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Posted on Jun 27, 2020 - 2:16 AM by Fawxy in Annoucements

We are aware that user stats are not working correctly, and looking into the issue further.

Apologize for the inconvenience!💕

We'll keep you updated through the discord & the forums!

Posted on Mar 27, 2020 - 11:42 PM by Fawxy in Annoucements


Hi everyone! I assume as everyone is aware, that the CoronaVirus has sparked the nations attention. Hundreds of thousands of new cases of COVID-19 (code for CoronaVirus) each day. This is starting to become a serious issue nationwide, hence why I'm making this post.

First, i'd like to start off, that I really hope everyone is following the 6-foot distance rule that's been ordered. As stupid as it may sound, it's 1 of many precautionary measures to take, so you don't risk the chance of catching the virus. Washing your hands at least for 20 seconds minimum. When you go to dry your hands, use another piece of paper towel or toilet paper so you're not touching contaminated surfaces. It's always better to play it safe than sorry!:mouse_^-^:

Now the whole reason i've decided to make this announcement, is that i'm asking for your help (the community). Unfortunately today, 3/27/2020 I've been officially been laid off from work until further notice. When will I return? Absolutely no idea. I work in the automotive trade, and if you aren't aware, the Big 3 (Chevy, Ford, Fiat Chrysler), not to mention BMW and Toyota are all shut down. With that being said, it impacts my job majorly, hence the reason why we're laid off until who knows when. This really aggravates me, because I WANT to work, earn a income, and support my family. Unfortunately, now i'm only reliable on unemployment and that's only roughly 375$ every two weeks. Quite frankly, that's not even close to what I make in a weekly check, which will set me back ALOT financially. I re-started up Cheese-For-Mice late September, early November to support the Transformice community to provide you guys with a leader board to track yourself and others statistics. I've ran this website completely free of advertisements, with expenses out of my pocket each month to continue to run the website, considering the fact i'm now asking for your guy's help.

I'm not asking for a lot, but I would like to ask you guys if you can help support the continuation of CFM by contributing any dollar amount that you can to help cover server costs expenses. I roughly pay $26 monthly for a VPS to host our files on our website, which runs pyTHON bots to pull each and everyone stats each day. I know $26 is not a lot, but being unemployed, plus having to pay your own household / insurance bills, everything adds up quick. For whatever reason, each time the bots go to update the tribes, it shuts the website off for about 30 minute to roughly an hour, which honestly I have no control over, and i've spoken to @Blank & @Tocutoeltuco about this, quite frankly, nothing any of us can do. I'm sure you guys are much aware of this. I'm sure you'd guys like to see daily stats updated each and every day, considering few months ago, stats were only updating every couple weeks due to API issues.

By no means necessary am I asking for a large lumpsum of donation contributions, but if you'd like to help contribute to the server costs to help keep CFM alive for much longer, any donations are very appreciated, and you'll receive a nice shiny color inside our discord server, along with a colored name on the forums & a badge. I'll maybe even allow you to use images as your profile picture (as long as there deemed appropriate).

If you would like to contribute, please use the following link;

CashApp: $cheeseformice

If you'd like to contribute with alternative methods, please send me a message on discord or via PM on the forums.

NOTE: ALL donation proceed will directly go towards direct server costs & maintenance.

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read this, please stay safe, remember to wash your hands, keep your elderly loved ones protected & cared for. Much love to you all, have a good weekend!

- Fawxy 💕

Posted on Feb 14, 2020 - 8:47 PM by Fawxy in Annoucements


Wishing the entire CFM community a Happy Valentines Day! Spend some time with your loved ones over the weekend! :a801_love: