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This article is about the Shaman Character. Were you looking for the Shaman (room)?

Every round, save for racing and some vanilla maps, the player with the highest score (or, on cooperation or dual maps, two players) is chosen to be the 'Shaman.' The Shaman has objects and anchors available for its use, which are primarily used in helping the mice, also referred to 'disciples,' in getting to the cheese and to the hole. As the most powerful player in any given round, the shaman has the ability to somewhat control the mice; it is the shaman's choice as to whether or not a mouse will be able to get cheese and go in the hole. If there are only a few people in the room, and very few points are acquired, the first person who was in the room (also known as the 'host') will be shaman by default. In the Transformice update 1.82, shaman specialisations were implemented, resulting in experience points, levels, and skills.


Shaman sprites.

The shaman is able to use hotkeys (the number keys 1-9) to its advantage by quickly accessing the tools available to it on the map. They always correspond to the toolbox in the corner that normally the shaman would have to click individually; 1 is an arrow, 2 is a spirit/totem, 3 a balloon, and so on. Though these vary slightly on different maps, they are typically the same globally. Hotkeys do vary in survivor. There are also autohotkeys (AHKs) available for download, and they are not considered cheating as it does not speed the conjuration time and the most that can be done with it is rapidly creating arrows to spell out words/something similar.

Point Distribution

At the end of a single shaman or cooperative level, the shaman's points are reset to the number of cheese collected during that round. If it is a competitive round, the shaman's points are reset to double the number of cheese collected in that shaman's hole.


Key Function Notes
Z, X Shift, Ctrl, Mouse Wheel Rotate Object Rotating clockwise: Shift, X and Wheel- ("Wheel -" = towards you). Rotating counter clockwise: Z, Ctrl and Wheel+ . It takes 24 increments to rotate an object 360 degrees.
B Global anchor This will add a global anchor to the current object. This can only be used on planks, and will only appear in the center. This anchor is defined as immovable, however the plank will always find a way to rotate around it, even if its inside a wall.
C Object anchor (immutable) This anchors one object to another with a non-rotating anchor, meaning the object's relative rotations will be preserved. This can be used on all physical objects, on either the left, center, or right sides; including the cannonballs.
V Object anchor This anchors one object to another, but both objects are free to rotate around the anchor point. This can be applied to all physical objects, just like the immutable version.
N Clockwise Motor anchor This anchors one object to another with a clockwise motor and can be attached to the left, center or right of any physical object, like the other object anchors.
I Opens your item inventory In the inventory you can find all the items you collected.
J Counterclockwise Motor anchor This anchors one object to another with a counterclockwise motor and can be attached to the left, center or right of any physical object, like the other object anchors.
Spacebar Ghost Object This will 'ghost' any physical object, making them interact with each other, but not the mice. Some of the objects interact differently when ghosted, for more information, read the article Shaman Items.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Select object Rather than select an object with the mouse, players may opt to select one with the number keys. This makes spawning items in one location much faster and more effective. Only the first 9 objects for the map will be selectable this way.

Hard Mode

Players with over 1000 saves can activate a bonus mode known as Hard Mode. Hard mode is activated by selecting the feather icon next to the wrench icon.

Divine Mode

Players with over 5000 normal saves and 2000 hard mode saves can activate another bonus mode known as Divine Mode. To activate Divine mode, click on the feather next to the wrench icon.


A Totem is a premade mechanism that can be spawned once per map while acting as the shaman in Hard Mode.



Shaman Unlockable Titles
Title Achievement
1 Shaman Disciple x10 Mice saved as shaman
2 Accomplished Shaman x100 Mice saved as shaman
3 Shaman x1000 Mice saved as shaman
4 Shaman Master x2000 Mice saved as shaman
13 Inspired Shaman x3000 Mice saved as shaman
14 Shaman Champion x4000 Mice saved as shaman
15 Glorious Shaman x5000 Mice saved as shaman
16 Shaman Duchess x6000 Mice saved as shaman
17 Shaman Princess x7000 Mice saved as shaman
18 Shaman Empress x8000 Mice saved as shaman
19 Legendary Shaman x9000 Mice saved as shaman
20 Immortal Shaman x10000 Mice saved as shaman
21 The Chosen Shaman x11000 Mice saved as shaman
22 Holy Shaman x12000 Mice saved as shaman
23 Shaman Oracle x13000 Mice saved as shaman
24 Shaman Prophet x14000 Mice saved as shaman
25 Shamarvelous x15000 Mice saved as shaman
Full title list here here