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    Why did all of the staff members of the CFM administration board retire? Nobody has control over the Website now. It's now at risk of cyber-attacks; even the TFM administrators don't regularly contain it. Will there be new admins, or it's now hopeless?

    Asked by Racerbear - Answers (0)
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    Why is it impossible to log onto your account sometimes?

    For instance, sometimes I can't log in no mater how many times I try; I try playing Tfm on other sites, but won't work. I then try as a guest, and I immediately log on. Is there a way to fix this

    Asked by Racerbear - Answers (0)
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    Has anyone got the Impossible Trophy? Who?

    Asked by Dinooreo - Answers (0)
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    O Transformice Está Falindo,Por Muitos Hacks,Pela Fraude q Teve de Morangos Muitos Moderadores Saio!Queria Saber Se Os Moderadores continuaram a Não Banir Os Hacks,e Sim Fazer a Gente Usar Report q Demora Bem Mas!Abra Vaga Para Moderadores!

    Asked by Punkrockp - Answers (0)
  5. Rating: 0

    If you profile get banned (and deleted), can u get it back? like 1 time?

    Asked by Jankaxpro - Answers (0)
  6. Rating: -1

    How do you apply to be a mod? how old do you have to be?

    Asked by Brezzybear - Answers (0)
  7. Rating: 1

    Will there be a carnival event again this year?

    Asked by Kaitlynkaz - Answers (0)
  8. Rating: -2

    How do you make mouse faces above your mouse in Transformice?

    Asked by Frlostl - Answers (0)
  9. Rating: 1

    Does the things you wear affect your speed in any way?

    Asked by Redbelly - Answers (0)
  10. Rating: 1

    How do you update your cheeseformice profile when it concerns the shaman skill level (what to write /???)

    Asked by Cubastrow - Answers (0)
  11. Rating: 2

    Tig I keep crashing when I go to TFM's website( So where do I play TFM?

    Asked by Jogiven - Answers (0)
  12. Rating: 1

    How do you manage the forums in your tribe?

    Asked by Hanziie - Answers (0)
  13. Rating: 14

    Will you ever take out the bubbles?

    Asked by Mikebob - Answers (0)
  14. Rating: 0

    Why is the tribe stats updating so slow are you guys gonna fix it?

    Asked by Drunkydwarf - Answers (0)
  15. Rating: -2

    Why is Cheese.formice so slow updating the tribe stats??

    Asked by Drunkydwarf - Answers (0)
  16. Rating: -1

    On my cheeseformice profile it wont update my tribe it keeps saying the same tribe i had like 5 weeks ago what can i do?

    Asked by Raulawesome - Answers (0)
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    When are my new maps that I have made going to show up on CFM and when will my maps force update? I have made around 4 maps and they don't show up on CFM nor are my maps force updating + I cant click force update again, its been around a week, Im worried.

    Asked by Ubered - Answers (0)
  18. Rating: 6

    How long will the bugs caused by the new Transformice Community Platform are fixed?

    Asked by Cheesypopcor - Answers (0)
  19. Rating: -2

    My tribe doesn't exist anymore or something and I can't click on 'friends'

    Asked by Pusiapies - Answers (0)
  20. Rating: 2

    my connecting is like hell fast but that new fucking update make me like [ECHEC] fuck it wtf i got to doo -.-

    Asked by Slimgym - Answers (0)
  21. Rating: 2

    If you can for this upcoming Livestream i'd like the mods to discuss why the FR players are being so mean to the FR mods, what reasons do they have for this? Etc, i'd like to know more about it.

    Asked by Mousechris - Answers (0)
  22. Rating: 1

    Why does it sometimes say 'music = musicoff' when i want to show a video in a tribe house? it mostly happens to me with long videos

    Asked by Herbivorex - Answers (0)
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    is it possible to get old account back if someone stealed it?

    Asked by Nafien - Answers (0)
  24. Rating: 2

    can you come up with a way to inform everyone that there will be new tournaments like bootcamp tournaments and racing tournaments and the details besides events? i like to know n join as i am a racer and a bootcampeur. :) pls answer ASAP

    Asked by Nicompoop - Answers (0)
  25. Rating: 2

    Can i know more about the upcoming bootcamp tournament?

    Asked by Nicompoop - Answers (0)
  26. Rating: 5

    Can i change my username?

    Asked by Widgetmouse - Answers (0)
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    Is the tribewar going to come back anytime soon or is it gone once and for all?

    Asked by Meatmachine - Answers (0)
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    i'm from indonesia , i just wondering .. how to be Moderator ? what is requirement ?? Please answer ^^

    Asked by Raftiana - Answers (0)
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    moderator: i have got banned for activate suspecte and i don't hack can u help me ? i am abdoehb

    Asked by Abdoehb - Answers (0)
  30. Rating: 1

    How do you delete an album ?

    Asked by Anapaw - Answers (0)