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  1. Rating: 1

    • [Rockfur] [Rockfur] you can't tell me what to do you cunt
    • [Rockfur] im so nice
    • [Creir] fsgdf
    • [Creir] [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    • [Creir] [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir Milk Me!
    [20:55] [Chokeaho] creir
    • Calvintot has disconnected.
    • [Rockfur] this tribe is an masterpiece
    • [Lenience] Indeed.

    Submitted by Rockfur - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 1

    [Realcheeseh] what am i doing with my life
    [Luvsassy] fucking me everynight
    [Imzahzo] playing a pixelated rat game

    Submitted by Realcheeseh - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 1

    [Frosttiger] [Udieow] Kill Frost for being disgusting
    [Mintcloudouo] Frost isnt disgusting :0
    [Udieow] You were breathing
    [Frosttiger] I WASN'T breating
    [Frosttiger] breathing*
    [Udieow] Oh
    [Skyedaily] OH @$%#
    [Mintcloudouo] Disgusting for breathing or being perverted..?
    [Udieow] Eh
    [Udieow] Pick one
    [Squekums] breathings for the weak
    [Kiwibeans] but you were breating, which is worst.
    [Frosttiger] ik
    [Yukithewolfy] oh mY goD
    [Frosttiger] I';m sorry

    Submitted by Frosttiger - Comments (0)
  4. Rating: 1

    [Mintcloudouo] [Skyedaily] Friend's are like pubes, you get rid of one and another one takes it's place.
    [Squekums] words of wisdom by skye
    [Yukithewolfy] where have you all been
    [Therealcedz] thats the worst analogy ive ever heard

    Ahah best chatroom ever

    Submitted by Frosttiger - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 1

    [20:20] [Shironon] i really need a blue tissue to sneeze on
    [20:20] [Bluetissue] thanks #!@$ u

    Submitted by Shironon - Comments (0)
  6. Rating: 2

    • [Realcheeseh] DONE WITH LIFE
    • [Realcheeseh] CHEESE MISS
    • [Jessuki] cheesey calm your hormones

    Submitted by Realcheeseh - Comments (0)
  7. Rating: 1

    > [Buffeh] dix b4 chix
    Buffeh has disconnected.

    Submitted by Assashin - Comments (0)
  8. Rating: 1

    < [17:25] [Nebraskagirl] How much will $20 get me?
    > [17:25] [EN] [Nebraskagirl] It'll get you a water bottle engraved with your enitials.
    < [17:26] [Nebraskagirl] But i want... You know.
    > [17:27] [EN] [Nebraskagirl] Not enough money, check Miley Cyrus

    Submitted by Aceanimaljam - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 1

    > [EN] [Cutejassy] Do u know any famous explores?
    < [Cutejassy] YES
    > [EN] [Cutejassy] Yea but not yet
    < [Cutejassy] do do do- do Dora :D

    Submitted by Daisylol - Comments (0)
  10. Rating: 1

    [Excite] Let's play Family Feud just because
    Cheeeeeese *-* (25.23s)
    [Saltcheese] aye
    [Numanshafiq] wowie that miss
    [Hoshibutt] oo! pick me!
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Excite] "Name a place where it's not acceptable for a man to wear shorts?"
    [Hoshibutt] i wanna be on ur team pick me!!!! oh!!! meeee
    [Leonboss] Bye excite
    [Saltcheese] o.o
    [Excite] BYE LEON
    [Hoshibutt] meeeeeee pick mee
    [Leonboss] I will look for a souris
    [Hoshibutt] PICK ME
    [Excite] OK
    [Excite] HOSHI
    [Hoshibutt] in space
    [Excite] YES
    Crullebulle is now your shaman, follow her!
    [Excite] YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [Hoshibutt] his weiner will get cold
    [Hoshibutt] YASSSS
    [Excite] and fall off
    [Excite] TRUE story
    [Hoshibutt] and go booom

    Submitted by Hoshibutt - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 1

    [15:03] [Coolaxer] Im so done.. for some reason there is a sticky substance coming out of my private

    Submitted by Aceanimaljam - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: 0

    [Bretjr] mk

    -Liv dies cause I find her 5 seconds later-

    [Bretjr] :)
    [Livcorish] cries

    Submitted by Bretjr - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 1

    • [12:34] [Kitkathylu] I forgot the assword already

    Submitted by Jtien - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 1


    Submitted by Stilecroft - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 1

    Slide as if it was the end of your life

    Submitted by Ddestroyy - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 1

    [Epiclovexoxo] thats what they all sat

    Submitted by Ilovli - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 0

    • [Lightnaid] pandas are not gay
    • [Aquavion] lol
    • [Wingedtaco] are you sure light
    • [Aquavion] i like red pandas
    • [Lightnaid] they are biosexual
    • [Wingedtaco] shet
    • [Glitchhope] XD
    • [Aquavion] lol
    • [Arshtheboss] lol
    • [Arshtheboss] lol

    Submitted by Glitchhope - Comments (0)
  18. Rating: 1

    • [Tomstoms] gubs are you a woman?
    • [Biellinduu] smd
    • [Biellinduu] yes
    • [Biellinduu] havent u seen my vagina yet?

