] six
    [Serkangg] six
    [Whirlwind789] seven
    [Kineticstars] seven
    [Serkangg] seven
    [Kineticstars] end of level one
    [Amyfoxy] seven
    [Cheesepoot] end of level one
    [Kineticstars] eight
    [Cheesepoot] eight
    [Whirlwind789] nine
    [Blewproyoshi] end of le
    [Cheesepoot] nine
    [Kineticstars] nine
    [Cheesepoot] ten
    [Kineticstars] ten
    [Blewproyoshi] end of level 1

    Submitted by Cheesepoot - Comments (0)
  4. Rating: 1

    > [100] [Noiseb] your peepee is so small it doesnt even give me ticklesss
    < [Noiseb] my peepee has a rare condition why would you say that :(

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 0

    [Kijanaii] HOW TO TRICH SOMEONE: text a friend and say u lost ur phone and ask em to call uTHE TRICK IS: u need to have ur phone to actually text em. XD

    Submitted by Iceswirl - Comments (0)
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    [23:02] [Blissypooh] i love u
    [23:02] [Sirspoon] i love u2
    [23:02] [Yuvenne] love you 3
    [23:02] [Sirspoon] love u 4
    [23:02] [Yuvenne] My dick

    Submitted by Sirspoon - Comments (0)
  7. Rating: 1

    < [21:27] [Kingmausey] how DO spiders even have sex
    < [21:27] [Kingmausey] that's a little
    < [21:27] [Kingmausey] strange
    > [21:27] [e2] [Kingmausey] i bet you could find out
    > [21:27] [e2] [Kingmausey] on the
    > [21:27] [e2] [Kingmausey] web

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  8. Rating: 0

    > [e2] [Xxbluestar] you smell like failed abortion
    < [Xxbluestar] :^) thanks its my new colonge

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 0

    < [Rosehearttts] who do you want to be in the play?
    > [e2] [Rosehearttts] Not sure,
    > [e2] [Rosehearttts] Theres Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, The King
    > [e2] [Rosehearttts] The Knife
    > [e2] [Rosehearttts] XDD
    < [Rosehearttts] LMFAO
    < [Rosehearttts] YES
    < [Rosehearttts] YOU'LL PLAY THE KNIFE
    < [Rosehearttts] LET ME JUST SUPLEX U OVER MY HEAD
    > [e2] [Rosehearttts] LOL

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  10. Rating: 1

    > [e2] [Ooinfinity] same like baby plant plz fuck me

    Submitted by Flufferbug - Comments (1)
  11. Rating: 1

    • [Scouramylove] i have three pieces of those big square pieces of gum in my mouth currently
    • [Scouramylove] my jaw hurts
    • [Scouramylove] they call xen jaw breaker for a reason
    • [Scouramylove] ;^)))))))))))))
    • [Ilovekosho] ohmygod
    • [Xenguy] that made me hard
    • [Xenguy] thanks scour >:^(
    • [Scouramylove] np :^)
    • [Mayfloweraj] shoves xen's tail up his own ass
    • [Mayfloweraj] shoves bouquet of flowers into xens mouth
    • [Suppacaty] u two r kinky
    • [Suppacaty] xen being an actual jaw breaker candy is kink shame worthy :^((
    • [Mayfloweraj] h u s h
    • [Suppacaty] those things r shitty anyway
    • [Scouramylove] ikr
    • [Xenguy] i like them
    • [Xenguy] i have lots of experience in sucking after all
    • [Scouramylove] i-

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: 1


    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 1

    [Xenguy] Im wondering if i should spend my 16 dollars or save them for a horny day
    [Xenguy] RAINY******

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 0

    • [Xenguy] casually eats mice
    • [Xenguy] RICE****

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 1

    [Xenguy] Im gonna go put creampie on my cupcakes
    [Xenguy] CREAM****

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 1

    [Xenguy] I LOVE THAT DONG-
    [Xenguy] SONG*****

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 0

    [Scouramylove] i haven;t had a nipple of something
    [Scouramylove] *NIBBLE

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  18. Rating: 1

    • [Suppacaty] [Scouramylove] why does this soda taste like puppies

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  19. Rating: 1


    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 0

    • Scouramylove received the rank Mmm yes dong.

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 1

    [Xonlygirlxxx] daddy dom looking for little ;)
    Windhands just connected.

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    [Suppacaty] > [Xenguy] do u have any cabbage today?> [Xenguy] MUSE*************< [e2] [Xenguy] wHAT< [e2] [Xenguy] WHAT> [Xenguy] WHY DID I-< [e2] [Xenguy] LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO
    [Suppacaty] i cAnt
    [Mayfloweraj] LMFAO
    [Mayfloweraj] xEN HOW
    [Mayfloweraj] H O W
    [Xenguy] IDK I WAS SLEEPY AND-
    [Suppacaty] im dyING
    [Mayfloweraj] YES
    [Mayfloweraj] SO U CAN PUT IT ON HIS HEAD

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 1

    < [Suppacaty] do u have any cabbage today?
    < [Suppacaty] MUSE*************
    > [e2] [Suppacaty] wHAT
    > [e2] [Suppacaty] WHAT
    < [Suppacaty] WHY DID I-
    > [e2] [Suppacaty] LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 1

    • [Omimarrs] I sexually Identify as a Totino’s Pizza Roll.
    • [Xenguy] a totino roll lmfao

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 1

    [Diablogaw] wtf u jerks pushed me off
    [Xenguy] welcome to transformice
    [Noo0ooo0oooo] ^

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 1

    [Satantheanti] My dick got cuaght on the corner
    [Smokebome] My dick got caught in the ceiling fan
    [Natellysim] my dick got caught in a blender
    [Natellysim] is this not how you masturbate
    [Satantheanti] No
    [Natellysim] you never taught me dad

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 1

    • [Ilovekosho] the office.
    • [Crumbley] what.
    • [Mayfloweraj] the office??
    • [Xenguy] oH, ive never watched it
    • [Suppacaty] the shOW
    • [Crumbley] never heard of it
    • [Ilovekosho] GO WATCH IT.
    • [Mayfloweraj] i thought you meant an actual office and i said WE DONT HAVE AN OFFICE XEN SHOVED IT UP HIS ASS
    • [Xenguy] LMFAO MAY
    • [Crumbley] may plis
    • [Mayfloweraj] he did fam

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 1

    [Elizabethjoy] I wanna snowball you Codey
    [Elizabethjoy] too late
    [Synge] xD
    [Satantheanti] Is that a sexual innuendo
    [Synge] yes
    [Elizabethjoy] LOL
    [Synge] shes pregnant now
    [Satantheanti] I'm not drunk enough

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  29. Rating: 1

    • [Xenguy] i know
    • [Xenguy] but suppa's dad is still hot
    • [Suppacaty] looks at list of people never meeting my dad
    • [Suppacaty] adds xen
    • [Xenguy] LMAO
    • [Scouramylove] LMFAO

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 1

    < [Suppacaty] ^:)
    < [Suppacaty] OH SHIT
    < [Suppacaty] LMFAO
    < [Suppacaty] POOR SMILY
    > [e2] [Suppacaty] LOL
    < [Suppacaty] FUCKIGN REKT

    Submitted by Xenguy - Comments (0)