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The shop was implemented during the June 19th 2010 update of Transformice. It contains items (hats, glasses, and accessories), which you can buy with your collected cheese (one cheese is equal to one dollar). The total cost of all items is $31,736. Cheese that is spent to buy clothing does not decrease the amount of cheese collected within the player's profile. Hats, glasses, and accessories can be worn at the same time, but only one of each type can be worn simultaneously.

The shop can be accessed through the Menu --> Shop. Clicking the button with the cost on it will buy the item shown above it. Items cannot be sold or transferred to other mice. Items that you purchase are kept on your account, and you can change between the ones you have whenever you want. Click on Equip to equip the item you currently want your character to wear.

Room 801

If you go to room 801, you will find two mice there: Elise and Papaille. Clicking on Papaille used to open the shop, but it doesn't work anymore.

==Items available== Needs updated


Hats Price Date Added
Transformicehelmet.png Helmet $20 19/6/2010
Girlyhatpic.png Sun Hat $100 19/6/2010
Strawhatpic.png Straw Hat $200 19/6/2010
28px Top Hat $200 19/6/2010
Beaniepic.png Beanie $500 19/6/2010
Fedorapic.png White Fedora $500 19/6/2010
Soldierhat.png Soldier Helmet $200 24/6/2010
Miner Hat.png Mining Hat $300 24/6/2010
Lieutenant Hat.png Lieutenant's Hat $500 24/6/2010
Beretpic.png Beret $100 24/6/2010
Ninja Headband.png Ninja Headband $500 24/6/2010
Horns.png Horns $200 30/6/2010
Halo.png Halo $500 30/6/2010
Chinese Queue.png Chinese Queue $800 13/8/2010
Top Ponytail.png Top Ponytail $300 13/8/2010
Uncle Sam Hat.png Uncle Sam Hat $500 13/8/2010
Marge Simpson Hair.png Marge Simpson Hair $200 16/9/2010
Plumber's Hat.png Plumber Cap $300 16/9/2010
Super Hair.png Super Saiyan Hair $800 16/9/2010
Party Hat.png Party Hat $150 16/9/2010
Gaulish Wing Helmet.png Asterix's Wing Helmet $400 16/9/2010
Crown.png Crown $1,000 16/9/2010
Dreadlocks.png Funky Dreads $500 16/9/2010
Afro.png Afro $200 16/9/2010
Pharoah's Headpiece.png Pharaoh's Headpiece $800 16/9/2010
VikingHelmet.png Viking Helmet $300 30/6/2010
EyeCover.png Bandit Mask $200 30/6/2010
PirateHat.png Pirate Hat $300 30/6/2010
Wizzard hat.png Witch Hat $200 29/7/2010
Bowler hat.png Bowler $300 29/7/2010
Nurse hat.png Nurse Hat $300 29/7/2010
Officer's hat.png Policeman's Hat $500 29/7/2010
Santa hat.png Santa Hat $200 29/7/2010
Chef's Hat.png Chef's Hat $300 13/8/2010
Bunny ears.png Bunny Ears $400 13/8/2010
