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  1. Rating: -6

    [Cheesezuru12] Pick a number 1-10. Add 5, add 2, and then subtraact the number u have now by the number u started off'll aways get 7, no matter what.
    [Rolyo] add 5, add 2
    [Rolyo] 5+2 = 7
    [Rolyo] subtract 7
    [Rolyo] 7-7=0
    [Rolyo] you idiot

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (7)
  2. Rating: -4

    [Zoeymouse101] chinese are weird PEOPLE YA FREAKS
    [Cutiesmartie] ikr
    [Rolyo] gee, the chinese person here might be offended
    [Zoeymouse101] THEY EAT RAW FISH
    [Rolyo] that's the japanese
    [Rolyo] you fucking idiot
    [Runeyfox] that's the japanese
    [Rolyo] ...
    [Zoeymouse101] same thing
    [Llamataco16] That's Japan

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  3. Rating: 0

    [Cheekbones] OLC OLC OLC
    [Justalazybum] ..
    [Rolyo] ^

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  4. Rating: 1

    [Rolyo] where are these balls coming from? >:C
    [Mishiyoshi] My bootay ;)
    [Mishiyoshi] JKJJKJKJK
    [Rolyo] groce
    [Mishiyoshi] PRETEND I DIDN'T SAY THAT
    [Rolyo] never

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  5. Rating: 1

    [Azurebay] can shaman please use the bal that pushes things to the right
    [Azurebay] ball*
    [Rolyo] the ball that pushes things
    [Rolyo] its a cannon
    [Simbarocks] lmao
    [Rolyo] cannon
    [Azurebay] I forgot the name of the cannon xD
    [Spirtstalker] cannons dont got names.
    [Simbarocks] ^
    [Rolyo] he is called bobby
    [Rolyo] and his feelings are very hurt, spirit

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  6. Rating: 0

    • Simbarocks has disconnected.
    • [Rolyo] soup is hot
    • [Rolyo] literally and figuratively
    • [Rolyo] have fun figuring that out
    • [Lordofsoup] true

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  7. Rating: 1

    Cheeeeeese *-* (11.12s)
    [Kharer] hack?
    [Rolyo] .
    [Rolyo] wow
    [Rolyo] Don't be a sore loser.
    [Daisystarsun] what?
    [Rolyo] You aren't omnipotent
    [Kharer] ./report rolyo
    [Kharer] ./report Roylo
    [Kharer] ./report Rolyo

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  8. Rating: 1

    [Banana673] Shut ur GOD DAM MOUTH RYOLO
    [Rolyo] yeah ryolo, shut ur damn mouth
    [Phantom17] lmao
    [Whacki] OFMG
    [Alannajordan] lol
    [Alannajordan] tf
    [Rolyo] if you're going to insult someone, make sure you spell their name right, you imbecile

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  9. Rating: 2

    [Simbarocks] will you be the 6 to my 9
    [Abbeykinz] yes
    [Pinpenski] lmao
    [Simbarocks] not you
    [Cocoagirl] LMAO
    [Pinpenski] LMAO
    [Simbarocks] I WAS TALKING TO ROLYO
    [Rolyo] simba go jump in the ocean

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  10. Rating: 1

    [Soulveta] how
    [Soulveta] did i %#!@ up the canon
    [Rolyo] u played a b flat instead of b sharp

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  11. Rating: 2

    • [Rolyo] i ate a cat for breakfast
    • [Abbeykinz] same
    • [Nilzen] ...that was kin-WHAT DID YOU
    • [Worb] are you chinese?
    • [Rolyo] no im chinese
    • [Abbeykinz] what
    • [Rolyo] no

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  12. Rating: 1

    • [Velvetwolf] HEEI
    • [Rolyo] HEEEI
    • [Velvetwolf] HEEEEEEEEEEI
    • [Velvetwolf] HEREREEEEEEEEEI
    • [Rolyo] btw why are we doing this
    • [Velvetwolf] Idk it's our language

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  13. Rating: 1

    [Kazsypher] who keeps saying ty im ty
    [Kazsypher] thats my name
    [Lpsalma] *sigh.*
    [Pinkcookie8] im assuming ur new lol
    [Rolyo] ty means thank you omfg
    [Rolyo] basis of internet slang
    [Wingedopal] ^ lmao
    [Pinkcookie8] xD
    [Rolyo] because we're all polite shitheads
    [Pinkcookie8] lol

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  14. Rating: 1

    • [Stellatangou] FRUIT TITS
    • [Creidim] cries
    • [Stellatangou] MOUTH TITS
    • [Stellatangou] DONUT TITS
    • [Stellatangou] HOLY TITS
    • [Stellatangou] MILKY TITS
    • [Stellatangou] COW TITS
    • [Stellatangou] ELEPHANT TITS
    • [Creidim] you rlly do never run out of tits.
    • [Stellatangou] Farty tits
    • [Stellatangou] Flirty tits
    • [Stellatangou] tit face
    • [Stellatangou] BIG juicy tits.
    • [Stellatangou] swingy tits
    • [Stellatangou] car tits
    • [Stellatangou] coconut tits
    • [Stellatangou] jelly tits
    • [Stellatangou] pineapple tits
    • [Stellatangou] pointy tits
    • [Rolyo] kill me

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  15. Rating: 1

    [Cdeadwolf] HOW DO I REVIVE MYSELF
    [Rolyo] ./revive
    [Mousiekinzz] ./revive only works for shams.
    [Rolyo] then use the revive button
    [Rolyo] or the revive dance
    [Rolyo] or sacrifice to the revive gods
    [Mousiekinzz] yeah
    [Rolyo] or split your soul into 7 so you never die
    [Mousiekinzz] well

