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  1. Rating: 1

    [Vionii] Yousof tell me is 12am midday or midnight
    [Yousof] it's your ass dumbass.
    [Vionii] No srsly
    [Yousof] :3
    [Speedypants] Please its midday vi
    [Yousof] Mostly midday.
    [Vionii] It's midnight
    [Vionii] NO
    [Speedypants] lool
    [Vionii] IT'S MIDNIGHT
    [Yousof] Stfu liar.
    [Vionii] 12 am is midnight
    [Yousof] MIDDAY
    [Speedypants] lie
    [Vionii] MIDNIGHT
    [Yousof] HAHAHAHAHA
    [Yousof] MIDDAY
    [Vionii] MIDNIGHTTT
    [Yousof] MIDDAY
    [Speedypants] midday
    [Vionii] MIDNIGHT
    [Vionii] MIDNIGHTT
    [Yousof] HAHAHA
    [Speedypants] vi please learn your time c:
    [Vionii] it's MIDNIGHT
    [Speedypants] NOPE
    [Yousof] I'll go eat.
    [Yousof] but before i leave Vionii
    [Vionii] MIDNIGHT
    [Yousof] I'll tell you one thing vionii.
    [Vionii] MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!
    [Yousof] Want to hear it?
    [Vionii] NO IT'S MIDNIGHT
    [Yousof] Ok, u don't want to hear my words.
    [Yousof] Bye, i'll eat.
    [Vionii] ok ok what is it
    [Yousof] ...
    [Yousof] MIDDAY!
    [Yousof] AHAHAHA
    [Vionii] YOU BTICH
    [Yousof] BYE.

    Submitted by Vionii - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 1

    [07:31] [Aqwxcvvbnjkl] in traitor i always win coz they dont have the time to write my name

    Submitted by Aliswift - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 1

    < [Cfmbot] Hi
    > [EN] [Cfmbot] Ohai Kittencutez! That paintbrush makes you look super prettiful! :3
    < [Cfmbot] Thanks :D
    > [EN] [Cfmbot] Invalid command. Type '/c Cfmbot help' for a list of commands
    < [Cfmbot] ...
    > [EN] [Cfmbot]

    Submitted by Kittencutez - Comments (0)
  4. Rating: 1

    > [EN] [Soupiei] Satisfy my SADISTIC HUNGER I BEG OF YOU
    < [Soupiei] seks
    > [EN] [Soupiei] I need someone to satisfy my sadistic enjoyment..
    < [Soupiei] seks?
    > [EN] [Soupiei] ..I can do that.. but something has to be torture in it..
    < [Soupiei] what about seks
    > [EN] [Soupiei] that isn't torture..
    < [Soupiei] if you do it with me it is torture

    Submitted by Vionii - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 2

    [Microrealist] transformice more like virgins club

    Submitted by Slicelet - Comments (0)
  6. Rating: 0

    • [Chizwizss] wb
    • [Modythebeast] WB VIONI
    • [Vionii] thankss. just now i was stuck with the bug thing and i decided to troll people in 801 and it was sooo funny
    • [Modythebeast] i want to troll too
    • [Chizwizss] hi guys i'm gay.
    • [Vionii] when there is the bug, people who went off can't log in anymore right
    • [Modythebeast] noone can login
    • [Vionii] but there are still some people in 801 who had been online
    • [Modythebeast] i was trying
    • [Vionii] then i saw this person in 801 called Kevjuli, he is still online and he is not afk
    • [Vionii] then i logged in as a guest called Kevjuli
    • [Vionii] he was like "what? o-o"
    • [Modythebeast] lol
    • [Vionii] then i logged in another guest called KevHelpMe
    • [Vionii] then he said "help what?"
    • [Vionii] then i logged in another guest called ByRelogging
    • [Modythebeast] WOW
    • [Modythebeast] *the devil stands up and claps*

    Submitted by Vionii - Comments (0)
  7. Rating: 3


    [Wortholomew] hello, my name is wortholomew. when i was 15 years old my house burned down. for my bday today i want balls and fish. thank you to anyone who helps. merry christmas

    Submitted by Bluemoonblue - Comments (1)
  8. Rating: 6

    [Bluemoonblue] shut up you sent your nudes for gold on World of Warcraft so,,

    [Nasro] no 1 likes you

    [Bluemoonblue] :^(

    Submitted by Takeorkeep - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 0

    Swiss cheese is the best! Your hypothesis is full of holes.

    Submitted by Hamshanky - Comments (0)
  10. Rating: 2

    > [Girlisgirl] die in a cunt

    Submitted by Assashin - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 1

    [Prolest] anyone else notice my legs disappear when I run?

    Submitted by Sindrawolf - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: 1

    • [18:26] [Kayleekitti] i wish i can wake up with am--//SHOT
    • [18:27] Croxco has disconnected.
    • [18:27] [Kayleekitti] my 5sos scared crox away :c

    Submitted by Kayleekitti - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 2

    Bannanalord just connected.
    • [16:12] [Coolgreen] Hi you
    • [16:12] [Bannanalord] ewww
    Bannanalord has disconnected.

    Submitted by Gilcatmey - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 1

    • [17:59] [Breaddycat] cries bc i ordered pizza and its been over an hour now ;;
    • [17:59] [Breaddycat] o nvm its here, later!!
    • [17:59] [Iloveeagles] isnt it supposed to be free after an hour
    • [17:59] [Rosuuri] at the last second
    • [17:59] [Kayleekitti] LMAO
    • [17:59] Breaddycat has disconnected.