Purple Wig.png Purple Wig $50 13/8/2010
Australian Slouch Hat.png Aussie Slouch Hat $250 13/8/2010
Lime Rind Helmet.png Pomelo Rind Helmet $300 13/8/2010
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Head 2 cheese
Halloween Event
SkullMask.png Skull Mask 3 cheese
Halloween Event
Rudolph's Antlers.png Reindeer Antlers 30-39 presents
Christmas Event
Snowman Head.png Snowman Head 20-29 presents
Christmas Event
Blonde Wig.png Blonde Wig $200 10/12/2010
Floral Hat.png Floral Hat $250 10/12/2010
Black Wig.png Elvis Pompadour $300 10/12/2010
Bamboo Hat.png 10-Liter Bamboo Hat $100 10/12/2010
Indian Hat.png Chieftain's Headdress $1500 10/12/2010
Urahara's hat.png Urahara's Hat $300 24/1/2011
Megaman Headpiece.png Megaman's Helmet $400 25/1/2011
Pilots hat.png Aviator's Cap $200 26/1/2011
Jester Hat.png Fool's Cap $500 27/1/2011
TFM egg.png Yoshi's Eggshell $50 29/1/2011
Shop2.png Deadmau5 Hat $400 30/1/2011
Viewtiful Joe.png Viewtiful Joe's Helmet $400 1/2/2011
LeprechaunHat.png Leprechaun's Hat $100 17/3/2011
Aquarium.png Fishbowl Hat Purple fish bowl.
Fishing Event
Fish-hat.png Fish Hat Green fish bowl.
Fishing Event
Cat-Hat.png Cat Hat Green fish bowl.
Fishing Event
Ribbon.png Ribbon 100 eggs
Easter Event
New ACDSee BMP Image (13).PNG Easter Basket Hat 250 eggs
Easter Event
Ichigo Hair.png Ichigo Hair $200 7/6/2011
Luffy's Straw Hat.png Luffy's Straw Hat $300 7/6/2011
Sonic Hair.png Sonic Hair $350 9/6/2011
Fez.png Fez $300 10/6/2011
RainbowDash.png Rainbow Dash's Mane $200 12/6/2011
40px Pinkie Pie's Mane $200 12/6/2011
LightpinkDash.png Fluttershy's Mane $200 12/6/2011
BlondDash.png Applejack's Mane $200 12/6/2011
PurpleHornDash.png Twilight Sparkle's Mane $200 12/6/2011
VioletHornDash.png Rarity's Mane $200 12/6/2011
BrownPonytail.png Brown Ponytail $200 14/6/2011
LinkHat.png Link's Hat $300 16/6/2011
SharkHat.png Shark Attack Hat $400 17/6/2011
WinterFurHat.png Winter Fur Hat $150 1/8/2011
New ACDSee BMP Image (3).PNG Sombrero $250 2/8/2011
AshsCap.png Ash's Cap $300 4/8/2011
Nightcap.png Nightcap $250 6/8/2011
CqMNM.png Coonskin Cap $50 8/8/2011
Saco.png Bag Hat $200 9/8/2011
VampireHat.png Vampire Hat ? cheese
Halloween Event
PhantomHat.png Phantom Hat ? cheese
Halloween Event
Kniveinhead.png Knive on the head ? cheese
Halloween Event
Turkishhat.png Turkish Hat 100 cheese
Turkish Help Weekend
ChristmasStocking.png Christmas Stocking ? Presents
Christmas Event
ChristmasTree.png Christmas Tree ? Presents
Christmas Event
KrissimDragonHat.png Krissim Dragon Hat $1000 ?/01/2012
Cheese.png Sub-total $ 23620