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  16. Rating: 1

    [Rolyo] why do i suck at comebacks
    [Simbarocks] idk
    [Simbarocks] suck my comeback
    [Rolyo] .
    [Simbarocks] :))
    [Rolyo] i walked right into that one

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  17. Rating: 1

    [Remissions] idk if you asked me during my bootcamp days, I could tell you
    [Rolyo] eugh i suck at bootcamp
    [Remissions] I have 1000 bc
    [Rolyo] .
    [Rolyo] hOW
    [Remissions] a lot of alcohol, cursing, and screaming
    [Rolyo] omfg

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  18. Rating: 1

    [Rolyo] walljumping chocolate is so hard ;;
    [Candypop19] easy
    [Pearlescence] I do chocolate better than wood :<
    [Candypop19] me too
    [Rolyo] chocolate sticks too much
    [Dragstar010] i do women better than both

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  19. Rating: 1

    • [Pinpenski] MUSA BRB IM QUOTING YOU
    • [Musabloomix] lol
    • [Rolyo] omgg ur gunna be famuss
    • [Musabloomix] xD
    • [Stellatangou] UGH
    • [Rolyo] i'll go +1 le quot
    • [Stellatangou] I WANNA BE FAMOUS

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  20. Rating: 3

    • [Plaguebreath] OOHH gimme a sex, wait
    • [Plaguebreath] *SEC
    • [Simbarocks] plague oml
    • [Simbarocks] im going to fucking beat you
    • [Plaguebreath] fml

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  21. Rating: 2

    • [Abbeykinz] velvet i want ur hole
    [Jeebs1333] u blocked your own hole
    • [Abbeykinz] wait
    • [Plaguebreath] mmm

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    [Transcindyl] how df
    [Rolyo] Lagbombs
    [Rolyo] So secretive

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  23. Rating: 1

    Whoops! The other quote is too long.

    [Wolfetty] fujc u royal
    [Wolfetty] you shooted me
    [Wolfetty] im talking to u
    [Rolyo] Yeah Royal! He's talking to you!
    [Rolyo] Has royal been muted? o.o
    [Rolyo] Or maybe he's just doing that to tick you off
    [Rolyo] idk
    [Rolyo] I think he's been muted

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  24. Rating: 1

    [Rolyo] wtf wolffety
    [Rolyo] xD
    [Pidyanyan] faken cheese
    [Rolyo] player killer
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Oliiviq] :D
    [Djblablas] gj
    [Rolyo] That's how a team loses
    [Wolfetty] u are player killer
    You are on the [Blue] team!
    You are on the [Blue] team!
    [Wolfetty] ._.
    [Rolyo] Hes talking to you Royal
    No cheese for you! ^_^
    [Oliiviq] :P
    [Rolyo] So why arebn't you replying?
    [Wolfetty] i was talking to you
    [Wolfetty] fujc u royal
    [Wolfetty] you shooted me
    [Wolfetty] im talking to u
    [Rolyo] Yeah Royal! He's talking to you!
    [Rolyo] Has royal been muted? o.o
    [Rolyo] Or maybe he's just doing that to tick you off
    [Rolyo] idk
    [Rolyo] I think he's been muted

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  25. Rating: 1

    [Dragonpwner] nuuu *mango D:
    [Mizukiie] huh theres a mango
    [Dragonpwner] poor fruit didnt even see it coming
    [Katiejunebug] xD

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  26. Rating: 1

    [Peppio] gonna ice a #!@
    Cheeeeeese *-*
    [Rolyo] haha missed me Pep

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  27. Rating: 1

    [Skardsen] you dont know me
    [Skardsen] and you dont know the shit i have to go through every day
    [Skardsen] so shut your little mouth and get a life yourself
    [Hebbs] did i miss the event?

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  28. Rating: 1

    [Reddamouseh] rol how old are you?
    [Reddamouseh] i wanna see if we're compatible
    [Rolyo] Why'd I tell you???
    [Reddamouseh] why not
    [Rolyo] OHWUTF
    [Rolyo] I'M OUT
    You just entered room [vanilla1].

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  29. Rating: 1

    [Reddamouseh] do you care about me roy?
    [Reddamouseh] do you wanna be my girlfriend?
    [Rolyo] I doubt you'd belive me but, Yes i do.
    [Rolyo] NO wait
    [Xdarkxkingx] LOL
    [Rolyo] that sounded wrong
    [Rolyo] .-.
    [Reddamouseh] omg rol
    [Rolyo] asdfghjkl;
    [Reddamouseh] i'll never break up with u
    [Rolyo] wut do I say now.
    [Reddamouseh] we'll never break up
    [Reddamouseh] even tho im cheating on u

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (0)
  30. Rating: 1

    > [EN] [Sujuhae] OH MY GAWD A PERSON :D (i think..)
    < [Sujuhae] I beez a cookie
    > [EN] [Sujuhae] can i eat you *-*
    < [Sujuhae] NOE!
    > [EN] [Sujuhae] awww D:
    < [Sujuhae] >.<
    > [EN] [Sujuhae] not even one bite?
    < [Sujuhae] Dangerpacker ate meh twice
    > [EN] [Sujuhae] darn
    < [Sujuhae] None left
    > [EN] [Sujuhae] *eatz u anywayz*
    < [Sujuhae] shiz
    > [EN] [Sujuhae] >:3
    > [EN] [Sujuhae] nom nom nomz

    Submitted by Rolyo - Comments (2)