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  1. Rating: 1

    [Matrixawp] When I'm gone, just carry on
    [Mixtapes] Rejoice everytime you hear the sound of my voice
    [Jazluvsjulia] just know
    [Jazluvsjulia] THAT IM LOOKIN DOWN
    [Jazluvsjulia] AT U SMILIN
    [Cutearwig] and i didnt feel a thing so baby dont feel no pain just smile back

    Submitted by Jazluvsjulia - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 1

    [21:28] [Scootadude] this baby look at me in the bathroom he wanna fk me

    Submitted by Mitenna - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 1

    [Aeon] Yes mercy

    Submitted by Happyratred - Comments (0)
  4. Rating: 1

    • [19:06] [Musabloomix] profile bluestarset
    • [19:06] [Bluestarset] XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    • [19:06] [Musabloomix] ikr
    • [19:06] [Musabloomix] I DID THAT BY PROPOSE
    • [19:06] [Bluestarset] propose X
    • [19:06] [Bluestarset] *X3
    • [19:06] [Musabloomix] lol
    • [19:07] [Mooglo] god the english in this tribe -.-
    • [19:07] [Bluestarset] XD
    • [19:07] [Mordja] such english
    • [19:07] [Mordja] very gramar
    • [19:07] [Mordja] wow
    • [19:07] [Bluestarset] XD
    • [19:07] [Mordja] grammar*
    • [19:07] [Musabloomix] LOL
    • [19:07] [Bluestarset] approved ^^
    • [19:07] [Creidim] ty for correcting that

    Submitted by Mordja - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 0

    • [Hictorc] I have my own date tyvm.
    • [Johnlantern] hict who are you dating
    • [Hictorc] no one.
    • [Hictorc] yet.
    • [Johnlantern] who are the prospects
    • [Johnlantern] let me help you
    • [Hictorc] my best friend.
    • [Hictorc] girl.
    • [Coomecoom] i love how u had to specify the gender
    • [Johnlantern] best friend?
    • [Johnlantern] okay
    • [Hictorc] most people who say best friend always assume same sex and i don't want people to pull the gay card here.
    • [Johnlantern] how long has this friend status been going on
    • [Coomecoom] pshh
    • [Hictorc] 9 months.
    • [Neonpenguin] lmao ikr coom "• [Coomecoom] i love how u had to specify the gender"
    • [Johnlantern] hict you could have had a baby with her already
    • [Hictorc] Not yet. though idk if I want to, or not, jsut because i don't want to ruin the friendship.
    • [Whiskerrs] wow you move fast john

    Submitted by Johnlantern - Comments (0)
  6. Rating: 2

    [16:10] [Jasonol] u keep out great
    [16:10] [Lovelybacon] i am famouse
    [16:10] [Lovelybacon] haha get tit
    [16:10] [Lovelybacon] it*
    [16:10] [Paynees] LOL
    [16:10] [Lovelybacon] wow tit
    [16:10] [Paynees] HAHAHAHHAHAH
    [16:10] [Yubbs] get tits
    [16:10] [Lovelybacon] just the thing i needed

    Submitted by Lovelybacon - Comments (0)
  7. Rating: 2

    [Pandasaursus] if youre horny on transfrmice theres a problem. a boundry has been crossed
    [Spiderbun] There are boundaries?
    [Spiderbun] I never heard of any boundaries.
    [Spiderbun] Fuck knows I tore down those boundaries ages ago
    [Pandasaursus] well given this is a tiny mouse game and doesnt apply to being horny in any way yes there are boundries
    [Pandasaursus] als little kids play this
    [Spiderbun] How does it being a 'tiny mouse game' imply that there are any boundaries whatsoever?
    [Pandasaursus] little kids play this
    [Spiderbun] Oi, games are made by programers, artists, designers, who are adults. Therefore it is an adult game.
    [Lovelybacon] im not horny BECAUSE of tfm im just horny bc of my boyfriend
    [Spiderbun] SO you can go take a child by the hand and escort them offline.
    [Lovelybacon] and im playing tfm to try and ignore them
    [Lovelybacon] them being the texts
    [Spiderbun] Children are to be moderated by their parental units Pandasaursus. If you really want to censor the world it is better to keep the small children off the internet all together because fuck knows there is infinite perverse content online.
    [Spiderbun] Don't ask tfm to do that shit for you or anyone else.
    [Pandasaursus] thats true but knwing theres kids here at least fikter yourself a little bit
    [Spiderbun] Darling, there is a mother fucking filter in place for that very reason. You can literally activate it at any given time should you so desire.
    [Spiderbun] I doubt any children know the hell I'm saying if they really are so young.
    [Yubbs] I don't act in the best interests for children, pls
    [Lovelybacon] i do not know that theres children here
    [Spiderbun] for the love of marhsmallows why
    [Pandasaursus] okay oh my gosh sorry for being wrong
    [Spiderbun] You're fine Pandasaursus, I love you. You're gorgeous. live life to it's fullest.
    [Lovelybacon] more importantly, why are there children here? if they know any better they should move rooms
    [Spiderbun] ^
    [Spiderbun] True dat.
    [Lovelybacon] if they dont move rooms then #!@$ 'em
    [Spiderbun] Where is Tom to be impressed by my words?
    [Spiderbun] I cri evrtim.
    [Pandasaursus] you know what.i love you too, youre amazing. you deesrve the best, go get em
    [Spiderbun] I should know better than waste any of my profound language on children.