    Submitted by Kayleekitti - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 1

    [Lmmao] brb
    [Ajstst] brb
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Kittycatz] brb
    [Bunnyfog] brb
    [Blazingrawr] brb
    [Magnetbaby] brb
    [Iworkithard] brb

    Submitted by Kittycatz - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 3

    • [Dsrain] brb my feet smell like ass.
    • [Bgoodwin] where the fuck have you had your feet
    • [Pikaguy] brb my ass smells like feet

    Submitted by Bgoodwin - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 1

    [14:32] [Phuckyouname] [•] 359 fukin pingy
    [14:34] [Phuckyouname] who is lagger
    [14:35] [Phuckyouname] phuck yo lagger

    Submitted by Snkmikasa - Comments (0)
  18. Rating: -1

    [Ponydoll] Guys want to go on a hunt to find Herbert P Bear? He is my husband.
    [~Modération] Ponydoll has been banned for 24 hours. Reason: I work for the EPF and nothing can stop me >:D
    [Warriorcatl] but...
    [~Modération] Warriorcatl has been banned for 24 hours. Reason: No buts.
    Herbertbeaar has just connected.
    [Herbertbeaar] uh.. Is Ponydoll on?
    [~Modération] Nope, banned her.
    Herbertbeaar has disconnected.

    Submitted by Ponydoll - Comments (0)
  19. Rating: 1

    < [12:52] [Simbastion] im playing a game and its realy gay at the moment
    > [12:52] [E2] [Simbastion] uhhhh
    < [12:52] [Simbastion] not this tho

    Submitted by Thegameplayr - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 0

    [Memerulesthe] this game is worser than animal jam .-.

    Submitted by Owlove - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 1

    Your demand has been taken into consideration.
    [~Moderator] Jupduzkoli was banned for 360 hours. Reason: Hack (last warning before account deletion)
    [•] Jupduzkoli has been banned. Karma +1 (22)
    [Epicstargaze] YAY
    Dgdopombal just connected.
    [Kimerii] finally
    [Snappple] Got the mod. <3
    [Kimerii] just delete his acc
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [~Modération] ^
    [Kimerii] lol#
    [Beroze] ............
    [Snappple] lmfao
    [Epicstargaze] LOL
    [Beastwave] HI MOD
    [Nibblerrat] yay good job mod
    [Kurzeme] thought it was insta delete anyway
    [Laurenbunzy] LOL
    [Neonlightnin] ERM NOW WHAT
    [~Modération] ty :DD

    Submitted by Snappple - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    • [Sydoline] The event will end on Monday morning (FR time)! You have only two days left to find the missing relics!
    [Ponydoll] Ok sydo :)
    [Ponydoll] Lol
    [Ponydoll] I like talking 2 the admins

    Submitted by Ponydoll - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 1

    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 minutes.
    [05:09] [Itachanpie] rlly
    [05:09] [Tailbrain] nuuuuuuuuuu
    [05:09] [Itachanpie] tig tho
    [05:09] [Tailbrain] TIG U MAN WHORE

    Submitted by Itachanpie - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 1

    [E2] [Laviender] THOT ALERT
    [E2] [Laviender] yep
    [E2] [Torchinspark] that's very thotful of you to say that lav

    Submitted by Rozalin - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 1

    [E2] [Laviender] stahpppp guys
    [E2] [Laviender] no need to GAS me ahp
    [E2] [Laviender] LOL
    [E2] [Laviender] get it
    [E2] [Torchinspark] ha........ha.....................ha
    [E2] [Laviender] cuz
    [E2] [Laviender] gas
    [E2] [Laviender] fire
    [E2] [Laviender] torch
    [E2] [Laviender] your name

    Submitted by Rozalin - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 1

    3, d6, d10, e1, e7, e9, 2, f3, f9, h7 and j6 please
    > [EN] [Tryhardracer] what do you want?
    < [Tryhardracer] I sayed before
    < [Tryhardracer] -.-
    > [EN] [Tryhardracer] how

    Submitted by Ilikefairies - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 2

    < [Tryhardracer] I want fireworks, balls, fishes, spray
    > [EN] [Tryhardracer] sure
    > [EN] [Tryhardracer] i want errr...
    < [Tryhardracer] err
    < [Tryhardracer] I don't have any errr

    Submitted by Ilikefairies - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 1

    [Kittencutez] Mwahaha the cheese is mine!
    [Kittencutez] >:D

    Submitted by Kittencutez - Comments (0)
  29. Rating: 1

    I die you Die Bitch

    Submitted by Helenmelon - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 1

    Kskyer had just unlocked the «Tonnerre de Brest» title.
    Connerdude had just unlocked the «Tonnerre de Brest» title.
    Articclaw had just unlocked the «Tonnerre de Brest» title.
    Campacky had just unlocked the «Tonnerre de Brest» title.
    Madmuder had just unlocked the «Tonnerre de Brest» title.
    Daringflower had just unlocked the «Tonnerre de Brest» title.
    Daringflower had just unlocked the «Here ! Cheese !» title.
    Bellsxoxo had just unlocked the «Tonnerre de Brest» title.


    Submitted by Peppyc - Comments (0)