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    Forums New button

    A button than allow u to go to your cheese for mice profile through forum
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    Website Make leaderboards for level too

    i guess it would be nice to see the highest rank and the leaderboard of it
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    How did you met Transformice?

    In my case, some ppl in my new school told me about a mouse game, that you should go to cheese and go back to hold. I thought it was a single player puzzle game, and after a while I thought it has something to do with transformers. So one day I was trying to play club penguin, but it didn't...
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    Website More statistics

    I would like to see more statistics about the game, such as how much mice use each title, as you can see in old CFM (here)
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    Allow us to create our own themes using CSS
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    Stats too far away on mobile (leaderboard)

    On mobile, after seeing my name, I see all the badges I have, then all the outfits and then my stats. I guess the order should be stats, badges and outfits. (Sorry I have a screenshot but it's too large to post here)
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    Which room do you like more to play?

    Tell us :cfm_mouseexcited: I like to play normal, vanilla and stay afk/with friends in utility
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    Post here yours outfits!

    Ill post mine here once a day
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    Change the color of unread things

    It's a bit hard to see it in dark mode.
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    What's your favorite title in Transformice?

    Mine is «Cheesus» 😁
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    Forums Compatibility with Leaderboards

    I guess it would be cool if we could see our rank here as well, under our name maybe, and if we click it, we go to the profile on CFM Leaderboard.