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  1. Rating: 0

    [Jammerys] i had to adjust myself so i'd grip it

    Submitted by Specialkness - Comments (0)
  2. Rating: 1

    • [Partyfool] im pretty sure jesus did when he invented it
    • [Kissyisthe] shut the fuck up im irish

    Submitted by Partyfool - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 0

    [18:21] [Ricekit] rip dino
    [18:21] [Dinobubbless] 'LK,CXADH

    Submitted by Ricekit - Comments (0)
  4. Rating: -1

    > [e2] [Candyswirls] stretch my pussy like playdough

    Submitted by Imzahzo - Comments (2)
  5. Rating: 4

    [16:25] [Velocimantfm] some one date me only boys pls
    [16:25] [Velocimantfm] u must be lvl 30

    Submitted by Bellaaxxxx - Comments (0)
  6. Rating: 0

    [11:13] [Yungfluffer] whats the difference between male and female mice in this game
    [11:14] [Yungfluffer] the fact you ask one for nudes?
    [11:14] [Trashthemous] The difference is like in real life
    [11:14] [Trashthemous] Sasauge and clams

    Submitted by Broncosfan - Comments (0)
  7. Rating: -1

    [~Moderator] Patchonn can not speak for 3 hours. Reason: Inappropriated language.
    [Wonderdashh] THANK GOD
    [Killingrex] LOL
    [Tonraro] o3o thanks mod
    [Killingrex] Momokolee
    [Nadiatara] finally
    [Sirtokes] LOLOL
    [Killingrex] GIVE ME MY KARMA
    [Wonderdashh] np nadia i got the mod for u
    [Tonraro] oh gosh the planks are dancing
    [Laurynasv] why do you have a d at the en of inappropiate?

    Submitted by Specialkness - Comments (0)
  8. Rating: 1

    [21:27] [Sandradua13] I am 11
    [21:27] [Sandradua13] and turning 12
    [21:28] [Sandradua13] plus they should respect us

    Submitted by Iliyana - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 1

    [Ilovenaomi] sawchwan we are all noobs at one point.
    [Ilovenaomi] so quit the cyber bullying.
    [Sawchwan] piss off

    Submitted by Ilovenaomi - Comments (0)
  10. Rating: 1

    [23:21] [Stupendmouse] consider urself fighted

    Submitted by Ricekit - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 0

    Cheeeeeese *-* (16.96s)
    [23:47] [Ricekit] lmao
    [23:47] [Ricecloud] gj first
    [23:47] [Ricekit] ty Rice
    [23:47] [Ricecloud] yw Rice.
    [23:47] [Ricekit] <:'
    [23:47] [Ricecloud] ;p

    Submitted by Ricekit - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: 0

    [Rosymouse24] I cant wall jump!!
    [Nebelwolfi] blame trump
    [Nebelwolfi] he is the one building the wall

    Submitted by Nebelwolfi - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 0

    [05:44] [Gagamonstah] egg <<<<<<<<<<<<<
    [05:44] [Mordja] egg
    [05:45] [Gagamonstah] egg ^
    [05:45] [Gagamonstah] ^^^^^
    [05:45] [Mordja] egg?
    [05:45] [Gagamonstah] egg
    [05:45] [Mordja] egg
    [05:45] [Heniyengui] egg
    [05:45] [Emzymine] egg-plant
    [05:45] [Jjayjasonist] egg????
    [05:45] [Bonnie4567] ^_^
    [05:45] [Jjayjasonist] tf XD
    [05:45] [Mordja] egg.
    [05:45] [Heniyengui] egg egg egg egg
    [05:45] [Gagamonstah] it's an egg
    [05:45] [Gagamonstah] idk how to make myself clearer
    [05:45] [Bonnie4567] i don't like eggs :I
    [05:45] [Souris1e872] <<<<<
    [05:46] [Mordja] how dare you not like eggs :0
    [05:46] [Jjayjasonist] -.-
    [05:46] [Mordja] jk it's ok
    [05:46] [Bonnie4567] cuz im a egg hater lel

    Submitted by Mordja - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: -1

    [20:53] [Notculp] happiest moment just remembered i have a massive aero in my vag