    Submitted by Spiderbun - Comments (1)
  8. Rating: 3

    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] shututp
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] shutup*
    [15:25] [Tomassonic] *shut up
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] STFI
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] U
    [15:25] [Tomassonic] *stfu
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] STFU
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] SOTP
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] AGGOT
    [15:25] [Tomassonic] *stop
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] OMG
    [15:25] [Tomassonic] *faggot
    [15:25] [Minifizziliz] ...

    Submitted by Minifizziliz - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 1

    > [e2] [Honeyytail] how do i correct my sins
    < [Honeyytail] pray for forgiveness my child
    < [Honeyytail] and confess your sins to me
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] well, jesus
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] im a male prostitute
    < [Honeyytail] thats rad as fuck son
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] i thought it was a sin jesus
    < [Honeyytail] you are just trying to make a living
    < [Honeyytail] prostitution was around since my age
    < [Honeyytail] and im old
    < [Honeyytail] trust me
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] aw, shit thanks jesus :)
    < [Honeyytail] do you see this beard
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] yes
    < [Honeyytail] remember this beard
    < [Honeyytail] and think of it at night
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] cn i stroke it
    < [Honeyytail] no
    < [Honeyytail] too holy
    < [Honeyytail] for your peasant hands
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] but I want to be cleansed
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] :'(
    < [Honeyytail] drink water
    < [Honeyytail] to be cleansed
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] is it true that holy water is your piss, jesus? :O
    < [Honeyytail] ....
    < [Honeyytail] yes but dont tell the ladies
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] ..
    < [Honeyytail] ;)))
    > [e2] [Honeyytail] ;)))

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (1)
  10. Rating: 1

    [Maggijanek] JAG YOU SINFUL BITCH
    [Jagent] forgive meh
    [Maggijanek] ok

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 2

    [Maggijanek] jag ur my child ok
    [Jagent] lmao
    [Jagent] whos my dad
    [Maggijanek] i am your dad
    [Jagent] LOL
    [Jagent] hi mom/dad
    [Maggijanek] im both your mom and dad
    [Maggijanek] jag ask me if you can go out to friends
    [Jagent] can i go out to friends
    [Maggijanek] ask your dad
    [Maggijanek] B)
    [Jagent] dad can i go out to friends
    [Maggijanek] ask ur mom
    [Maggijanek] B))))
    [Jagent] B))))))))
    [Maggijanek] ask bella
    [Maggijanek] the aunty
    [Scourier] no
    [Nofoxgiven] No.
    [Lalosar] No
    [Fluffiiii] no.
    [Maggijanek] LOLOLOLOL
    [Jagent] Okay bye

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (1)
  12. Rating: 1

    [Jagent] B))))))))
    [Maggijanek] ask bella
    [Nofoxgiven] ^^^
    [Maggijanek] the aunty
    [Maggijanek] xdd
    [Scourier] no
    [Nofoxgiven] No.
    [Maggijanek] ^
    [Lalosar] No
    [Fluffiiii] no.
    [Maggijanek] LOLOLOLOL
    [Jagent] Okay bye

    Submitted by Fluffiiii - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 1


    Submitted by Crookedetu - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 1

    08] [Bienylen] hai
    > [20:08] [e2] [Bienylen] hai
    < [20:08] [Bienylen] stahp copying meh
    > [20:08] [e2] [Bienylen] stahp copying meh
    < [20:08] [Bienylen] i said stahp
    > [20:08] [e2] [Bienylen] i said stahp
    < [20:09] [Bienylen] stahp
    > [20:09] [e2] [Bienylen] stahp
    < [20:09] [Bienylen] i said sthap!!
    > [20:09] [e2] [Bienylen] i said sthap!!
    < [20:09] [Bienylen] stahp
    > [20:09] [e2] [Bienylen] stahp

    Submitted by Bienylen - Comments (1)
  15. Rating: 1

    [Lifeisgloomy] when u don't play tfm for a while u don't know wut to do
    [Brownbead] That happens to be the case for most of us :P

    Submitted by Killingrex - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 1

    > [e2] [Snowstarxxxx] XD i wonder howmany puns there are in the world
    < [Snowstarxxxx] Countless
    < [Snowstarxxxx] It's imPUNsible to know them all
    > [e2] [Snowstarxxxx] Im going to PUNish you if you keep saying puns
    < [Snowstarxxxx] Ahem....
    > [e2] [Snowstarxxxx] *looks down at floor*
    < [Snowstarxxxx] Look, I'm not trying to step on your pota-toes, but it's nacho place to say who can and can't pun. I've been making puns for a long thyme and stopping would put My reputation at steak. Can't our puns just coeggsist? Lettuce know.

