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    [Lolmousiexx] YES
    [Glaceonwhite] BYE
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Lolmousiexx] UMMM
    [Lolmousiexx] I STILL LOVE U SO
    [Skieblu] balloons tho
    [Krystalskies] rip glace and mousie's relationship
    Glaceonwhite is now your shaman, follow her!
    [Lolmousiexx] BALLOONS
    [Skieblu] glace pls
    [Glaceonwhite] UM
    [Lolmousiexx] ARE MY DADDY
    [Skieblu] fufill my URGES
    [Lolmousiexx] LMFAO
    [Glaceonwhite] URGESSSS
    [Lolmousiexx] URGESSSSSSS
    [Lolmousiexx] SUCC MY URGESSSSSSSS
    [Lolmousiexx] GLACE DADDY

    Submitted by Lolmousiexx - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 0

    > [en] [Hackisimix] i like how people are trying to get muted
    < [Hackisimix] i like how he thinks caps is against the tfm rules

    Submitted by Mistinas - Comments (2)
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    • [20:13] [Bellaaxxxx] thislane is hacking just look
    [20:13] [Maggijanek] • [20:13] [Bellaaxxxx] thislane is hacking just look
    • [20:13] Bellaaxxxx has disconnected.

    Submitted by Maggijanek - Comments (1)
  4. Rating: 2

    [13:08][Ricekit] how the hell did we make a fucking hamburger with a cauldron

    Submitted by Ricekit - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 0

    [16:07] [Filipozavur] hack
    [16:07] [Nevizaaade] me?
    [16:08] [Iliyana] bun
    [16:08] [Filipozavur] yes
    [16:08] [Filipozavur] ban
    [16:08] [Nevizaaade] report?
    [16:08] [Kieractic] wait what
    [16:08] [Filipozavur] already reported
    [16:08] [Kieractic] i didnt do anything
    [16:08] [Iliyana] 2/10
    [16:08] [Kieractic] it must be a glitch
    [16:08] [Micejsl] who
    [16:08] [Kieractic] this happened yesterday
    [16:08] [Kieractic] i dont know whos doing this
    [16:08] [Kieractic] plz...
    [16:08] [Filipozavur] !
    [16:08] [Kieractic] im innocent
    [16:08] [Iliyana] what are you talking
    [16:08] [Filipozavur] who are you talking to
    [16:08] [Micejsl] what are you guys talking about?

    Submitted by Iliyana - Comments (0)
  6. Rating: 1

    [Coolkejdi] im 14 carrots
    [Kissyisthe] i tihnk im 5 carrots
    [Boardwalks] i'm 15 karat
    [Kissyisthe] helo i am 5 karot
    [Kissyisthe] how many karot r u?
    [Thislane] 4 KAROT

    Submitted by Kissyisthe - Comments (2)
  7. Rating: 0

    • [Jtien] I went to m y brother's college today and shit
    • [Jtien] I have never seen so man yasian people in my life

    Submitted by Rohanthebest - Comments (0)
  8. Rating: 1

    [Jasminexo56] im a girl who wana date
    [Spooshkin727] nobody
    [Cooldaniel15] no one
    [Cooldaniel15] XD
    [Pinxsy] no
    [Jasminexo56] shut the fuck u fucker fuck u bitches im talking to the boys

    Submitted by Midnightecho - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: -1

    [Zxasy] wowwwwwwwwwwww
    [Zxasy] i suck
    [Zxasy] ughh i even failed my pad!
    [Zxasy] *facepalm

    Submitted by Mordja - Comments (0)
  10. Rating: 1

    • [Tylerpcck] sorry my pet plastic bag ran over the keybaord and alt f4'd me lols
    • [Inkaschild] its ok
    • [Glaceonwhite] pet plastic bag i
    • [Lolmousiexx] i hope ur pet plastic bag suffocates u
    • [Tylerpcck] .

    Submitted by Lolmousiexx - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 0

    [Glaceonwhite] gonna shove this fucking anvil up my ass

    Submitted by Lolmousiexx - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: 0

    [Hoshibutt] hey there delilah whats its like in your vagina
    [Lexiexiex] Not cheese coins
    [Hoshibutt] i chuckled
    [Hoshibutt] ahh im hilarious
    [Lexiexiex] I can tell you mine is hairy
    [Hoshibutt] oh
    [Hoshibutt] thats
    [Hoshibutt] a little personal there lexie

    Submitted by Hoshibutt - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 0

    [Hoshibutt] i sleep in my underwear and my legs are kinda hairy hope thats alright with ya both
    [Danabon] Mkay I can lie on top of you guys then, I'm less likely to kick you out of the bed that way
    [Danabon] I don't mind
    [Hoshibutt] im a very warm person xD
    [Hoshibutt] i get uncomfortable with blankets cause damn hoshi that abmornal body heat
    [Danabon] Then I'll probably end up somewhere else entirely by morning and have stolen the blankets
    [Marleyhun] lol
    [Danabon] Hope that's cool with you
    [Hoshibutt] yee i barely use em
    [Hoshibutt] if marley gets hold he can use me as his sorce of heat
    [Danabon] Great I'll take them all then, I like being bundled under blankets
    [Marleyhun] lol
    [Marleyhun] Wolf blanket is mine xD

