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  1. Anomunus

    yo make de l'art

    note: go to tfm forums version of thread to request if you want (copy pasted from original thread on old Cheeseformice and then copy-pasted from Anvil god to new CFM) I'm sorry because I use a translator to speak in English, if the text is unreadable...
  2. Anomunus

    Can't log into the leaderboard section of the website??

    I wanted to try out doing quotes again but I can't log in, I can only log into the forum part of the website. Once I've logged in, trying to go to the login-handler page just brings me to account preferences in the forum.
  3. Anomunus

    Mood Suggestion Thread

    (based on Anvil God thread, credit to Devangelll) Dafont link for letters: This is a thread where you can post your statement suggestions. Statements are on your profile and you can change them to what your current 'statement' is. CFM also supports GIF...