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A map is the layout of in each round of Transformice. This page lists official map types and map attributes. Mice can also make custom maps with the map editor.


Map Attributes:

  • Exploding Balls: Balls will explode after a few seconds. Only exists on Map 69.
  • Inverted: The map is upside down, the controls are inverted, and there is no Shaman. (Removed)
  • Gravity: 10 is default. Less than 10, mice can jump higher. Greater than 10, jumping is inhibited.
  • Nightmode: The entire map is blacked out with the exception of a small circular spotlight centered on the player's mouse. It cannot be accessed directly through the map editor, but can be achieved through XML editing.
  • No Overlap (Collision): Mice can move other mice by touching them.
  • Soulmate: You and another mouse have been attached together with a string.
  • Wind: Mice will be pushed to one side by wind. Default is 0. Negative value pushes mice left, positive value pushes mice right.

Types of maps:

  • Allies: Two Shamans cooperate to get mice to a hole.
  • Battle: Two Shamans compete to get the mice into the mouse hole of their color.
  • Bombs: Bombs appear during the game.
  • Cage: Mice are locked in a cage, sometimes on wheels.
  • Elevated cheese: Cheese is high up and out of reach.
  • Fake: Invisible holes in the scenery, or fake cheese. (Removed)
  • Moving cheese: Cheese teleports at some point.
  • Stolen cheese: The mice must chase the mouse who stole the cheese.
  • No Shaman: Map does not have a Shaman.
  • Portal: The Shaman may use Warps to teleport the mice.
  • Transformation: Mice transform into objects, no shaman. See Mouse Transformation Maps

Types of Ground:

  • Wood, Grass, Earth: Normal ground
  • Ice: Frictionless, slippery, and cannot be wall jumped unless at an angle.
  • Lava: Sends you flying in the opposite direction in which you landed.
  • Sand: Slippery. Low friction. Difficult to wall jump.
  • Chocolate: Sticky, easy to wall climb. Mice walk very slowly, especially when carrying cheese.
  • Trampoline: Bouncy, equivalent to a Shaman-summoned trampoline, and cannot be wall-jumped on.
  • Cloud: Works like the ghost objects: mice can go through it, but objects can't.
  • Water: Mice float without cheese, but sink with cheese.
  • Stone: Normal friction, but there is no bounce at all.

See more detailed descriptions of grounds at the Ground article.

List of Maps by Number

List of Maps by Type

Art Maps

These maps are considered artistic with the map forming a picture. Most do not require shaman's help, while some do.

Building Maps

These maps require a shaman's help. Shaman must create objects, buildings, or other contraptions to help the mice reach the cheese. It is sometimes possible for mice to reach the cheese without the Shaman's help.

Racing Maps

These maps rarely need a shaman. Simply race to the cheese and watch out for traps. Newer or inexperienced mice may need the Shaman's aid.

Balance Maps

Balance Maps require the mice to work together to keep the platform balanced. Shamans can sometimes lock the platform in place with a world anchor plank.

Bomb Maps

Maps that utilize bombs - mice can either avoid the bombs or use them as a boost to get to out-of-reach areas. Balls usually explode in these maps.

Two Shaman

Two-Shaman competition and cooperation maps.

  • In competition maps: Shaman must battle each other for saves.
  • In cooperation maps: Shaman must work together to save mice, and both shaman get all saves.

Mechanism Maps

These maps consist of moving parts and are often quite elaborate.

Cheese Thief

One mouse has stolen the cheese, and the others must chase and steal cheese from that mouse.

  • Cheese will only be given out to the first ten mice that reach the thief.
Bug Bug. If there is bad enough lag, you will get the cheese, because of the fact the every on starts at the point (0,0). This could lead to a instant win and some very mad people.

Note: This rarely happens.

Bug Bug. Sometimes more then ten cheese will be given out when the mice all touch it at the same time.

Conjuration Maps

Shamans must use the Conjuration tool to help the mice reach the cheese and get back to the hole safely.

  • Conjuration is usually the only tool available on these maps.

Collision, Soulmate and Night

  • Collision maps make it possible for mice to push each other.
  • Soulmate maps tether you to another mouse. The two of you must work together to get to the cheese.
  • Night maps are entirely dark aside from a small circle of light around your mouse.
  • Hearts, bubbles, and arrows can show through the dark. These can be used to guide mice to the cheese or warn them about traps.

Other Maps

There are several other map types, including anti-gravity, airship, avalanche, anvil god, and trampoline house.

Special Maps

There are maps that only appear during holidays and other special events. These include the Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, and Fishing maps.

Mouse Transformation Maps

On these maps, mice can transform in some shaman objects. They will need to cooperate in order to get the cheese. See more: Mouse Transformation