    Submitted by Hoshibutt - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 1

    [23:16] [Pinpenski] :(
    [23:16] [Sirspoon] srsly
    [23:16] [Srsly] it does get old yeah
    [23:16] [Pinpenski] xD

    Submitted by Pinpenski - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 0

    [Bhaba] Why there is so many pervert people in this game

    Submitted by Seza - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 3

    > [16:14] [e2] [Destrorage] i have to do my math teacher

    Submitted by Smallpup - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: -1

    [Hackisimix] just like get inside of it
    [Hackisimix] like a portal
    [Hackisimix] but only his head
    [Hackisimix] im done
    [Hackisimix] please quote this
    [Mistinas] TMI

    Submitted by Mistinas - Comments (0)
  18. Rating: 0

    [01:55] [Mujmmm] i dot believe in online strip
    [01:55] [Sumreen] what is strip?
    [01:55] [Macckenzie] don't believe?
    [01:55] [Nevizaaade] shaun rev pls
    • [01:55] [Kdrulz] and also i dont
    • [01:55] [Kdrulz] send my pics
    • [01:55] [Kdrulz] online

    Submitted by Iliyana - Comments (0)
  19. Rating: 0

    [Tonraro] Some random idiot who keeps making jokes at me like a 5-year old
    [Tonraro] He just got on my nerves yesterday
    [Tonraro] I did but I want to kill him every time I sham
    [Spiderbun] i miss when Tom got on my nerves
    [Spiderbun] in all the best ways
    [Jammerys] tom is a qtpie
    [Spiderbun] the qtest of pies
    [Tonraro] Well sure spiderbun if they're trolling you and it's the good kind
    [Spiderbun] Joshieeeeee is your whisk flavoured?
    [Tonraro] but THIS PERSON is just so... UGH
    [Spiderbun] The best of kinds
    [Joshieee] flavored with blood
    [Spiderbun] I am sorry for your havok Tonraro. Some Trolls just want to see the world burn. With the lemons.
    [Tonraro] He's not the good kind of troll, he's the stupid kind.
    [Jammerys] Bitches stealing lemons from our lemon trees spiderbun.
    [Spiderbun] My lovely lemon trees ;-;
    [Tonraro] can I just go back to that room and KILL THEM
    [Jammerys] dem lemon stealing whores.
    [Spiderbun] Sittin here in a borin roooooom
    [Spiderbun] just another sunday afternoooooon
    [Spiderbun] I'd like to change my point of view
    [Spiderbun] cause nothing ever happens
    [Spiderbun] and I wonder
    [Spiderbun] I wonder how I wonder whyyyyyy
    [Spiderbun] yesterday you told me bout the blue blue sky
    [Spiderbun] but all that I can see
    [Spiderbun] is just another lemon tree
    [Spiderbun] Sometimes, I relate things to songs. And lose my mind.

    Submitted by Spiderbun - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 0

    [Peachgutz] im in love w a dying man
    [Ilovenaomi] whats he dying of
    [Peachgutz] diabete

    Submitted by Ilovenaomi - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 0


    Submitted by Ilovenaomi - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    [Nealmice] naomi i thought you were cute girl
    [Ilovenaomi] i am
    [Nealmice] not with shit between your cheeks..

    Submitted by Ilovenaomi - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 0

    [Peachgutz] ilovenaomi my poos been light brown lately

    Submitted by Ilovenaomi - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 2

    [Peachgutz] hope u all think about my bloody period love u

    Submitted by Ilovenaomi - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 0

    [Peachgutz] look im a pumpkin
    [Peachgutz] im a ruminating pumpkin *Why do boys want to fuck their mothers*

    Submitted by Jessusmylove - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 0

    [Smallpup] please inform my dumb mind

    Submitted by Smallpup - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 2

    [18:09] [Inkaschild] almonds are pretty good
    [18:09] [Kissyisthe] i love all nuts
    [18:09] [Inkaschild] well ya ur female duh

    Submitted by Sirspoon - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 0

    > [16:34] [100] [Mephilesftw] Rape me, im urs
    > [16:34] [100] [Mephilesftw] Oops wrong chat
    < [16:56] [Mephilesftw] .
    > [16:57] [100] [Mephilesftw] ?

    Submitted by Ricekit - Comments (1)
  29. Rating: 3

    • [17:39] [Kissyisthe] 5 MORE FIRSTS
    • [17:39] [Kissyisthe] YASSSSSSS
    • [17:39] [Kissyisthe] • Cheese gathered first : 8995
    • [17:39] [Sparkyboohd] •Shits given: 0

    Submitted by Sirspoon - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 0

    [Bernyakastel] i do not want bus "just the tip" ross

    Submitted by Cuteprolapse - Comments (0)