    Submitted by Osati - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 0

    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] call me what ever u want i am a noob i dont even care
    < [Deathmouse40] k noob XD
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] it wont even hurt me
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] ha
    < [Deathmouse40] k nob
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] at least i have more experince than u
    < [Deathmouse40] not in bed XD
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] so actually ur the noob
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] WTF
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] OMG FUCKIN GOD
    < [Deathmouse40] LOL ur so noob
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] please stop saying taht im only 11
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] *that
    < [Deathmouse40] same XD
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] by the way
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] UR THE NOOB
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] i may be 11 but i know the fbi
    < [Deathmouse40] same XD
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] no way u dont know them ur just lieng to get at me
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] i know the fbi cheif police cheif firmen and my mom is a cheif at a hospital
    < [Deathmouse40] same
    < [Deathmouse40] XD
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] who are u
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] my second cusin was in the olypics
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] *olympics
    < [Deathmouse40] im in ur gf
    < [Deathmouse40] XD
    < [Deathmouse40] noob
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] imma girl
    < [Deathmouse40] nothing wrong with gay
    < [Deathmouse40] ur noo
    < [Deathmouse40] b
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] there is nothin wong with it but i kinda like boys sorry
    < [Deathmouse40] good 4 u noob
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] i mean my half sisters dad is gay and hes really fun
    < [Deathmouse40] r we done
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] sure
    < [Deathmouse40] k bye noob XD
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] but plz im not even a noob
    < [Deathmouse40] be who u want to be barbiegirl
    > [e2] [Deathmouse40] ok thx

    Submitted by Jasguin - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 0

    [Anomunus] i have died
    [Poomph] tavi x
    [Anomunus] this is unfortunate
    [Notculp] lily x
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Notculp] i'm actually jealy
    [Anomunus] in that case.... you fisted
    [Lillyla] this is hm quite confusan for lillylachan desu yes
    [Notculp] i fisyed
    [Emopug] tavi i said hi on whatsepp
    [Notculp] fisted
    [Jealyhnew] jealy xx
    [Emopug] fisyed
    [Poomph] Gjgj <3
    [Notculp] my phone fell behind my bed and my arms arent long enough to get it back
    [Notculp] ???
    [Jealyhnew] tyty<3
    Thanks to Hybinkunduz, we gathered 18 cheese!
    Angelamelind is now your shaman, follow her!
    [Anomunus] that is very unfortunate
    [Lillyla] breaking news: just listened to whole shantae soundtrack which was 2 hours
    [Lillyla] news at 11: will do it again
    [Poomph] Gjgj <33
    [Jealyhnew] try grabbing it with your toes.. oh wait your legs aren't long enough either
    [Aaronius] Tyty <33
    [Anomunus] breaking news
    [Notculp] waht the heck jeayly
    Cheeeeeese *-* (52.46s)
    [Anomunus] ok i broke the news someone please fix it

    Submitted by Seza - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 0

    [Cocoaann] I heard trump is gonna make world war 2

    Submitted by Midnightecho - Comments (0)
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  19. Rating: 0

    [Fundies] wtf is wrong with me
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Ilovenaomi] diabetes

    Submitted by Jessusmylove - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 0

    • [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 minutes.
    [Prosh] im too lifeless to be off tfm

    Submitted by Bozokanga - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 0

    [06:55] [Betelgueze] man
    [06:56] [Betelgueze] I /ping every 5 seconds
    [06:56] [Betelgueze] so I can masturbate to it

    Submitted by Interters - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 2

    [Paulinewing] drew how many pots do you have
    [Postmorden] Like 4 grams

    Submitted by Xxbluestar - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: -1

    [Holypoop] *Banana keeps drawing weird looking bananas

    Submitted by Specialkness - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 0

    [Juuliannafuu] what do you guys know about catherine jagiellon
    [Potatomouse] she's a slut
    [Busross] whats her number

    Submitted by Ilovenaomi - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 1

    • Tylerpcck just connected.
    • [Tylerpcck] this new fur makes me want to cut my dick off

    Submitted by Iililliil - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: -1

    [Specialkness] <3
    [Wonderdashh] !@$%
    [Wonderdashh] wow special ok
    [Meowfia] xD
    [+Emmalee] karma is a #!@$%
    [Wonderdashh] i gotchu
    [Specialkness] :)
    [Gahmooz] omg
    [Specialkness] :)
    [Wonderdashh] ..
    [Meowfia] LOL
    [Wonderdashh] fucking #!@$ u
    [Wonderdashh] ok we arent friends
    [Specialkness] fucking fuck you too
    [Specialkness] ok
    [Minnieme] lol wonder
    [Minnieme] so competitive
    [Wonderdashh] WTF MINNIE SHE +4 2 TIMES
    [Specialkness] lmao
    [Minnieme] wake up
    [Paperfroggy] lol
    [Wonderdashh] AHHA SPECIAL LOST
    [Gahmooz] :)
    [Specialkness] AHAHA SO DID WONDER
    [Minnieme] ssh +4 wonder

    UNO is quite an intense game.
    A game that ruins friendships.

    Submitted by Specialkness - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 2

    [22:41] [Nadiatara] i hate tig

    Submitted by +Goondad - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 1

    > [16:37] [e2] [Kkkebab] I wanna be a girl :( and have titties and met that barista :(

    Submitted by Bellaaxxxx - Comments (1)
  29. Rating: 0

    [10:58] [Fourchanmous] ikr, i met like white people from america and they all smell like mayo

    Submitted by Iliyana - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 0

    [Sassygirl910] noboboy can spell in this game

    Submitted by Whacki - Comments (0)