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Cheeeeese *-*

The cheese is the primary goal in Transformice. Mice must reach the picture of the cheese to pick it up, then bring it back to the mousehole. By accumulating cheese, users may unlock titles and shop items.

Getting cheese

There are at least one cheese on every map. You must collect the cheese, wherever on the map, by touching it, therefore, it will spawn on your mouse's back. As soon as the cheese appears on your back, you must run to the mouse hole before time runs out and/or before you die. Some maps contain fake cheese that you cannot collect. It is also possible to get an instant 20 cheese by typing "/facebook" in the chat bar, though this only works once. You can also get 40 cheese by registering your email.

Bug Bug.If you double jump to get cheese in mid-air (which your mouse is in a locked position), your mouse will appear to have a running animation after it gets the cheese, although you cannot jump again.

Carrying cheese

Cheese must be carried to the mousehole to accumulate it. Simply touching the cheese will not give you points.

Bug Bug.If you get the cheese exactly when the map ends, in the next map you will be spawned with carried cheese.

Weight while carrying cheese

Carrying cheese makes you 2.5x (70 mass with, 20 without) heavier and therefore will make air jumping and wall jumping more difficult. Therefore, dying from wall-jump with the cheese happens a lot more often than dying from wall-jump without it. Platforms under you are more likely to tip over; running and pushing against items or mice will cause you to have more force than regular mice. Running with cheese on chocolate, found on Map 74 "In The Mud", will cause mice to run VERY slowly. More noticeable on top of sticky planks. You will also sink if you are in water, which you can float in without cheese.

Accumulating cheese

When a non-shaman mouse brings a cheese successfully to a mousehole, the user's total number of cheese collected increases, which counts towards titles and the user's current spendable cheese in the shop. Collecting cheese as a shaman does not count for either, although it does count for the total amount of cheese collected as a shaman. The spendable cheese total is the currency used in-game to buy clothing accessories, to upload maps made in the map editor or to buy tribes. Spending this cheese does not impact your record of total cheese collected.


Bait is an object which resembles cheese but can be literally touched or pushed around in Transformice; however, it is only an image. It can be anchored, stood on, and treated like a shaman item. Unlike regular cheese, it cannot be picked up and carried. Bait can be created only through hacking.

Bug Bug.On catch the cheese levels, lag can sometimes cause the cheese to be obtained during the countdown, thus leading to times nearing the minimum 3 seconds.