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  1. Rating: 3

    [16:46] [Xxroxeroni] daughter come suck my dick
    [16:46] [Kawiilauri] its a tough job but someones gotta go it

    Submitted by Deathisgod - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 5

    [Dwnnie] < [17:31] [Modquack] u mods are such help i swear.
    [Dwnnie] they dont answer
    [Lapinprince] youre asking a br mod
    [Lapinprince] in english

    Submitted by Midnightecho - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 1

    • [19:18] [Liamxo] not with my relatives they would hate me
    • [19:19] [Leafyeon] they don't hate you already?
    • [19:19] [Maggijanek] leafy ur savage af omg

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (0)
  4. Rating: 1

    [11:58] [Jerrycat101] who the f is placing ice blocks!!!

    Submitted by Ricekit - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 1

    [Cloudhex] Secretive es una chica magnifio y habanero loco y melocotones grande
    [Ujosiipi] can i not speak english
    [Valentin2001] revive sham
    [Stupendmouse] clouds u sound like you're 5
    [Cloudhex] 5 inches more like
    [Stupendmouse] why did i type you're out
    [Rabbitwish] Wtf is Melocotones?!
    [Stupendmouse] who tf am i
    [Rockerexdee] Copy Pasta
    [Stupendmouse] clouds pls that's an insult
    [Stupendmouse] 7
    [Cloudhex] i dont know imperial, is 5 inches short?
    [Stupendmouse] idk loook it up
    [Lolmousiexx] gj skie
    • [$Moderation] Please speak english or I'll have to mute you!
    [Skieblu] ty mousie
    [Stupendmouse] !
    [Blizzy268] lol
    [Kawaiichloe] fine
    [Ujosiipi] no
    [Kestrelz] nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    [Cloudhex] well shit
    [Mochimagic] lmfao
    [Rockerexdee] rip in peace
    [Lolmousiexx] english
    [Indahvalili] noo
    [Spanflame] You heard the mod!
    [Lolmousiexx] SHIT
    [Stupendmouse] i died again
    [Rabbitwish] Pff. > ->
    [Featherwater] you guys should know it's an english-only server, right?
    [Ujosiipi] i wont be speakin english

    Submitted by Spanflame - Comments (0)
  6. Rating: 0

    • [Meddlingwolf] daweasel give me a higher rank im the 2nd best rank here
    • [Daweasel] sur
    • [Minifizziliz] no what the fuck
    • Daweasel has excluded Meddlingwolf from the tribe.
    • [Daweasel] by
    • [Sleanblean] LOOOOOL
    • [Minispanties] LMFAOO

    Submitted by Minifizziliz - Comments (3)
  7. Rating: 1

    • [$Moderation] Has anyone here heard about the antennae that got married on the rooftop?
    [Stupendmouse] no stfu
    [Pastelglory] no
    [Spanflame] XD
    [Animaljamtwo] no
    [Tastytreatz] Uh no
    [Legendary66] Nope
    [Mommaness] no
    [Animaljamtwo] srry
    Thanks to Derpydiva, we gathered 46 cheese!
    Wheelofchez is now your shaman, follow her!
    [Medazizest] no
    [Spanflame] Nop! XD
    [Stupendmouse] imma stop u there
    [Mintyyness] o
    [Xxspikez] no..
    • [$Moderation] The wedding wasn't that nice, but the reception was excellent
    [Tastytreatz] Lol.
    [Skylarorsky] pls omg
    [Legendary66] Lolz
    [Mintyyness] HAHAHA
    [Pastelglory] wth?
    [Anthenaughty] lol
    [Medazizest] 113
    [Spanflame] Omg... That was pretty funny
    [Buttonsmashs] Mod you suck at jokes
    [Pastelglory] Oh I get it

