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  1. Fawxy

    ❤️Happy Valentines Day❤️

    Wishing the entire CFM community a Happy Valentines Day! Spend some time with your loved ones over the weekend! :a801_love:
  2. Fawxy


    Why could I listen to this all day 🎶
  3. Fawxy

    RIP Kobe 💔

    Sending all my prayers out to this absolute legend Kobe & his daughter GG ❤
  4. Fawxy

    Kangaroos fighting like little children

  5. Fawxy

    Should I make a tribe for CFM? :D

    Should I make up a tribe for us? Anyone got any names?
  6. Fawxy

    Who has the best clicks?

    (did this on PC) Mobile: Show us your best scores ;)
  7. Fawxy

    Typing Speeds

    Show me watcha got ;) I'm pretty slow I know ^^ Take the test, and post your screenshots :mouse_superhappy:
  8. Fawxy

    How long can you hold "X" key without breathing?

    I'm not responsible for anyones death during this minigame. Okay, lets try this; 3...2...1...
  9. Fawxy

    Happy New Years!

    I would like to wish everyone a SAFE, and fun Happy New Year! Deep down from my heart, these last 3 months have been absolutely amazing. Non of this could have been done without any of you, and i'm looking forward to what 2020 has to bring us!
  10. Fawxy

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! It's been a wonderful journey since the start of late October! Looking forward to a new year, with new beginnings, and all the new content 2020 has to offer for CFM.
  11. Fawxy

    Favorite Sports?

    Whats your guys favorite sports? I'm a die-hard Hockey fan if that tells you anything! :cool:
  12. Fawxy

    What would you do if you won the lottery?

    First thing you guys would buy if won the lottery? Let's say you won 500 million And who would you tell? What would you guys invest in? Would you open up a family business?
  13. Fawxy

    best netflix series?

    whats your guys favorite netflix series?
  14. Fawxy

    anyone here own a car?

    anyone here own a car? just curious... i own a 2006 chevy malibu
  15. Fawxy


    Completely off topic, but I have to pay all my dues & respect to Juice Wrld! One of my top all time artist played on Spotify <3 RIP 12/8/2019 💔
  16. Fawxy

    How to make a minirank the easiest way

    Find your image on Google, I recommend using transparent search to avoid ugly background boxes which can be a hassle if you use this simple method: Click the image of choice, then choose "View original image" Check the image is transparent, I usually just quickly drag the image on to the...
  17. Fawxy

    Transformice Fur/Color Codes

    (Credits to @Batt_mellamy for this!) Will update this soon. Furs # 1-15 Fur # 16-30 Fur # 31-45 Fur # 46-60 Fur # 61-75 Fur # 76-90 Fur # 91-105 Fur # 106-110
  18. Fawxy

    How many hours have you spent on Spotify?

    Looks like i'm sitting at 48,737 mins on spotify lol
  19. Fawxy


    Literally, watched this video, just bought 2 rubber chickens off amazon
  20. Fawxy

    Quotes are now active & ready to use

    The quotes sections are now ready. You'll need to be logged into the forums in order to post. More planned updates will be coming soon, so staff can manage quotes much easier. Click Here to visit the quotes section On the side note; - Daily Stats, Tribe Stats & Mouse stats are back to updating...