    Submitted by Tomstoms - Comments (0)
  19. Rating: 1

    • [Wiindeck] take my colourful sperm
    • Shirtup has left the tribe.

    Submitted by Realcheeseh - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 1

    [Pollopurkki] dear lucifer give that guy a ball, so he can feel what it is to be man when i kick him balls in him throat

    Submitted by Leonboss - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 0

    [Duckyanime] Kitten say something happy :o
    [Kittencutez] something happy
    [Duckyanime] Yeah like
    [Duckyanime] Im olaf I like warm hugs
    [Duckyanime] c:
    [Kittencutez] XD

    Submitted by Kittencutez - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 0

    One must love a cat on its own terms. -Sage (Peter Gray)

    Submitted by Sagegem - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 0

    > [Spermrat] what r u wearing
    < [Spermrat] khakis
    > [Spermrat] thats hot
    > [Spermrat] i hope they have pizza stains on them

    Submitted by Assashin - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 1

    > [20:05] [EN] [Knicksfans] At a friend's hoe today.
    > [20:05] [EN] [Knicksfans] house*
    < [20:05] [Knicksfans] Hoe.

    Submitted by Snkmikasa - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: -1

    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Honeyytail] i cri
    [Xsasha] evrytim
    [Honeyytail] ^
    [Xsasha] *Blows nose into hand*
    [Xsasha] *Wipes snot on Honey* oQo
    [Honeyytail] o.......o
    [Honeyytail] you scare me q-q
    [Xsasha] B-but senpai~
    [Honeyytail] I--i'm sorry... It just.. won't work out..
    [Xsasha] ;///////////;

    Submitted by Xsasha - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 1

    [Superroco] Hey, Lindseigh
    [Superroco] 60 bootcamps
    [Sacrednight] good for you
    [Sacrednight] bootcamp
    [Sacrednight] is a waste of time
    [Sacrednight] js
    [Superroco] nO
    [Sacrednight] it is.
    [Sacrednight] pLEASE
    [Superroco] it changes your life PLS.
    [Sacrednight] you're a waste of time
    [Sacrednight] flips hair
    [Sacrednight] walks away sassily
    [Sacrednight] lMAOOO
    [Superroco] trying to get you to orGASM IS A WASTE OF TIME.
    [Sacrednight] %#!@ YOU TOO
    [Sacrednight] stabs
    [Sacrednight] eats
    [Sacrednight] I'M SO DONE
    [Sacrednight] I CAN'T BREATHE
    [Sacrednight] OMG
    [Superroco] LOL
    [Sacrednight] pERFECT TIMING
    [Sacrednight] I'M SO FUCKIGN DONE
    [Sacrednight] NODAH
    [Sacrednight] MAYBE I WOULD

    Submitted by Superroco - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 3

    [Chiaotzu] candy you're so hot i wanna wrAp u up in tape and finger ur orfices then rip all the tape off witrh ur hair so u can swim faster through my semen

    Submitted by Assashin - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 0

    Thejkb had just unlocked the «Gravity Master ★★★★★★★★» title.
    [Thejkb] i need a life

    Submitted by Superroco - Comments (1)
  29. Rating: 1

    [Sacrednight] nodeh
    [Sacrednight] nODEH
    [Sacrednight] nOOOOOODEHHHHHHHHH
    [Sacrednight] nodehhhhh
    [Sacrednight] i NEED AN ADULT
    [Sacrednight] nODAH
    [Sacrednight] SAVE ME
    [Sacrednight] CRIES
    [Sacrednight] oH SHIT
    [Sacrednight] NODAH
    [Sacrednight] AHHHHHHHHH
    [Sacrednight] HE'S GONNA RAPE ME
    [Sacrednight] and he's an adult
    [Sacrednight] ok
    [Superroco] sorry wasnt listening
    [Sacrednight] wOW
    [Sacrednight] YOU FUCKING
    [Sacrednight] cries
    [Superroco] yw.

    Submitted by Superroco - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 1

    [17:18] [Rohanthebest] Whats up
    [17:18] [Azaleae] your gas prices

    Submitted by Rohanthebest - Comments (0)