    Submitted by Spanflame - Comments (0)
  8. Rating: 1

    [Fureverfree] how do you get clothes?
    [Saudade] dumpsters, Fureverfree

    Submitted by Sqeeak - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 5

    [15:22] [Pelsilvanya] hi guys whatsapp?
    [15:22] [+Goondad] kik?
    [15:22] [Superyacine] oovoo?
    [15:22] [+Goondad] facebook?
    [15:22] [Mervynpeake] linkedin?
    [15:23] [Superyacine] instagram?
    [15:23] [Likeapage] myspace?
    [15:23] [Notculp] skype?
    [15:23] [+Goondad] discord?
    [15:23] [Superyacine] snapchat?
    [15:23] [Notculp] twitter?
    [15:23] [+Goondad] slack?
    [15:23] [Superyacine] yo?
    [15:23] [Notculp] bebo?
    [15:23] [Likeapage] msn?
    [15:23] [Jerrythehack] viber?

    Submitted by +Goondad - Comments (1)
  10. Rating: 0

    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 minutes.
    [Iceswirl] TIG ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!
    [Iceswirl] run
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 60 seconds.
    [Iceswirl] TIG STOP
    [Iceswirl] MARRY ME TIG
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 30 seconds.
    [Iceswirl] STOP THE SURVER
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 20 seconds.
    [Iceswirl] CRAP! RUN
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 10 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 9 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 8 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 7 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 6 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 5 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 4 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 3 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 seconds.
    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 1 seconds.
    [Tigrounette] BAUNE ANNAY

    Submitted by Iceswirl - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 1

    [21:26] [Filipozavur] the new tail remind me to go to the bathroom
    [21:26] [Filipozavur] reminds*
    [21:26] [Fundies] ??
    [21:26] [Iliyana] lmao fili
    [21:26] [Assassincook] How Filip???
    [21:26] [Fundies] anal beads?

    Submitted by Iliyana - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: -1

    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 minutes.
    [Lunarpetals] OMG YES
    [Bakarimaru] omgosh
    [Scootallloo] THEY SAY
    [Frostymice64] WTF
    [Sakimoo] OH
    [Jinxxflarez] OH GOD THE PINK TEXT
    [Artiels] are you joking
    [Saudade] OMG YES RESET
    [Frostymice64] NUUUUUUUUUUUUU
    [Tozori] FFS I'm gunna sham soon
    [Paigeycakes] AND THERE IT FUCKING GOS.
    [Commie] minute before server restrat
    [Lunarpetals] OH YES
    [Scootallloo] I SAY
    [Paigeycakes] OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
    [Scootallloo] FUCK IT
    [Artiels] OH FOOK
    [Artiels] LMAO
    [Scootallloo] LET IT END
    [Tozori] I wanna sham first
    [Scootallloo] WE ALL DESERVE TO DIE

    Submitted by Scootallloo - Comments (2)
  13. Rating: 1

    [Cmorgasn] yw
    [Squirtled] keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer
    [Cmorgasn] why
    [Ravekatkitty] more like
    [Ravekatkitty] friends closer
    Thanks to Thenineties, we gathered 19 cheese!
    [Cmorgasn] dam got em rave
    [Ravekatkitty] enemies 10000 miles away
    [Xpeaches] more like keep your beer closer
    [Thenineties] why would i keep my enemies closer? that way they could hurt me
    [Babibula] ai jesus
    [Squirtled] IDOIT WITH BACON
    [Cmorgasn] squirtled i almost got so mad when u trolled me
    [Squirtled] ?????
    [Proccessing] if you keep them closer you can expose all of their secrets
    [Cmorgasn] u made me think u were jumping in
    [Snarfie] must resist urge to give death threats
    [Xpeaches] give in to temptation
    [Squida] why the FUCK did you put chocolate in the burger
    [Thenineties] if you keep them close then they may expose to you
    [Snarfie] i have a guilty conscience
    [Griffish] i have a restraining order on all my enemies
    [Cmorgasn] ARE YOU ALL FAT FUCKS
    Squida is now your shaman, follow her!
    [Griffish] just seeing them makes me angry
    [Cmorgasn] > [en] [Proccessing] cornwkitty wake up
    [Cmorgasn] SQUIDA
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Proccessing] ouch
    [Griffish] wyd sham
    [Cmorgasn] he chillin

