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  1. Who has the best clicks?

    148 with my mouse. i bet its way easier on phone. the uber power up thing really throws me off
  2. What games do you play?

    gta v
  3. How did you met Transformice?

  4. 🍓

  5. send cheese

    send cheese
  6. lit

  7. Which room do you like more to play?

    normal only
  8. cat

  9. What's your favorite title in Transformice?

    little dragon
  10. How often do you play Transformice?

    19 hours everyday
  11. how many firsts do you have?

    • Cheese gathered first : 20847
  12. How did you hear about Cheese-For-Mice returning?

    was with club mice community for a while before
  13. Thread with the most posts

  14. helo