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  1. Penots

    THANK U :mouse_love:

    THANK U :mouse_love:
  2. Penots

    Secret Santa 2019!

    i mean we can safely take a stab at who did what since we had such sparse number of participants plus i already posted mine on my twitter oh god i'm sorry and maybe that'll change for any upcoming events, but for now our anonymity is lost :mouse_happycry: so, for this time only.. NO YOU DONT...
  3. Penots

    Secret Santa 2019!

    so cool! thank you to my secret santa!
  4. Penots

    What games do you play?

    haven't heard this one before but i looked it up and it seems like my type of game 8D does it have good replay value? oh that reminds me, i love playing beat saber too
  5. Penots

    Typing Speeds

    i've only met a handful of people who type faster than me :a801_excited: my one and only skill;;
  6. Penots

    Typing Speeds

    i'm gonna get arthritis soon o em gee i almost had 666 keystrokes
  7. Penots

    How long can you hold "X" key without breathing?

  8. Penots

    you're welcome, you're welcome! ^ ^

    you're welcome, you're welcome! ^ ^
  9. Penots

    What are your goals?

    be more honest with myself, grow some backbone and become who i wanna be, heheh learn to deal with stress better, not let it accumulate !!!catch a shiny celebi in pokemon crystal!!!! finally meet a couple people in real life :cfm_mouserelieved: definitely, definitely!
  10. Penots

    [Game] Draw the OC Above You!

    done. messing with styles, as i always do & always will. nobody better ever expect consistency from me :c
  11. Penots

    Worst part of your day...

    i woke up sick. happy new year :mouse_emo:
  12. Penots

    What games do you play?

    i play so much pokemon along with tfm, identity v, sims, fortnite, lots of nintendo stuff, aand i need better wifi/steam so i can play goose game, overwatch, and splatoon :mouse_-_-:
  13. Penots

    Happy New Years!

    time to drink! lots of! APPLE JUICE happy new year, mice!
  14. Penots

    How long have you played Transformice for?

    october 17th 2010. kongregate server? yes please 8D
  15. Penots

    How did you hear about Cheese-For-Mice returning?

    by chance i searched the dressroom and it was the second result. i flipped my lid
  16. Penots

    Best part of your day!

    wow i looked up comparisons and that stuff makes an enormous difference. i owe you money now would you like your $300 in cash or fraises? :mouse_tongue:
  17. Penots

    Merry Christmas!

    merry christmas, cfm, and merry christmas, mice! maybe santa will bring you that special fur you've always wanted
  18. Penots

    Best part of your day!

    my new phone came in! now i can take hi def pictures of my cat's little toes
  19. Penots

    Christmas 2019 MiniRank Design WINNERS

    congrats to the other winners 8DDD