Glasses Price Date Added
Sunglassespic.png Sunglasses $200 19/6/2010
Girlyglasses.png Heart Glasses $200 19/6/2010
Monocle.png Monocle $200 24/6/2010
Glasses.png Mouser Sunglasses $200 30/6/2010
EyePatch.png Eye Patch $300 30/6/2010
Clothes - Snorkel (Thumbnail).gif Snorkel and Mask $800 16/9/2010
3D Glasses.png 3D Glasses $50 10/12/2010
NerdGlasses.png Glasses $50 23/1/2011
Shop5.png Eyeliner and Mascara 10 Presents
Valentine's Day Event
Green Grid Glasses.png Green Shutter Shades $100 8/6/2011
Cyclops Glasses.png Cyclops' Ruby Quartz Battle Visor $200 11/6/2011
Kitsune Mask.png Kitsune Mask $400 07/08/2011
HolldineDragonMask.png Holldine Dragon Mask $600 0?/01/2012
Cheese.png Sub-total $3 300
Muzzle Items Price Date Added
Mustache.png Moustache $100 30/6/2010
Straw.png Straw $25 30/6/2010
15px Bow Tie $150 30/6/2010
Item24-Smoking Pipe Tiny.gif Pipe $400 30/6/2010
Rose.png Rose $300 29/7/2010
Green Light Saber.png Green Lightsaber $300 10/12/2010
Red Light Saber.png Red Lightsaber $300 10/12/2010
Knife T4M.png Zangetsu $400 28/01/2011
GasMask.png Gas Mask $400 1/2/2011
Clover.png Four-Leaf Clover $20 17/3/2011
Fish-bones.png Fish Bones Orange fish bowl.
Fishing Event
Pacifier.png Pacifier $150 13/06/2011
Lollipop.png Lollipop $150 15/06/2011
SurgicalMask.png Surgical Mask $50 01/08/2011
PumpkinBag.PNG Treat Bag 5 cheese
Halloween Event
RudolphRedNose.PNG Rudolph's Red Nose 1st Present
Christmas Event
Cheese.png Sub-total $2595
Ear Wear Price Date Added
Pink bow.png Pink Bow $100 29/7/2010
Clothing - Spider Earring (Thumbnail).gif! Spider Earring 1 cheese.
Halloween Event
Red Bell.png Red Ornament 0-9 presents
Christmas Event
Flower Hair Clip.png Flower Hair Clip $20 10/12/2010
Headphones.png Headphones $300 25/1/2011
Shop6.png Heart Earring 200 Presents
Valentine's Day Event
Starfish.png Starfish Earring Orange fish bowl.
Fishing Event
Fish-Earring.png Fish Earring Purple fish bowl.
Fishing Event
Cheese earing 4.png Cheese Earring Registering your email 27/05/2011
70px Lenneth's Helmet $4001 5/08/2011
CandyCane.png Candy Cane ? Present.
Christmas Event
Earmuffs.png Earmuffs ? Present.
Christmas Event
AnglishBunnyHeadband.png Anglish Bunny Headband $200 ?/01/2012
RoseHeadband.png Rose Headband ?
Valentine's Day Event
Cheese.png Sub-total $4621
Neck Wear Price Date Added
Winter Scarf.png Winter Scarf $200 13/8/2010
Red Bandana.png Red Bandana $200 13/8/2010
Santa's Beard.png Santa's Beard 10-19 presents
Christmas Event
Floral Necklace.png Floral Necklace $50 10/12/2010
Shop1.png Neck Tie 100 Presents
Valentine's Day Event
Green Scarf.png Lucky Scarf $50 17/3/2011
New ACDSee BMP Image (17).PNG Bell Necklace 300 eggs
Easter Event
Barrel Necklace.png Brandy Barrel $100 3/8/2011
Halloween Scarf.png Spooky Scarf 2nd Item.
Halloween Event
ChristmasWreath.png Christmas Wreath ? Present.
Christmas Event
BowTie.png Bow Tie ?
Valentine's Day Event
LaceParasol.png Lace Parasol ?
Valentine's Day Event
Cheese.png Sub-total $600

