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    Who has the best clicks?

    GET REKT! :cfm_coolmouse: PC: PHONE:
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    How many hours have you spent on Spotify?

    40536 minutes!! :cfm_mouseshock:
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    [Christmas 2019] Minirank Designing Contest!

    This is atrocious but i tried. Santa Mouse! *-* I edited this in MS paint and MS word prooooo so resolution succccccksss
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    what is your favourite flavour of pizza

    Sweet Chilli Chicken pizza from Tesco is AMAZING!! I never usually have pizza outside my house sooo i haven't found anything better o:<
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    What games do you play?

    I only play TFM, Minecraft and Goose Game on PC. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of switch games like Pokemon Sword and I also play Super Smash Bros :mouse_XD:
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    What is your favourite Pokemon?

    i love vulpix *-*
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    Post here yours outfits!

    This is how I do it: I make the outfit ingame then whisper Bot#4942 the word “dressroom” in which generates a link to your outfit. Then I save it that way.
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    Whats a reasonable age to get married?

    I'd say early to mid 20s, but wait if you haven't found the totally right person for you!
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    Thread with the most posts

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    Suggest any movies/series to watch

    I've been watching Daybreak on Netflix, I really like it so far!
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    how many firsts do you have?

    • Cheese gathered first : 2516 • Gathered cheese : 96466 My stats suck but I do not care. :mouse_cool:
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    Post here yours outfits!

    NOW THIS IS MY KIND OF THREAD!!! Here's my main outfit and a few more that I love 🍁💕
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    Introduce yourself

    Hey! 👋 I'm Emily, but most call me Hola. I am 15 from England. I spend my time gaming and creating outfits on transformice. I also love Pokemon and RACCOONS!
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    Best music app?

    I use Spotify all the time unless someone shares a song with me on YouTube (spotify has mah heart:mouse_love:)
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    How long have you played Transformice for?

    I registered on 14/02/2016 :cfm_mouseexcited: My mouse will soon be 4 years old!