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Three Mice. You won't find any innocent mice like this in-game though.

Mice represent Transformice users. Every round, mice interact and compete with one other to return a piece of the cheese to a mousehole with the fastest time possible. Physical objects created by the shaman mouse or spawning with the level are affected by the movement of mice, and vice versa.


Players move their mice with the arrows keys or the WASD keys, which allows them to move left and right, jump, and duck. These skills can be stretched with a number of techniques, such as wall jumping and corner jumping.

There are also a number of Commands a player may use in the chat box.

Before a chat update there was an undocumented key K which allowed you switch between QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards, in which WASD keys became ZQSD and the key Z for shamans to rotate objects counter-clockwise became W.


Another picture of a mouse.

The objective for most mice is to carry the cheese to the mouse hole as fast as possible while avoiding hazards which would cause them to fall off the screen and die. Death is represented by bubbles which implies that the mouse has fallen into a pool of water. Greedy mice tend to stand close to their goal to get a head start when the shaman places the next structure to help them forward. With all these mice converging to one spot, what will often happen is the collapse of platforms and the toppling of structures (boxes, planks, and other items). In many cases, this leads to the death or entrapment of the entire group. In other cases it is done purposefully to remove unwanted items.

Some players push other mice off the stage or purposefully cause the collapse of beneficial platforms so that other mice are unable to reach the cheese or the exit. This is generally referred to as trolling. Excessive trolling can lead to the irritation of other players, or getting banned, but is usually done in good humor. A section in the rules and help screen states that trolling is part of the game and that you may not get banned for doing so. Shaman trolls are more common and effective, however. The direction of mice can often be changed with a suggestion in the chatbox or an arrow placed by the shaman, and easily changed back by any new development on the stage. Not to be outdone by others, many mice exhibit lemming or sheep-like behavior. Trapped or shamanless mice often remain on stage and mess around, goofing about; dancing and moonwalking. Some mice choose to remain out of the mouse hole and give the shaman extra time to build cars and anvilgods at the end of the round.

Point Distribution

Mice are awarded 10 points for bringing the cheese back to the mouse hole. Dying or not bringing cheese into the hole adds 1 point to the score. The first three mice to bring back the cheese receive a bonus.

First place +6
Second place +4
Third place +2

Therefore, the scores at the end of the round are as follows:

First place +16
Second place +14
Third place +12
Fourth or Lower +10
No Cheese +1
Death +1

Movement statistics

**ATTENTION** Please note that c is used here as the length of a small box!
Small box.png

Action Max height Max range
Jump ~1.5c 4c
Air Jump ~1.5c from height of jump About 4.5c (requires >1c of jumping space under you)


Gravity is the automatic vertical acceleration that varies from map to map. Gravity mostly pushes mice downwards, but may vary from very high gravity to no gravity at all depending on the map, such as Map 38.


Titles are awarded to mice based on the number of cheeses collected playing the game, the collective number of mice saved as shaman, and the number of times placed first in a room of 11 or more players. There are many different titles ranks to achieve.

Mouse Unlockable Titles - See full list of Titles
# Title Titre Achievement
0 Little Mouse Souris Grise Starting title.
5 Greedy Mouse Souris Gourmande Gather 5 cheese.
6 Here ! Cheese ! Là ! Fromage ! Gather 20 cheese.
7 Yeeeeah Cheese ^^ Owi Fromage ^^ Gather 100 cheese.
8 Cheeeeeese *-* Fromaaaage *-* Gather 200 cheese.
35 Activist Mouse Souris Militante Gather 300 cheese.
36 Unionized Mouse Souris Syndiquée Gather 400 cheese.
37 Mouse on Strike Souris en Grève Gather 500 cheese.
See full list of titles...
9 Fast Mouse Souris Rapide Gather 1 cheese first total.
10 Agile Mouse Souris Agile Gather 10 cheese first total.
11 Pirate Mouse Souris Pirate Gather 100 cheese first total.
12 Ninja Mouse Souris Ninja Gather 200 cheese first total.
42 Rogue Mouse Souris Fripponne Gather 300 cheese first total.
43 Looter Pilleuse Gather 400 cheese first total.
44 Stalker Traqueuse Gather 500 cheese first total.