Event items

At certain times of the year, some items may become available. These items are available for a limited amount of time, but are generally easy enough to earn.

Current event items

  • Halloween Event - Spider Earring, Pumpkin Head, Skull Mask, Spooky Scarf, Phantom Hat, Treat Bag, Vampire Hat, Knive on the head
  • Christmas Event - Red Ornament, Santa's Beard, Snowman Head, Rudolph's Antlers, Rudolph's Red Nose, Candy Cane, Christmas Wreath, Earmuffs, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tree
  • Valentine's Day Event - Eyeliner and Mascara, Neck Tie, Heart Earring, Bow-Tie with Collar, Rose Headband, Lace Parasol
  • Carnaval de Rio - Carnaval Hat, Golden Mask, Crown with Green Feathers
  • Fishing Event - Fish Hat,Fish Bones, Fish Earrings, Fish Tail Hat, Fish bowl Hat
  • Easter Event - Ribbon, Bell Necklace, Easter Basket

Item Origins

New items were implemented throughout the development of Transformice, many of the newer ones of which are inspired from various sources.


  • The White Fedora may be a reference to the music video for Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal", in which he dons a white fedora.
  • The Ninja Headband is based on the designs of similar headbands from the Japanese cartoon and comic Naruto. In essence, the cheese emblem would signify the wearer to belong to the "Cheese Village" of ninja.
  • The Pomelo Rind Helmet seems to be a reference to "Limecat", a scowling kitten wearing a pomelo "helmet" and one of many LOLcats. (Limecat got his name due to the fact that pomelo fruit rinds look somewhat similar to limes.)
  • The Marge Simpson Hair is directly based upon the usual hairstyle of Marge Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • The Mario Bros. Cap is based on the cap worn by Mario from Super Mario Bros.. Additionally, the Mouser Sunglasses are based off the enemy "Mouser" in the USA version of Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • The Super Saiyan Hair replicates the hair style of Goku's Super Saiyan form from the Dragon Ball series of comics and cartoons.
  • Asterix's Helmet is named after the headgear worn by Asterix the Gaul from the self-titled comic book series.
  • It's possible that the Viking Helm, Pumpkin Head, Skull Head, Miners Hat, Beanie, Bunny Ears, Crown, Beret, Bowler, Afro, Halo and Fez are references to hats found in Team Fortress 2.
  • Both the Red Light Saber and Green Light Saber are taken from movies Star Wars.
  • The pompadour is a poofy hairstyle worn by nobles, but the specific style of pompadour used here is inspired directly by Elvis Presley's famous swirled pompadour.
  • Urahara's Hat and Zangetsu are both from the Japanese anime Bleach."Urahara's Hat" also looks like the "Flud" in the MMORPG Dofus, another game which Melibellule does the art for.
  • The Blue Bomber's Helmet is the helmet worn by Mega Man in his self-titled game series.
  • Yoshi's Eggshell looks exactly like part of a green Yoshi egg from the Super Mario Bros. franchise of games.
  • The deadmau5 Hat is a hat inspired by the foam mascot head Canadian electro & house musician deadmau5 wears in his live performances.
  • Viewtiful Joe's Helmet is the same helmet worn by Viewtiful Joe in the self-titled game series.
  • The Skull Mask is very similar to the helmet worn by Barry the Chopper, who is also known as Number 66, from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • The fish from Fish Earring is from Poisson, one of the games that preceded Transformice. Curiously, Poisson reopened for a day in the same day that the Fishing Event started.
  • The Ichigo Wig is another item directly inspired by Bleach — this time, by the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki.
  • Luffy's Straw Hat is easily recognizable as the signature headwear of Monkey D. Luffy, star of One Piece.
  • The Sonic Hair is based off Sonic the Hedgehog from the game series of the same name. Interestingly, there's also a title, "Sonic the Mouse", for a being the first to return the cheese 1,800 times.
  • Cyclops Ruby Quartz Battle Visor is a item styled after the visor worn by Cyclops of the X-Men.
  • The various Mane items are the exact "hair" styles of the six main characters from Generation IV of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.
  • Link's Hat is the hat worn by Link — the protagonist in the The Legend of Zelda games.
  • The Shark Attack Hat was made by a mom from Craftster for her son.
  • Ash's Hat is the hat worn by Ash Ketchum from the anime Pokemon in the I and II generation.
  • The Lenneth's Helmet is a reference to the helm worn by Lenneth Valkyrie, from the game Valkyrie Profile.
  • The Kitsune Mask is based off of Traditional Masks Created and Used in Japan.
  • The bag hat is from a cartoon[1]. The character is Mr. x though Homer Simpson from The Simpsons in one episode did become "Mr. x" (but he didn't look exactly the same).
  • The black eye patch that is located on the right eye which is used by from .


  • Currently, the Pipe, Snorkel, Spider Earring, Fish Earring, Soldier Helmet and Fish Bowl are the only animated clothing. The Crown appears to be glittering, but it really doesn't.
  • During the Christmas event, it was possible to obtain items that are not the Christmas event items, including Halloween items.
  • Much of the fine detail placed in the artwork is lost when so far zoomed out. The Soldier Helmet, Ninja Headband, Pirate Hat, and Policeman's Hat all have intricate designs on them normally impossible to see without zooming in.
  • A few items look cut-off while worn during pre-rendered sprite animations of mice. Such items include the Marge Simpson Hair and Zangetsu.
  • Even though most players think mice hold the Red/Green Lightsaber in their paws, it's actually held in their mouths. The same goes for the Zangetsu.
  • During the Easter event, the Red Ornament from the Christmas event can be obtained after 10 eggs are collected.
  • There is currently a glitch where the Fish Earring appears at the base of the tail when a mouse wearing it does the ducking animation.
  • There is a glitch where items like Flower Hair Clip or Pink Bow appear under the Kitsune Mask while a mouse is running.