    Submitted by Monatilus - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 1

    [Bruxism] fuck me in an irish pub and call me stephanie

    Submitted by Gobulls - Comments (0)
  18. Rating: 0

    [Ooinfinity] i wana fuck the guy who has 6 pack

    Submitted by Happyratred - Comments (1)
  19. Rating: 1

    [Someguygood] niggaaa.....

    Submitted by Happyratred - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 1

    • [Duckfeather] why did i read peasants as peanuts
    • [Lgreenbunny] ^^^^^^
    • [Rohanthebest] You can be a peanut if u want. But people will think that ur nuts
    • [Duckfeather] that was nut funny roh :///
    • [Rohanthebest] Not any kind of nuts. DEEZ NUTS
    • [Duckfeather] CAN U NUT
    • [Rohanthebest] That sounds wrong...
    • [Lgreenbunny] ikr

    Submitted by Rohanthebest - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 2

    [Xxleenxx] balloon me bitch
    [Creaturenerd] Well aren't you a little princess?
    [Ateryz] lmao

    Submitted by Creaturenerd - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    [Bananastraw] all my clans get abandoned and im left there alone ;-;
    [Creaturenerd] Maybe it's meant to be that way
    [Houndoomer] that is sad

    Submitted by Creaturenerd - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 1

    [Mistialie] your dick is too small
    [Weonboss] it's huge
    [Weonboss] im so rich i had it surgically enhanced
    [~Moderator] Weonboss can not speak for 1 hours. Reason: Homophobic language isn't tolerated.

    Submitted by Jazluvsjulia - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 2

    > [e2] [Conester] What's the similarity between a gynecologist and a pizza delivery man?
    < [Conester] idk
    > [e2] [Conester] Answer: They both smell it, but they can't eat it

    Submitted by Leonboss - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 6

    • [Jagent] what does tyt mean :(
    • [Kkkebab] Touch your tits

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 1

    [16:04] [Lovelybacon] how did i get first
    [16:04] [Lovelybacon] what the fuck
    [16:05] [Deetea] You got 1st because everyone else turned their monitors off

    Submitted by Lovelybacon - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 1

    Iphone story...

    • [19:19] [Kkkebab] FUCKING ANTIVIRUS
    • [19:20] [Kkkebab] "Jailbreak Failed ( Error 1105 ) "
    • [19:20] [Kkkebab] I got to see the error 1105
    • [19:20] [Kkkebab] -1105 it may be caused by antivirus software
    • [19:20] [Kkkebab] Im going to burn my self
    • [19:20] [Kkkebab] Bye and take care
    • [19:20] [Emmlan] kool kidz don't get errors
    • [19:20] [Kkkebab] Shush u sushi.
    • [19:21] [Kkkebab] That should to be quoted.
    • [19:21] [Emmlan] fucking nerd

    Submitted by Kkkebab - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 2

    • [17:06] [Yummuffin] uM
    • [17:06] [Yummuffin] I CANT SEE
    • [17:06] [Yummuffin] HELP
    • [17:07] [Tomassonic] sorry i tried to aim the mouth
    • [17:07] [Tomassonic] accidently cummed ur eyes

    Submitted by Minifizziliz - Comments (0)
  29. Rating: 2

    [~Moderator] Patrudez was banned for 360 hour(s). Reason: Hack (last warning before account deletion)
    [Hanziie] ^
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Specialkness] well then
    [Raxielchoi] rev
    [Extremeraver] wolw
    [Extremeraver] are you shitting me
    [Specialkness] That was quick
    [Lovelybacon] nice
    [Grawly] nice
    [Lovelybacon] ill just pretend i got first
    [Lovelybacon] gj myself
    [Hanziie] gj bacon
    [Lovelybacon] ty hanz
    [Specialkness] gj Lovelyqt <33 so pro
    [~Modération] Gj, Lovelybacon
    [Hanziie] ^
    [Lovelybacon] oh
    [Lovelybacon] thanks moderator
    [Grawly] whoa

    Submitted by Specialkness - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 1

    • [Ibonov] maggi bella
    • [Maggijanek] yes nov
    • [Ibonov] im on my period this is the first time what should i do
    • [Maggijanek] nov you're a boy

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (0)