    Submitted by Seza - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 3

    > [14:36] [Notculp] I want drake to shove his dick so far up my ass that it comes out of my eye and I can shoot cum at unsuspecting pedestrians

    Submitted by Sativajoe - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 1

    • [13:07] [Notculp] it was so thick. and it was in me

    Submitted by Sativajoe - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 1

    [13:01] [Notculp] i want to lick daddy kevin's minion toes

    Submitted by Sativajoe - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 1

    [18:31] [Notculp] oh my god i'm listening to potatoes and they're SO GOOD

    Submitted by Sativajoe - Comments (0)
  18. Rating: 1

    [Notculp] i want to be used and abused by older men

    Submitted by Sativajoe - Comments (0)
  19. Rating: 1

    [Notculp] hey man. wanna jack off on my toes all over the stage and do flip flops in it

    Submitted by Sativajoe - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 1

    • [14:50] [Notculp] as a redneck i don't talk to people who don't nut in their janties over a tractor

    Submitted by Sativajoe - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 0

    [19:40] [Xxdarkhoodxx] ive got a long hard thing in my mouth...
    [19:40] [Ayaveenn] its cucumber

    Submitted by Ayaveenn - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    < [17:30] [Destrorage] i was drinking starbucks
    < [17:30] [Destrorage] and missed my mouth

    Submitted by Smallpup - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 0

    [Jedibird] I said "Bye, Dad" and he said "Bye, Dad" back. I say that "I'm not a dad, and he replies", "Laney didn't tell you that your a dad now?"
    [Iceswirl] Danny , I am your father .

    Submitted by Iceswirl - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 0

    [Strautinsh] simulux more like stimulate me
    [Simuliux] FUCK YOU :)
    [Jadelollipop] omfg
    [Strautinsh] i didnt even spell ur name righty lmao
    [Strautinsh] imma cry

    Submitted by Strautinsh - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 0

    [Verokarev] never vent to mom
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Iceswirl] flesh
    Iceswirl has just unlocked the «Spidermouse» title.
    Type /title to choose a title.
    Your new title will be «Spidermouse» after the end of this turn.
    Cheeeeeese *-* (27.05s)
    [Badrhmnx] gg
    [Iceswirl] *Screaming in the distant*

    Submitted by Iceswirl - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 0

    [17:46] [Frozacky] but this br that just got 1st entertains me
    [17:46] [Kissyisthe] right
    [17:46] [Frozacky] he doesnt go to school
    [17:46] [Frozacky] man

    Submitted by Sirspoon - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: -2

    [Tylerpcck] i shaved Lolmousiexx's pussy hairs off, rolled them into a joiny
    [Tylerpcck] joint
    [Tylerpcck] then smoked it

    Submitted by Lolmousiexx - Comments (1)
  28. Rating: 3

    [Kogion] why cant i go in the hole
    [Mordja] you weren't given consent

    Submitted by Mordja - Comments (0)
  29. Rating: -1

    [Minipotates] what are apple for

    Submitted by Lukaszjanek - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 0

    Neondubstepz just connected.
    [Toastedray] can you guys not pop balloons
    [Toastedray] you cocks
    [Coupsyoongi] push it anyways :T
    [Toastedray] PUSH IT
    [Coupsyoongi] could've just climbed up though :T
    [Toastedray] USE UR PUSHBALLS
    [Kellicorice] help me
    [Dibablo] USE UR BALLS
    [Lulu133] there cannons
    [Kellicorice] what is a pUSHBALL
    [Toastedray] the black things
    [Coupsyoongi] same
    [Cashby] pUSHBALLS LOL

    Submitted by Cashby - Comments (0)