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  1. Rating: 1

    [Hodono] is there a guy willing to be my soul mate if ur interested whisper me
    [Umbreonpanda] IM A GENDERLESS PANDA
    [Princessdjay] how
    [Umbreonpanda] LOVE ME
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Princessdjay] will you ever have kids
    [Kawaiicharmz] I WILL LOVE YOU
    [Umbreonpanda] SHAM YOU DONT LOVE ME
    [Umbreonpanda] I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIEND
    [Kawaiicharmz] I VOLENTEER

    Submitted by Umbreonpanda - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 1

    [Creepercrat] Did ya get a warlock or something to help you have thous children?
    Thanks to Jellybeanmc, we gathered 0 cheese!
    [Kawaiicharmz] No
    [Kawaiicharmz] it's all in the hands
    [Umbreonpanda] Magic
    [Umbreonpanda] Its magic
    [Umbreonpanda] Get it right, cx

    Submitted by Umbreonpanda - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 1

    [Rwalker] lol it wouldnt let me jump stupid keys
    [Umbreonpanda] Kinky, you say?
    [Kawaiicharmz] oh yus
    [Umbreonpanda] Oh~
    [Kawaiicharmz] he knows how to start a party
    [Creepercrat] How the hell do you have children with a pumpkin?
    [Kawaiicharmz] magic
    [Umbreonpanda] Magic
    [Princessdjay] magic
    [Bonnneh] yey
    [Umbreonpanda] With magic, you can do everything.
    No cheese for you! ^_^

    Submitted by Umbreonpanda - Comments (0)
  4. Rating: 1

    [Creepercrat] Wait.... wait, wait, wait. You had children... with a pumpkin???
    [Umbreonpanda] pls
    [Kawaiicharmz] 7
    [Kawaiicharmz] to be exact
    [Princessdjay] ISNT THAT CLEAR
    [Kawaiicharmz] that ball
    [Bonnneh] lol yasss that beach balll
    [Umbreonpanda] I thought we went though with this?
    [Princessdjay] its sexy

    Submitted by Umbreonpanda - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 1

    [Umbreonpanda] Pumpkin kids... :D
    [Princessdjay] mustve been delightful
    [Umbreonpanda] Tell me more
    [Kawaiicharmz] he has a stem
    [Skellydawg] HELLO
    [Dashershanen] hi
    [Kawaiicharmz] which is useful
    [Skellydawg] XD
    [Umbreonpanda] Oh?
    [Kocokitty] oh hey
    [Kawaiicharmz] indeed
    [Umbreonpanda] How useful?
    [Kawaiicharmz] shh
    [Kawaiicharmz] we have children listening
    [Kawaiicharmz] we can't give them ideas
    [Umbreonpanda] Aw :c
    [Princessdjay] o h
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Umbreonpanda] ...
    [Princessdjay] thats interesting
    [Umbreonpanda] TELL ME MORE
    [Kawaiicharmz] i can literally feel your sarcasism

    Submitted by Umbreonpanda - Comments (0)
  6. Rating: 1

    • [Kxyxaxyxxtz] ;_;
    • [Kxyxaxyxxtz] I'll just do the song Cur was singing
    • [Kxyxaxyxxtz] I can't
    • [Kxyxaxyxxtz] laughing right now
    • [Whyarenouser] Baby Metal
    • [Kxyxaxyxxtz] I copied and pasted the lyrics Cur was singing and all I got was: Language Department. Learn how to speak english.
    • [Aliswift] LMFAO
    • [Whyarenouser] Cur
    • [Whyarenouser] :3
    • [Whyarenouser] Should have put Swiggity Swooty Coming For That Booty
    • [Kxyxaxyxxtz] Well I wanted to do my Cha Cha slide video but I guess I'm working by myself. I need a new song ;-; brb looking for songs
    • Sugarylove has disconnected.
    • [Curaxu] WOW

    Submitted by Curaxu - Comments (0)
  7. Rating: 1

    • Sunnyforest has left the tribe.
    • [Aliswift] sO
    • [Tenthmousexx] No Sunny
    • [Tenthmousexx] ;-;
    • [Whyarenouser] ;-;
    • [Aliswift] ;-;
    • [Whyarenouser] All hope is lost ;-;
    • [Sugarylove] i was hoping that 10:30 would never come
    • [Whyarenouser] I might as well leave too ;-;
    • [Curaxu] Looks like everything isn't *puts on sunglasses* sunny anymore
    • [Aliswift] LMFAO
    • [Sugarylove] i came out of the showers and it was time
    • [Whyarenouser] WOOOOOOO
    • [Tenthmousexx] Nicholas get The Hell Out
    • [Whyarenouser] BOO
    • [Whyarenouser] GET OFF THE STAGE
    • [Tenthmousexx] BOOOOOOOOO
    • [Tenthmousexx] GTFO THE STAGE
    • [Curaxu] I'LL BE HERE ALL WEEK
    • [Whyarenouser] Oh man that applause
    • [Aliswift] LOL
    • [Curaxu] There is no way that I was the only one who though of that joke

    Submitted by Curaxu - Comments (0)
  8. Rating: 2

    > [22:02] [EN] [Firebluestar] [19:02] [•] 571 GETTING ALL THE FIRSTS TODAY

    Submitted by Worshishire - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 3

    [Kuruptlife] Grab mah tail next time!
    Cheeeeeese *-* (38.01s)
    [Sushiu] I did! It was too slippery to grab :
    [Arcticwinged] oh ya prom shams.
    [Kuruptlife] That wasn't my tail....
    Thanks to Branzzz, we gathered 13 cheese!
    [Halomice] ;D
    [Sushiu] LOLOLOL
    [Kuruptlife] hahahha

    Submitted by Sushiu - Comments (0)
  10. Rating: 2

    [Fluffifiery] hi
    [Fluffifiery] how are you
    [Insaanityy] Well, I was alright until you talk to me
    [Insaanityy] too bad

    Submitted by Spicyis - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 1

    Derphyo is now your shaman, follow her!
    Map made by: Dlcy
    [Dlcy] nub map
    [Pentagram] i love mac!!
    [Kavimouse] Oh you made this map?
    [Insaanity] A+
    [Hiraite] ksoidkopakdopakdosafjid
    [Hiraite] eca cara
    [Kavimouse] PRO MAP
    [Insaanity] Hira, do you notice our topic

    Submitted by Spicyis - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: 1

    Shaman: Xarahh
    [Adalynwolf] just die sham
    [Joptane] wow dont tell my son to die you piece of crap
    [Lilhud] die
    [Xarahh] excuse me
    [Grundel] you're excused
    [Lilhud] youre excused
    [Xarahh] jane am sry ily xoxo
    [Lilhud] AYE
    [Lilhud] GRUN

    Submitted by Spicyis - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 1

    [Seitrax] yes
    [Jcki] ty helen
    [Joptane] WOW
    [Jcki] you weren't even behind me
    [Xarahh] dying
    [Joptane] it punched me into the sky
    [Fatalbeast] k back
    [Jcki] wb
    [Seitrax] jcki next time ill be behind you
    [Jcki] uh huh sure
    [Seitrax] swiggty swooty im comin for that booty

    Submitted by Spicyis - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 1

    [Transforcats] all shamans should ice culp
    [Notculp] that is So Rude
    [Transforcats] ur existence is rude
    [notculp] oh
    [Okaychloe] why is culp wearing a book she doesnt read
    [Notculp] wtf chloe
    [Okaychloe] kidding x
    [Transforcats] she is stupid
    [Notculp] Wow!
    [Okaychloe] uneducated,,

    Submitted by Spicyis - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 1

    [Coolwildese] LICK MY PASTA IDIOTS
    [Yoloit] lame dance
    [Silkyrocks] O:
    [Frongie] RESPECT
    [Coolwildese] NO IM NOT YOU FUCKFACE
    [Silkyrocks] XD
    [Karatefarts] Mama what's a fuckface?
    [Mouseteehee] what the fuck is going on
    [Coolwildese] K I S S I NG
    [Chriscoe] OMG BAN THEM
    [Karatefarts] Ugh just ignore her
    [Coolwildese] K I S S I N G
    [Karatefarts] Bitch at least I don't have sex with girls
    [Mouseteehee] shut the fuck up
    [Yoloit] coolwidedese kised a rat before
    [Lilletanna] Please stop.
    [Karatefarts] Aww that's so cute
    [Mouseteehee] everybody just shut your fucking mouths
    [Karatefarts] Troo love

    Submitted by Mouseteehee - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 1

    • [Jenissse] leon is norway a nice city
    • [Jenissse] ?
    • [Leonboss] Norway is a country you stupid lil shit

    Submitted by Leonboss - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 3

    < [14:54] [Justinsalo] Justinsalo.
    > [14:54] [EN] [Justinsalo] I'll never tell you where the hostages are until you pay my ransome.
    < [14:54] [Justinsalo] ransom*
    < [14:54] [Justinsalo] I'll give ran some ;))
    > [14:54] [EN] [Justinsalo] no me and ranmourri are engaged
    > [14:55] [EN] [Justinsalo] and you have to pay ran some
    > [14:55] [EN] [Justinsalo] obv
    < [14:55] [Justinsalo] wtf ran is with me though
    > [14:55] [EN] [Justinsalo] oh.. this is awkward
    > [14:55] [EN] [Justinsalo] they spoke of someone but I didn't think
    < [14:56] [Justinsalo] ...I'll have a talk with her.

    Submitted by Azaleae - Comments (1)
  18. Rating: 2

    [Alzaan] dont you hate it when your nipples get hard when you're cold

    Submitted by Leonboss - Comments (0)
  19. Rating: 3

    chatting with da trolls

    [E2] [Uberbingo] ponydoll is smarter than me for sure
    [E2] [Ponydoll] omg nahw
    [E2] [Ponydoll] arcdick is smarter than me
    [E2] [Uberbingo] yeah arcdick is friends with jesus
    [E2] [Uberbingo] so he has the power of the lord
    [E2] [Arcticklaue] i am
    [E2] [Arcticklaue] me and jesus go clubbing every sunday when he has time off

    Submitted by Ponydoll - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 1

    [Coolgreen] ninja
    [Ninjafood] yes cool
    [Coolgreen] I can rek u
    [Ninjafood] i wish you could
    [Ninjafood] :(
    [Coolgreen] kinky
    [Ninjafood] .

    Submitted by Coolgreen - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 1

    [Syrupleaf] im'a chill here
    [Syrupleaf] mouse can u not
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Syrupleaf] srsly no

    Submitted by Syrupleaf - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    [Hinokitsune] gj batto!
    [Londonbreeze] good job!
    [Fataljumps] Tfm Halloween over yet?
    [Londonbreeze] good job!
    [Schiapps] guess not...
    [Londonbreeze] keep going!
    [Schiapps] go batto
    [Schiapps] :)
    [Syrupleaf] BATT STOP
    Summerwave is now your shaman, follow her!
    [Pandasoko] D:
    [Syrupleaf] u ded

    Submitted by Syrupleaf - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 1

    [Battologist] OOOPS
    [Battologist] That was pro
    [Annekins] That overshut.
    [Annekins] overshot*
    [Syrupleaf] so pro
    [Battologist] More like overpro
    [Summerwave] the proiest
    [Annekins] Glad it went to the u instead of the i.

    Submitted by Syrupleaf - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 1

    [Wayneisthebe] where's the head ? ...
    [Syrupleaf] i ate it
    [Wayneisthebe] o.o
    [Coolasllama] 0_o
    [Annekins] Was it a gummy skeleton head?
    [Syrupleaf] nope, it tasted like troll bread

    Submitted by Syrupleaf - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 2

    • Battledawnme has joined the tribe.
    • [Kuazuru] who invited thee
    • [Solruscarrot] Welcome!
    • [Frozengenius] meh.
    • [Battledawnme] HELLO
    • Battledawnme received the rank Hero.
    • [Battledawnme] IMA HERO
    • [Frozengenius] only 2 more people until new rank.
    • [Kuazuru] :)
    • [Solruscarrot] XDD
    • [Kuazuru] ima potato
    • Battledawnme received the rank Toaster of the Gods.
    • [Frozengenius] XD WTF
    • [Solruscarrot] PFFFT OKAY I'LL CHANGE IT BACK NOW.
    • [Kuazuru] toaster of the gods
    • [Flamingicepa] SOL
    • [Battledawnme] LOLOLOL
    • [Frozengenius] no i like it!!!!!!
    • [Battledawnme] I LIKE POPTARTS
    • [Solruscarrot] Okay. XDD
    • Battledawnme received the rank Slendah mon.
    • [Solruscarrot] O^O
    • [Frozengenius] :D
    • [Flamingicepa] DAMNIT SOL
    • [Solruscarrot] That wasen't me jackass.
    • [Kuazuru] god of soup :D
    • [Solruscarrot] O^O
    • [Frozengenius] chu guys wqelcome i did that.
    • Battledawnme received the rank Goddess Of Pancakes.
    • [Flamingicepa] omg XDD
    • Battledawnme received the rank God Of Pancakes.
    • [Kuazuru] what are you doing to my tribw
    • [Battledawnme] LOL WHO MADE THEASE RANKS
    • [Kuazuru] lol
    • [Kuazuru] sol fucked with the ranks
    • [Solruscarrot] Me~ ;3
    • [Flamingicepa] SOL DID >->
    • [Battledawnme] LOL
    • [Frozengenius] I'm gonna make thi a quote.
    • [Solruscarrot] HAHAHAHA!!
    • [Battledawnme] MAKE A CARROT GOD ONE
    • [Frozengenius] ^
    • [Battledawnme] LOL
    • Battledawnme received the rank God of Soup.
    • [Battledawnme] DDDDDDDDD
    • [Frozengenius] :D
    • Battledawnme received the rank Toaster of the Gods.
    • Battledawnme received the rank Goddness of carrot.

    Submitted by Frozengenius - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 1

    < [17:46] [Ragdollwing] omg my pussy is so cute
    > [17:46] [E2] [Ragdollwing] o_o

    Submitted by Aubderp - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 2

    [17:47] [Kizmettt] go do your fucking x + 4 = 6 shit.
    [17:48] [Aubderp] X=10
    [17:48] [Kizmettt] x=2
    [17:48] [Aubderp] OH SHIT
    [17:48] [Kizmettt] LOOOOOOOOOOOOL AUB
    [17:48] [Kizmettt] IM LAUGIGN LOLOo

    Submitted by Aubderp - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 2

    > [17:17] [E2] [Hikamari] Local man caught eating asses
    > [17:17] [E2] [Hikamari] "ive never seen a man eat an entire ass that fast" says a witness

    Submitted by Aubderp - Comments (0)
  29. Rating: 1

    [16:58] [Hikamari] my nipple just like, came out of my shirt
    [16:58] [Hikamari] ? ?? ???
    [16:58] [Hikamari] ??nipple go back to your assigned seat

    Submitted by Aubderp - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 1

    Thanks to Thisanaconda, we gathered 12 cheese!

    Submitted by Rohanthebest - Comments (0)